Chapter 13: A cold night

The sun was setting and the Royal family headed to bed. Stardust left walked with Royal Heart to his room. Luna went to her room saying goodnight to Blizzard. She took her crown off, then her collar and put her hair down. She walked to her bed and climbed under the covers.
Everyone in the castle was in bed sleeping while the soldiers outside pase the castle walls.

It was after midnight and the wind began to blow, the cold air howled on the balcony. Luna laid in bed shivering. She opened her eyes and felt the cold air blowing in her room. She sat up and looked around for a blanket but there wasn't any. Luna guessed that the maid took her blanket to clean it. Luna climbed out of bed feeling her fur stand up from the cold chill. She left her room and walked down the halls to her parents room. She cracked the door opened and saw her parents huddled together for warmth. Luna walked in and shook her father.
"Leave. Go to bed," Stardust muttered quietly.
"Dad," Luna whispered.
Stardust opened his eyes and saw Luna standing beside his bed.
"Luna, what is it?" Stardust asked.
"I'm cold," Luna replied.
"Stardust," Royal Heart barely muttered.
"It's Luna, she's cold," Stardust explained, "Luna there's some blankets in the box over there," Stardust pointed to the corner of his room.
"Stardust, it's getting colder at night now," Royal Heart muttered.
"Perhaps I should start having the doors installed on the balconies," Stardust replied.
Luna took a blanket and left, "Goodnight."
Stardust yawned, "Goodnight." then he went back to sleep.

The next day after breakfast Stardust had several ponies brought to the throne room who stood before Stardust.
"Have you got the doors prepared?" Stardust asked.
"Almost ready. It takes time to make glass and gold framed doors," the white pony replied.
"The nights are getting cold and those doors must be installed before winter. Can you install the doors you already have done?"
"Yes we can," the pony answered, "But it'll be awhile till we can get the rest of the door finished."
"I want doors on our balcony and my daughters then if you get any doors done, put them on my brother's balconies then the rest of the castle."
"Yes your majesty," the white pony replied.
"Blizzard can show you the rooms where the doors will be installed," Stardust told them, he looked at Blizzard and nodded his head. Blizzard stood up from the Queen's chair and took the ponies out of the throne room.

Blizzard took them to the stairs and up to the forth floor.
"I forgot about the stairs. How can we carry the doors to the forth floor?" a green pony asked.
"Slowly and carefully," the white pony answered.
Blizzard stopped and faced them, "I can get them up the stairs for you."
"You?" the white pony asked, "Your smaller than us and those doors are very heavy."
"I never said I'd carry them up the stairs. I'll help you when you bring the doors if you like," Blizzard proposed.
"Sure if it'll make our job easier," the white pony answered.
Blizzard turned and continued walking down the hall to Stardust's room. The ponies entered the room and examine the doorway of the balcony.
"It'll take all day to do one room," the white pony commented.
"Come, I'll show you Luna's room," Blizzard said and led them out of the room. They walked down several hallways to Luna's room where the ponies examined her balcony.
"Are all the balconies the same size and width?" the white pony asked.
"No but I think Skyview, Starfire and Star Cluster, mine and Amaryllis's rooms are the same as this one," Blizzard answered.
"Ok, we'll return here in a few days," the white pony told him.
Blizzard led them out of the room and down the stairs to the door, then he returned to the throne room. He was anxious to have doors in his room. Last night was quite cold, it made him wish he could stay in bed all day.