Chapter 14: Royal Heart's determination

Luna, Blizzard, Skyview and Starfire stood at the gate on Mooney mountain early in the morning. The sun peaked over the distant hills, letting light shine on the town at the base of the mountain.
"You sure you two don't want to come?" Luna asked. She wore her hair down and wasn't wearing her crown or collar. Blizzard stood next to her and he too wasn't wearing his collar.
"We'll wait here for you," Skyview replied.
"All day?" Luna asked.
"Well, I suppose we could go to Moonlight castle for awhile," Skyview replied.
Luna smiled, "Ok, I'll see you there then. Bye." She took Blizzard's hoof and followed him through the gate.
Once they were on the other side, they let go. Luna smiled greatly, she was relieved to be back even if was just for the day.
"Oh...Home. I missed this place," Luna commented.
Blizzard looked at her and smiled, "Your friends will be quite surprised to see you."
"I know especially mom and dad. Blizzard thank you so much for taking me, I'd love to come more often if it's possible," Luna told him.
Blizzard nuzzled her cheeks, "Anytime you want to go, just let me know."
Luna smiled, "Lets race, I haven't ran for so long."
Without giving Luna a chance be get ready, he suddenly ran. Luna smiled and ran after him, "Ok, that wasn't fair."
The two laughed as they ran, when Luna was close to home, her horn began to glow. Her long white hair turned purple, her wings and horn disappeared.

At Dream Castle, Royal Heart and Stardust were in the throne room sitting on their thrones and talking.
"It sure is nice to spend the whole day with you for once," Royal Heart told him.
Stardust smiled, "Me too. I missed having you in the morning."
Royal Heart smiled and just rubbed her stomach, the bump had grown and was now big as her hoof.
"What should we name it?" Royal Heart asked.
"We don't even know what it is and besides it's far to early for a name," Stardust replied. He stood up and approached her smiling.
"We can pick two names, one for a boy and one for a girl, just in case," Royal Heart suggested.
"I pick the best names when the baby is born. Look at Luna, there's no way we could have known she would turn out to be pure white. Any name we would have chosen sooner wouldn't have fit her," Stardust explained.
"I want to call it something besides it," Royal Heart told him.
Stardust smiled and nuzzled her cheek, "How about baby for now?"
Royal Heart smiled.

Just then a solder walked into the room and stood at the stairs, "A massager is here to see you!"
Stardust sat down and waited as a dark purple pegasus entered the room. around her neck was a yellow bag. She followed the red carpet and around the water fountain to the thrones. She bowed and looked up at them, "Your majesty, I have a letter from King Birming." She dug in her bag and took out a yellow metallic paper with a ribbon on it. She approached the King and handed it to him, "Please excuse me I have more kingdoms to stop at." She turned and left the thrones heading up the stairs.
"Stardust what does he want?" Royal Heart asked.
"Let me read it first," Stardust answered. He opened the letter and read it quietly to himself then he looked at Royal Heart, "He is having a ball and is inviting us to go."
Royal Heart stood up from her chair and approached Stardust, "A ball. All those ponies looking their best and dancing. I can't wait to show off It'll be great for Luna and Blizzard to visit another kingdom too."
"Royal Heart, That's a lot of traveling for you to be doing and all those hills we'll be climbing," Stardust began to say, "I don't think you should go. It'll be to much walking and climbing for you."
Royal Heart glared at him, "I'll be fine."
"I'm worried about you and the baby. We have to cross the valley of hills and they don't call if that for nothing. You could easily slip and fall or something. Plus there are animals in the forest. Anything could happen to you," Stardust explained.
Royal Heart turned from him, looking upset as her eyes began to water. Stardust walked to her side to see her face but she just turned from him.
"Understand the stress it could be on you. That's a lot of walking to be doing for a pregnant pony," Stardust explained.
"I've climbed those stairs everyday, I'm certain I can walk to another kingdom," Royal Heart muttered trying her best not to cry.
"Climbing hills and walking through thick forests is a lot different than climbing stairs," Stardust explained.
"Ok," Royal Heart replied, she faced Stardust with water in her eyes, "I'll fly there instead."
"Certainly not," Stardust suddenly exclaimed, "You know the doctor said no flying."
"Stardust, I will go one way or another, whether it's walking or flying," Royal Heart exclaimed.
"But, King Birming's castle is a long ways from here," Stardust told her.
Royal Heart lifted her wings showing a bump on her stomach, "Look, I'm not that big yet. I can still do things. Stardust please. I want to go before I can no longer make the trip or climb stairs. I can't fly at night now...I'm stuck in this castle and I have no one else to see or talk to beside the family. I want to go. Besides, your's going and so are your brother, Luna, Blizzard and the soldiers, so I'm not going to be alone."
Stardust looked at her sadly, "It means that much to you?"
Royal Heart approached him and nuzzled his neck and side, "Yes, more than you can imagine."
Stardust nuzzled her and kissed her on the lips for several minutes. Then he looked at her calmly, "Alright you can go but if you feel tired at all for any reason you let me know and we'll rest. I don't want you wearing yourself out or stressing yourself."
Royal Hear smiled greatly, "Don't worry I'll let you know if I feel tired."
Stardust smiled, "Great, we'll leave a day early just in case we have to rest a lot on our way there."
"I can't wait to tell Luna and Blizzard, "She'll be thrilled to go and it'll be great for Blizzard to meet the other Princes," Royal Heart commented.
"Yes, it'll be good for both of them to go," Stardust replied.
Just then, Royal Heart's stomach began to rumble, "I guess I'm hungry." She folded her wings to her side, "I got to get be something to eat."
"Let the servants do that for you," Stardust told her.
"Stardust please, I don't want to sit and do nothing all day. I'm perfectly capable of getting it myself. Please promise me you'll stop being over protective of me," Royal Heart told him.
"I'm sorry I just want to help you," Stardust replied, "Alright then but don't over do it. This castle is full of soldiers, servants and maids who are perfectly capable of helping you."
Royal Heart smiled, "I'll ask for help when I need it. Don't worry so much Stardust. You'll worry yourself sick if your not careful," Royal Heart told him and began walking towards the stairs.
"No I won't. I feel fine," Stardust replied.
"You feel fine now but keep it up and you'll get a new meaning of 'worrying yourself sick'," Royal Heart warned him.
Stardust smiled and nuzzled her cheek, "Then it'll be worth it."