Christmas Story: The Christmas Tree Gift

It was during the winter when Blizzard had his first Christmas. He spent many nights searching for Princess Luna but he still couldn't find her, he hadn't seen her for sometime.

He woke up with a blanket and his cloak over him body. He felt so warm under the blanket that he didn't want to move but he knew he had to get up. It was so cold in the shack that he could see his breath. The window above him was covered in frost and snow. He was surprised he hadn't caught a cold yet considering how could it was in the shack.
He left his cloak in the shack fearing the Princess could recognize it. He left the shack stepping outside into the deep snow. The leaves on the trees were gone, only the branches shown. The snow had covered everything, not a single stem of grass could be seen. The cold wind blew slightly giving him chills. As he stood he listened to the sounds of ship blowing their horns and hooves echoing on the docks. It was the usual mornings that he woke up to hear. He walked tot he cliff and saw the cold steam rising from the water making it look like a light fog. He thought about the stores he had went to a while back, there were decorations on the windows. He thought it was odd but nothing that made him wonder why. He left the cliff and walked into the forest heading towards town. A special day was coming soon, one he didn't know about and one he would never forget.

He walked carefully through the forest listening to the crunching sounds that the snow made as he set his foot down. The forest was quiet, no one was around, nothing but the trees could be seen. He enjoyed it and wished he could always like in a place that's as peaceful as this but he knew it wouldn't last long. Once his mission was over he had to go home and live there for the rest of his life. He walked down hill and up again till reached the sidewalk which was almost cleared. Blizzard looked at the sidewalk and wondered where the snow went? He looked around and saw another pony shoveling snow from the sidewalk. He loved snow and couldn't imagine why anyone would move the snow from their path.
He continued walking as he watched ponies still clearing their sidewalks, others were clearing the snow from their porch. It seemed that was all everyone was doing till he noticed a strange thing. He stopped and watched a golden pony dragging a pine tree into a house.
A bright aqua pony opened the door and smiled greatly, "Oh, it's so beautiful."
"Well, you'll have to move or I can't get it into the house."
"Oh, of course. I'll get the decorations," the aqua pony replied and left the door.
Blizzard watched closely not wanting to miss anything as the golden pony dragged the tree into the living room in front of a window.
"Why would anyone want a tree in their house?" Blizzard thought, "There's plenty of trees outside." It was in dead strange to see.

He continued walking and till he came to town. He was surprised to see there were so many ponies walking around, from one store to the next. Ponies carried large bags full of boxes and other items. The stores had garland and lights around each window. Ponies stood outside ringing bells. At the town quare stood a large tree covered in lights and other small object. He noticed a small lot next to the tree that had trees stacked on top of each other, some stood while ponies looked at each tree. There were more decorations in every stare than he had previously seen. One thing that caught his interested were the trees. Why did so many ponies stared at them? what was so special abut them? He was curious and wanted to know so decided he too would check out the trees. He crossed the street and stood at the white snow covered fence watching the ponies walk around the lot. He stared at the trees and still couldn't understand what was so special about them.
"Blizzard!" a voice cried happily.
Blizzard looked through the row of trees and saw a long purple haired pony with a white coat. He instantly recognized who it was. The one pony who had captured his heart.
"Are you going to get a tree?" Lunarstar asked him curiously.
"What for?" Blizzard asked.
"For Christmas. It's just not Christmas without a Christmas tree," Lunarstar explained.
Blizzard blinked a few times and looked suspiously at the trees behind her, "Christmas trees? They looked like ordinary trees to me."
"They are but during Christmas they're known as Christmas trees," Lunarstar explained.
"Why?" Blizzard asked curiously.
"It's what everyone does during Christmas," Lunarstar explained.

