Chapter 12: Achool almost ready

Shortly after breakfast, Skyview and Star Cluster left the castle with soldiers behind them. It had been a week since the foundation of the school was laid down. Star Cluster was curious to see the building and yet wishing that other ponies wouldn't give him such hatful looks. The sun shined on their back and the wind blew through their coats. The dirt blew dust as they approached town.
"This idea of Stardust isn't working," Star Cluster told him.
"What idea?" Skyview asked.
"Tagging along with you to gain the ponies trusts," Star Cluster replied, "it had been several months and still they hate me."
"They need time, Star Cluster. Who knows, maybe the next generation will hate you less," Skyview suggested.
"I don't intend to wait that long. Amaryllis isn't going to wait forever for me to marry her," Star Cluster told him.
As they walked through town ponies stood and stared some looked afraid some were angry. It was the same looks that Star Cluster had seen for sometime. Ponies continued to whisper among themselves, Star Cluster glanced at Skyview who looked annoyed by the whisperings. He wondered what they were saying to get Skyview upset.
Star Cluster ignored them as he left town with Skyview and the soldiers. They walked to a meadow near the village where a half built building sat. The brick walls were half way done. Ponies sat on ladders as they continued to lay bricks down. A pink rainbow haired pony stood with a blue print giving orders for the roofing. He turned when he heard the marching hooves of soldiers approaching him. He glared angrily at Star Cluster but quickly turned his attention to Skyview.
"Prince Skyview," the pony said smiling, "As you can see we're almost ready for the roof and then we can start working on the inside."
"Good," Skyview replied. He looked at Star Cluster, "What do you think of it?"
"It's not much to look at," Star Cluster replied.
"It's not done yet," the pony replied trying his best not to sound mad in front of Skyview.
Star Cluster looked at him calmly, "Then I'll have to come back and see it when it's completely done."
"Lets go meet up with Starfire and Amaryllis," Skyview told him.

Star Cluster and the soldiers followed Skyview through town again till they reached the other end of town. Some distance away from the street was a sidewalk leading to a large building. There were soldiers standing outside close to the large barn doors. The soldiers behind Skyview stood outside with the others while Skyview and Star Cluster went inside.

Inside were many ponies carving and sawing wood. Some were painting what looked like a small desk.
Starfire stood in the center of the room watching when Skyview approached him. The noise stopped suddenly the minute everyone saw Skyview and Star Cluster.
"So how is the desks doing?" Skyview asked him.
"Doing great so far. They have a few desks done. When they're all done, they'll be stored here till the school is completely finished. We also checked on the books on our way here. They got three books done so far," Starfire replied.
The ponies in the room glared at Star Cluster as they worked, they obviously didn't care to see him.
Just then Amaryllis approached him with a smile on her face, "Star Cluster you have to see this!"
Star Cluster smiled and followed her to a wall behind him, there sat a wooden furnished desk.
"This is the desk for the little ponies," Amaryllis explained.
"I know," Star Cluster told her.
She lifted the top reveling a hollow bowel inside, she looked at him and smiled, "But did you know the desks can open too?"
Star Cluster obviously didn't expect it to happen, "That's...quite clever."
"It's the same type desk as in...well...the other know. Well, I described it to Stardust and he had the first one made," Amaryllis explained.
Star Cluster opened the desk again and looked at it curiously which made Amaryllis laugh at his curiosity.
"This is the first one?" Star Cluster asked her.
"Yes, it's kind of like a demo desk," Amaryllis explained.
"Oh, I see," Star Cluster replied smiling at her.

Skyview watched Star Cluster and the desk. It looked plain and not very appealing. A yellow pony approached him. He had goggles on his head but not over his eyes.
"Prince Skyview, welcome. As you can see we're working on the desks now and hope to have them finished in a few weeks."
"They look...plain," Skyview observed.
"Yes they are. The little ponies won't be distracted that way," the yellow pony replied.
"If I was little I'd certainly wouldn't care to sit in them. Couldn't you add a little bit of color on them?" Skyview asked.
"Wouldn't it be to distracting?" the yellow pony asked.
Amaryllis and Star Cluster approached the yellow pony.
"I think the desks needs some colors or at least color the chairs," Amaryllis said.
The yellow pony smiled, "The chair would be alright to color."
"How about a color for each chair?" Skyview suggested.
"Or a color for each row a desk is in," Starfire suggested.
"That's a wonderful idea," Amaryllis exclaimed.
"Yes it certainly was," Skyview agreed, "I didn't think you could come up with good ideas."
Starfire smiled, "I never hear you coming up with good ideas. Funny how I seem to come up with good ideas."
Skyview glared at him.
"Well could you do that?" Amaryllis asked.
"Yes it can be done if it's alright with Prince Skyview and Prince Starfire," the yellow pony replied without mentioning Star Cluster.
"Yes, do it," Skyview told him.
As they continued to talk Amaryllis noticed Star Cluster wasn't with her. She looked around and spotted him leaving the workshop. Amaryllis followed him outside and stood in front of the soldiers.
"Star Cluster," Amaryllis called him.
Star Cluster looked at him, "I'm sorry. I'm not much use in there. That pony didn't even bother mentioning me."
Amaryllis nuzzled his neck, "I know."
Star Cluster hung his head over her neck, "It's been several months and still no change in these...ponies. The closer the school is to being built the more worried I get about you."
Amaryllis looked up at him, "Not now. I don't want to think about it. I just want to concentrate on the school."
Star Cluster smiled and kissed her. He pulled back and smiled at her, then he heard a noise. He turned his head and saw his brothers standing there smiling.
Star Cluster glared at them, "How long have you been standing there?"
"Long enough," Starfire answered, "Long enough to hear and see everything."
Star Cluster's face felt hot, he certainly didn't want his brother to see or hear what he said. He didn't mind the soldiers since they're ordered to mind their own business.
"Starfire and Skyview laughed at him.
"I was just teasing you," Starfire quickly said, "We just got here when we saw you kissing."
Star Cluster smiled sheepishly, "Oh."
Amaryllis laughed at his embarrassing look.
Even the soldiers quietly chuckled, it was defiantly a rare expression for Star Cluster.
Starfire approached him smiling, "I do believe your embarrassed."
"Shut up!" Star Cluster exclaimed, "Not one word!"
Skyview walked with Starfire as the two laughed. Amaryllis couldn't help but laugh every now and then.

The workers in the shop were watching the whole time with fascination.
"ummm...Is she crazy for doing that to him?" another pony asked.
"They kissed!" another exclaimed.
"You mean that's his girlfriend?" another asked.
"Well you don't kiss a perfect stranger," anther exclaimed.
The yellow pony approached the workers at the barndoor, "So Amaryllis the new school teacher is Star Cluster's girlfriend. Interesting, I wonder what other ponies are going to say about this."