Chapter 11: Departing of a dear friend

Morning came and Luna had finished putting her hair up. She placed her crown on her head and then her silver collar around her neck. She looked at herself in the mirror one last time and then she left her room. She walked to the stair where Blizzard stood waiting. His golden color and shinny coat shined in the light.
"Good morning," Luna said to him.
"Good morning," Blizzard replied.
They continued down the steps till they reached the bottom steps. Maids were busy in the hall as usual, Summer Winged ponies flew along the ceiling cleaning each crystal chandelier they saw. Soldiers at the dinning room door stood in shinny silver armor. Stardust was at the door waiting for Luna and his brothers who were right behind her. Just then Buster approached Stardust and nodded his head.
"He's almost ready," Buster reported.
"Good. I want to see him when he's done," Stardust told him.
Luna looked at him curiously then at Buster. It was very unusual to see Buster reporting anything to her father.
Buster smiled at Luna and then he left, hurrying down the hall.
"Dad, what's going on?" Luna asked curiously.
"You'll find out soon. Lets have breakfast," Stardust replied.
Luna followed her parents into the dinning room where they were quickly served. Royal Heart continued to have the most unusual foods. Everything had to have something sour.
Luna continued to wonder who her father was talking about and why was Buster reporting to him?

After breakfast Luna fallowed her mother into the meeting room to continue with her studies. She began her spelling and then her math forgetting all about the strange occurrence before breakfast.
After she was almost done with math a soldier walked in the room and bowed, "I'm sorry to disturb you but someone is wanting to speak to Princess Luna at the staircase."
Luna stood up, "me?"
"Go on Luna. He's waiting," Royal Heart urged her.
"Who?" Luna asked.
"Go find out," Royal Heart told her.
Luna left the room and hurried down the hall to the stairs. To her surprise it was Charades but something seemed wrong. He wasn't wearing his armor, only a large balky bag around his neck. He stood and smiled at Luna approached him.
"You wanted to see me?" Luna asked.
"Yes I wanted to say goodbye," Charades replied.
"What?" Luna asked not understanding what he's talking about, "Where are you going and when are you coming back?"
Charades paused looking at her sadly, "I'm afraid I'm not coming back. I'm going to meet an old girlfriend of mine."
Luna felt her tears trickling down her cheeks, "Why? can't you stay here?"
"Luna I had planed this for sometime," Charades told her.
Luna sniffed her tears back but it wasn't helping, "But you're a soldier. You have to come back."
"I'm not a soldier anymore. I quite and I'm going to be with my girlfriend. Buster is now second in command," Charades replied.
"But...I thought you wanted to be a soldier," Luna exclaimed.
"I did. When I first came here, my dream was to be captain. I started from the low ranking soldier and worked my up to second in command. If I stayed another year or so I can be captain but..." Charades paused for a minute, "When you were twelve I meet you, became friends, guarded you, played, laughed and even got mad at you at times. It made me realize I wanted...a little pony of my own. One who's just like you. If I stayed here I can never have a family of my own. I would have grew old and lonely soldier. I decided that's wasn't what I wanted so I got in contact with my old girlfriend who is just as anxious to see me again. I've talked to King Stardust and Queen Royal Heart. They will let me come and visit anytime I like."
"But.." Luna began to cry.
"I don't need to be next to you to be friends, Luna. We can write or something. There's a whole world full of ponies, Luna. And having my background as a loyal soldier will help me a great deal out in the world. I must go," Charades told her.
Luna stood on her hind legs and hugged him.
"You can write me a letter about the baby and what's happing in Ponyland. ok?" Charades asked.
"Why?" Luna asked, "I like...the way they are."
"Everything eventually changes. You can either change with it or run from it. You'll change too when you get married. Just wait and see," Charades answered, "Goodbye. I'll come and visit sometime."
Luna let go and continued to wipe her eyes watched him as he left the her at the stairs, when he had left the castle, Luna hurried to the meeting room.

Royal Heart saw her crying which didn't surprise her.
"I'm sorry Luna but you'll see him again," Royal Heart told her.
Luna sat on the couch next to her and hugged her crying.
"You still have Buster," Royal Heart muttered, "he'll make a great captain someday."
Luna excepted Charades leaving but she couldn't bring herself to stop crying. Luna didn't bother going to dinner, she eat in her room and later was accompanied by Blizzard who stood on the balcony listening to her tell stories about Charades.