Rosebud and Booster walked from the trees and approached Lunarstar at the fence.
"Lunarstar, there you are," Rosebud exclaimed.
"Mom, this is Blizzard, from school," Lunarstar told her.
Her parents smiled at him.
"Hello, glad to meet you," Booster replied smiling but Blizzard just looked at him blankly.
"Are you here to get a tree too?" Rosebud asked him.
"What for?" Blizzard asked, "What's the point in getting a tree and decorating it?"
"It's Christmas," Booster replied, "don't you celebrate Christmas?"
"No," Blizzard answered.
"Christmas is a joyful time of the year. You celebrate it with family and friends, giving each other gifs and seeing the smiles on their faces. Look around you, and tell me what you see," Booster told him.
Blizzard looked at the large number of ponies buying stuff. They walked around talking, some staring at decorations in the stores and trees, "Walking around and staring at windows and trees."
Booster smiled, "I see more than that. I see the smiles on ponies faces when they see a pretty decorations or exchanging gifts. I see ponies singing and laughing. Just look at those ponies at the big tree, the beauty of the tree and lights makes anyone want to smile."
"We should be going. Lunarstar, hurry up we have to pick a tree out and get it decorated," Rosebud told her.
"Ok, mom," Lunarstar replied, "Bye Blizzard, see you later."
"Bye, and Merry Christmas," Booster told him and left following Lunarstar
Blizzard stood and watched till Lunarstar disappeared among the trees.

He turned from the fence and walked to the tall Christmas tree and stared at the beauty of the twinkling lights. Each ornament was different and sparkled like the stars at night. He didn't realize how pretty Christmas trees were till now, was it the lights and colors that attacked everyone to Christmas trees? He noticed he wasn't alone looking at the trees, there were other ponies as well. Next to him was a small purple pony smiling happily at the tree.
"Mommy, it's so pretty," a little purple pony exclaimed. Her eyes sparkled at the twinkling ornaments, "Looks like the tree in the story."
Her mother was a pink pony with long rainbow hair, her daughter had the same rainbow colors in her hair.
"Yes, it sure does," her mother replied, "Come, we have shopping to do before going home."
Blizzard watched as the purple pony crossed the street.
"Christmas trees in stories?" Blizzard thought.
He stared for the longest time till he felt he had to leave. He left the large tree and walked from store to store watching ponies shop. A few stores down he noticed a rather small looking Christmas tree. He was curious to see if there was more like it.

He walked into the store and saw the small Christmas tree, there were other trees that were even smaller, some were made of glass, figurines, ornaments, paintings and more. The whole store seemed to have everything on Christmas trees. Blizzard walked to the glass cases at the counter and looked at the snow globs, for some strange reason he thought of Lunarstar. Would she like one of them?
He carefully scanned the row of snowglobs till he saw one that stood out more than the rest. It had a golden base with silver Christmas tree designs on it. In the ball was a Christmas tree with a few other plain trees next to it.
"May I help you?" A brown pony asked. his voice sounded like a male but he had no hairy feet which Blizzard was still not used to seeing.
"That ball," Blizzard pointed, "How much is it?"
The brown pony took the snowglob and turned a silver switch from the bottom. The tiny bulbs on the tree lit up and the snow flew around the water as he shook it.
"It's two hundred," the brown pony replied.
"It costs that much?" Blizzard asked surprisingly.
"Yes, because it plays music and this is a limited edition snowglob. After Christmas we won't be selling anymore of this particular one," the brown pony replied, "Do you still want it?"
"I do but I don't have that much," Blizzard replied.
"Well I'm sorry. you can comeback when you have the money but make sure you come back before the last day of Christmas," the brown pony told him while he carefully put the snowglob back in the case.
Blizzard was disappointed that it would coat so much. He was sure Lunarstar would like it.
"How can I get that much?" Blizzard asked him.
"Get a job. There's lots of them around this time of year," the brown pony told him.
"Do you have one for me?" Blizzard asked him.
"No I'm sorry," the brown pony told him.
Blizzard turned from the pony squeezing through the crowd.

