Chapter 10: Troubled by thoughts

Blizzard sat in the throne room next to Stardust in Royal Heart's chair reading a book that Stardust gave him. Even though Blizzard was reading the book he wasn't paying attention to what the book was saying, his mind raced with questions and thoughts about his parents and what the five kings had told him. What were his parents like? What did they look like? He had so often wanted to remember them but he couldn't. Where did he come from? Everyone he had talked to told him there's never been a blizzard. The kings never heard of tents on fire. Was Teriney telling the truth? Could his parents still be alive? He wondered what was he doing in a tent and where was it?
"Blizzard!" Stardust yelled suddenly making him jump.
Blizzard was so deep in thought that he didn't even hear Stardust calling him.
"I'm assuming you either found that page very fascinating or you're not reading it at all," Stardust guessed.
Blizzard looked at him, he felt bad that he couldn't concentrate on his lessons. He tried but his mind wouldn't let him.
"I'm sorry, Stardust. I just can't concentrate today."
"Why?" Stardust asked him curiously.
"I can't help but wonder where I'm from," Blizzard answered.
"Blizzard, I have tried to find out all I can about you but no one has ever heard of you before. It's like you suddenly appeared out of thin air. The only one who can possibly tell you anything is Teriney and I don't think he'll dare bother us again," Stardust told him.
Blizzard sighed sadly, "Do you think my parents loved me?"
Stardust was surprised at his question, "Of course Blizzard. I had no doubt that they loved you very much."
Blizzard looked at his necklace and wondered if Stardust was right.
"Well it's almost time for dinner. Lets go. I'm starving," Stardust added.
Blizzard left his book next to the chair and followed Stardust to the stairs.

"What do you think they're like?" Blizzard asked.
Stardust stopped at the stairs and looked at him with a smile, "Your probably just like them. Quiet, full of curiosity and smart."
"You think so?" Blizzard asked.
"You are your parent's child. Your apart of them. Just Like Luna is a part of me. She may not look anything like me but you can tell she is defiantly my little girl. She also has a bit of her mother in her. Blizzard, your parents must have been very loving ponies."
Blizzard smiled, he felt Stardust was right. His parents must have loved him a lot but he still wished he could remember them.
"Now I'm dying to eat," Stardust remarked and began walking up the stairs.

Blizzard followed Stardust to dinner and quietly watched as Stardust and Royal Heart talked and laughed. It made Blizzard wondered if his parents often did that, laugh and teased each other.
"You have to eat more," Stardust told her.
"I'm eating as much as I can. Stardust please stop it. I want a healthy baby not a fat one," Royal Heart told him.
Luna just giggled.
"Alright at lest let me have someone with you to help you..."
"No Stardust, I'm just fine doing things for myself," Royal Heart interrupted.
"Ok but you could sleep a little more," Stardust suggested.
Royal Heart glared at him.
"Ok...ok, I get the point," Stardust quickly said.
After Royal Heart was done, a servant brought in a bowel of ice cream only it wasn't your normal looking ice cream.
Luna looked closely at it with a disgusted look on her face. Royal heart smiled at her, "I had this the other day, it's so good."
"Those green things," Stardust observed, "Those wouldn't happen to be pickles...would they?"
"Pickled ice cream with honey on it," Royal Heart answered, "one of the maids suggested it to me and I'm glad she did." She took a bite and almost choked when she saw everyone's disgusted faces.
"How can you eat that?" Blizzard asked staring at the bowel.
"Pickles in ice cream?" Stardust asked, "Do you really think that's healthy for the..." Stardust paused seeing Royal Heart glaring stare.
"I can't help it. I happen to love it," Royal Heart told him.
"Stardust smiled, "Luna just wait and see, she'll eat the strangest things."
Luna laughed.
Blizzard watched and thought of his parents. Were they just like him? Was there anyone out there that once knew them?

After dinner, Luna and Blizzard roamed around the hallways. Normally they would talk but not this time. Blizzard's mind was still on his parents. No mater how much he thought of them, he would never get his answers. Luna looked at him worriedly. She knew he was in deep thought and seemed to be troubled by it.
"Are you going to ignore me the rest of the night?" Luna asked.
Blizzard stopped and smiled, "I'm sorry Luna. I didn't mean to be so quiet." He stretched his neck and nuzzled her.
"What's bothering you?" Luna asked curiously.
"I was just thinking about my parents. What they were like," Blizzard answered.
"You remember anything about them?" Luna asked.
"No, nothing," Blizzard answered. He touched his necklace and stared at it, "When I look at this necklace I see a pony with crystal eyes. I'm not sure who's eyes they are. Skyview and Starfire thinks it's my mother."
"Crystal eyes?" Luna asked curiously.
"Yes, a twinkle eyed pony," Blizzard answered.
"A what?" Luna asked, she never heard such a thing.
"They're ponies with diamonds in their eyes. I haven't seen one but I hear they used to be all over Ponyland and after Star Cluster took over, they up and left...moving far away as possible," Blizzard answered.
Luna couldn't imagine a pony with diamond like eyes. How could they possibly see?
"So your mother was a twinkle eyed pony?" Luna asked.
"I guess she was," Blizzard answered. He looked up at Luna sadly, "Luna, I don't have my own family, I don't have parents, uncles, brother or sisters. I have no one to tell me what I was like when I was little or where I'm from. I have no one who loves me like your parents does."
"Oh Blizzard, I love you," Luna softly told him, then she nuzzled his neck.
"I know but you have parents, uncles. Everyone knows you and can tell you something about yourself. I have no one to tell me about myself. I don't even know if my real name is Blizzard. I don't even know how old I am. I could me five years older or younger than you. I don't know the names of my parents or where I was born...I know nothing of myself," Blizzard explained, "I had asked Stardust shortly before your birthday if he would help me find out about my parents and today I asked him. He's heard nothing about them or me. No one knows anything about my parents. No one has even heard of me."
Luna hugged him, "Maybe your from outside the six kingdoms."
Blizzard looked at her surprisingly, he had forgotten there was more to this world than inside the six kingdoms. Maybe she's right.
"Outside the six kingdoms?" Blizzard whispered to himself.
Luna looked up at him smiling, "Somewhere out there is all your answers. I'm sure you'll find them someday."
Blizzard smiled at her, "Someday I'll get an answer to all my questions."
He began walking through the halls with Luna, talking and laughing. He decided to let this thoughts on his parents rest and worry about it another day.