He left the store and walk along the snow covers sidewalk. The crunching sounds of snow echoed through the street. Bags made noises at ponies past each other. Groups of ponies stood on corners singing Christmas songs while others watched. The crows and noises was to much for Blizzard, all he wanted was a quiet place to think and relax. He turned the corner and walked into an alley. Ponies walked by not noticing Blizzard which was what he wanted. Just then the purple little pony with rainbow hair walked by with her mother when she saw Blizzard turning into a cluster of snowflakes. The little pony stood and gasped as she watched Blizzard fly towards the sky.
"Scarlet!" Her mother yelled.
"Mommy, I saw him!" Scarlet exclaimed.
Her mother approached her, "Saw who?"
"The snow pony. It was him. The same one that's in my story," Scarlet answered.
"That's just a made up story. A pony can not possibly become snow, it's a fantasy story. Now come on," Her mother turned and left with Scarlet next to her.
"But he was real," Scarlet continued to tell her.

Blizzard flew over the busy town and landed in an alley next to the ice cream shop. He returned to his pony form and left the alley. He walked into the shop feeling relieved to be out of the cold. He paused for a minute when he saw Lunarstar with her friends. Non of them was having ice cream or shack but hot chocolate instead. Blizzard sat at the counter on a red stool next to the girls and ordered a hot chocolate.
"Blizzard why don't you come to the Christmas party with us at the orphanage?" Lunarstar asked.
"Where?" Blizzard asked again, not sure what an orphanage was.
"The orphanage, where little ponies live who don't have parents," Bright Eyes explained.
"There's going to be a Christmas party for them on Christmas in a few days. We're all going," Patch explained.
"We're going to eat, play games and exchange presents. It'll be fun," Bon Bon told him.
"No," Blizzard replied.
"Why?" Starlight asked.
"Because I don't want to go," Blizzard answered firmly.
Lunarstar looked at him sadly, "Well, in case you change your mind, the orphanage is just down this street."
Patch leaned towards him, "Raspberry and Blueberry will be there. He's already gotten Lunarstar a present."
Blizzard looked at her seriously as if he was trying his best not to look mad. He stood up and left the counter. The girls watched surprisingly as he left the shop.
"What did you say to him?" Starlight asked.
"Just that Raspberry and Blueberry will be there," Patch replied.

Blizzard walked outside and stood on the sidewalk.
"He would have to be there," Blizzard thought angrily. Just then a snowflake landed on his nose. He looked up and suddenly it began to snow.
"Maybe I'll go back to the shack and get a job tomorrow," Blizzard thought.
He crossed the street and went into the park walking. There wasn't to many hoof prints in the snow, Blizzard could only guess not to many ponies had walked by and it's not likely he will see another pony anytime soon. He thought about the snowglob he wanted to get for Lunarstar. He felt disappointed that he didn't have the money to get it. He never felt a desire to get something for someone, it was a strange feeling he had. Christmas was coming in a few days and he had to get the money to buy Lunarstar the snowglob.
He stopped and looked around, there were no one in site, only snow blanketing the ground and branches. The benches and lamp post was covered in snow.
Just then scarlet was walking out from the other side with her parents when she saw Blizzard turning into a cluster of snowflakes.
"Mommy, Daddy. Look!" Scarlet pointed but it was to late, Blizzard had blended in with the falling snow, making it impossible to see him.
"I don't see anything,' The father replied, he was light green with rainbow hair.
"It was him. I saw him," Scarlet exclaimed.
"Who?" the father asked.
"The snow pony!...I saw him, I really saw him. He was right there and suddenly turned into snow," Scarlet exclaimed desperately.
"Scarlet, I told you he was not real!" the mother exclaimed annoyingly, she looked at the confused father, "I'm sorry honey. She's been talking about seeing him since we left the tall tree in town."
The father looked at Scarlet seriously, "He's just a story book. He's not real. It's not possible for a pony to turn into snow. I'm sure you only imagined it."
"But daddy. I saw him. He was right there," Scarlet exclaimed pointing to the spot where Blizzard was standing.
"Scarlet, drop it!" Her father yelled, "I do not want to here it again. He's not real. He's only a story. You can contact the author of the book if you want proof. Now stop making up stories and lets go home."
Scarlet was saddened that her parents didn't believe her. What made her feel even worse was that she had upset her father. Scarlet knew this Christmas would be the one she would rather forget. She had seen the most amazing thing and no one believed her.

Blizzard spent the next day doing small jobs in town and making money but he wasn't even close to the amount of money he needed to get the snowglob. He had made half the money he needed and knew it would take a few more days to get the rest but then it would be to late. He returned to his shack at night feeling upset and disappointed. He had imagined giving Lunarstar the present and seeing a smile on her face but now it looks like it'll never happen.

Scarlet's parents were still arguing with her about the snow pony. Scarlet didn't realize the trouble she had caused between her mother and father. All she wanted was for them to believe her.
Later that night she laid awake staring out the frosted window in her room. The sky was dark and the wind whistled outside her window. She watched as snow began to fall, it reminded her of the snow pony she had seen. Tomorrow was Christmas and she couldn't stop thinking about how upset her parents were with her. She decided to apologize to her parents. She quietly left her dark pink room and walked silently downstairs. She suddenly stopped on the stairs when she heard her parents in the kitchen. They sounded so upset with each other, it surprised her to hear them.
"I'm sorry but she's young. She's at that age where she'll believe anything, " The mother told him.
"She needs to stop telling stories about seeing the snow pony. She could get in trouble at school for it," The father told her, "Stop reading the book if you have to."
"I know but I tried to tell her he wasn't real," The mother exclaimed and began to cry.
Scarlet was saddened, she had made her mother cry over something she knew was real.
"I'll prove it to them," Scarlet thought, "They'll have to believe me when they see him." She left the stairs and quietly left the house. She ran through the snow leaving the door cracked open.

The father looked at her sadly, "I'm sorry I know you tried," He walked up to her and hugged her, "I hope she gets over it soon. Now cheer up, lets both go and talk to her."
Once the mother had dried her face, she followed him out of the kitchen to the stairs. They were about to climb the stairs when they felt a cold draft on their coats. The father turned and saw the door cracked open. He opened the door and saw tinny hoof prints in the snow as it disappeared into the darkness
The mother looked and began to cry, "She ran away. What are we going to do?"
"Look for her. Her tracks are fresh, I'm sure she heard us arguing and left the house a few minutes ago,' the father replied. They left the house and hurried down the street following the tracks but the heavy snowfall soon covered the tinny hoof prints.
"No!" The mother cried worriedly, "We won't be able to find her now."
"We'll search her favorite places then," the father suggested.
"The docks. Maybe she went there since that's where you work," The mother suggested hopefully.
"We'll look there too," The father replied.
They walked all over the neighborhood and to the park. They even check a few of Scarlet's favorite stores but she wasn't there.
"She's got to be at the docks," The father told her. They went through town while looking around for their daughter. The streets were deserted, stores were closed with only the street lamps to guide them. The snow began to pile on the sidewalk, covering hoof prints of other ponies.

Blizzard was sound sleeps dreaming a nightmare. He was surrounded in fire and crying as a baby pony. Blizzard moaned and turned in his sleep, not being bothered by the cold. Just then, the sounds of two ponies yelling for their daughter woke him up.
"I hope she's in there," Blizzard heard a female pony say.
"We'll find out soon," another voice replied.
Blizzard gasped. No one was to find out he was sleeping in the shack. He stood up and picked up his blankets and pillow, then he turned into a cluster fo snowflakes and hovered on the ceiling just as the door opened. The father looked around, "I'm sorry she's not here."
The mother cried, "She ran away and it's my fault."
The father closed the door, "No it's not, It's both of our fault. Maybe we should have believed her anyways."
Blizzard returned to his pony form once he was sure the two ponies had left. He sat his pillow and blankets down.
"Ran away?" Blizzard thought. He knew if she wasn't found, there would be a search party for her and it would be hard for him to find Princess Luna. Even worse, they could find the Gate.
Blizzard had to help find the girl, otherwise his search for the Princess would be over.

Blizzard left the shack and turned into a cluster of snowflakes. He flew over the docks and forest scanning for a little pony, then he flew over the town. He almost didn't see the little pony curled by the tall Christmas tree. She laid and cried hoping he would come.
"Now to find her parents," Blizzard thought.
He continued flying over the town and park but there was no sign of them. He flew over the houses and saw two ponies walking towards a house. He knew they had to be her parents, they both had rainbow hair like her.
The mother was still crying, "Tomorrow is Christmas."
"We'll call the police and have them search," the father suggested.
Just as they father was about to open the door he heard the mother gasp. He turned and looked at her surprised look. She was staring at something. He looked behind him and saw a snowy pony figure standing on the sidewalk.
"She was right," The mother whispered shockingly, "He's real."
"Do you know where she is?" the father asked.
Blizzard nodded his head and motioned them to follow him. He flew from them as they tried to follow him.
"Wait, we can't see you in the falling snow," the father exclaimed.
Blizzard appeared at the corner some distance away and continued to motioned them with his hoof. When they came close, he turned into a cluster of snowflakes and flew to the next corner and continued doing that till he was in town. He stood as a cluster of snow flakes on a corner pointing. The parents approached and looked around the corner. The mother cried happily when she saw Scarlet asleep in the snow. She instantly ran to her with her husband next to her.
The mother picked her put and hugged her. Scarlet woke up and cried when she sow her mother crying, "I'm sorry mommy but he's real. I saw him and you two won't believe me. I thought I'd find him here but he never came. I'm sorry mommy."
"No, Scarlet. we are sorry for not believing you," The mother replied.
"You believe me?" Scarlet asked surprisingly.
The father pointed to the corner where a snowy pony figure stood watching, "He led us to you."
Blizzard nodded his head and flew away, disappearing into the falling snow.
The parents hugged her and walked home talking about the snow pony. Scarlet knew she might never see him again but she didn't really care, all she wanted was her parents to believe her.

Blizzard returned to the shack feeling unusually happy for what he's done. A strange feeling he hadn't felt. He walked into the shack and immediately noticed a white present with yellow moons and sparkling Christmas trees and stars on it. A green and white bow sat on top. It was small bow but not to big either. Who could have left it there? And why? No one knew he was staying at the shack. He approached the present and saw a note sticking out from under the bow. He opened the note and read it 'To Lunarstar from Blizzard' Blizzard was surprised and confused. He never bought Lunarstar anything and no one knew he was buying anything for her. He picked up the present and saw another note. He sat the present down and opened the note, 'Merry Christmas, Blizzard."
"Who gave this to me? How did they know?" Blizzard continued to ask himself.
Suddenly he heard a strange noise. It sounded like bells. He ran outside and looked around the forest but saw nothing, only darkness. The bells jingled loudly as it was getting closer. Blizzard looked around the shack and scanned the forest but there was still nothing there. He was desperate to see where the noise was coming from, he feared he would miss it. Suddenly he heard rushing wind sound above him and the bells began to fade away. He ran to the cliff and looked around the sky but he didn't see anything. Where did the bells come from? who was flying over the shack? Where did the present come from?
He knew there wasn't anyway to get his answers, it'll just be one of those strange rare mysteries that won't get answered.
He had a very exciting night and was feeling very tired, he yawned and went into the shack. He laid under his blanket and fell fast asleep.

The next day Blizzard woke up yawning and stretching. He quickly looked at the present next to him, making sure it was still there and it was. Last night wasn't a dream. He stood up and picked up the present, rereading the note on it. He hoped she would like the present. Today was Christmas and he wanted to give her the special present. He thought about the Christmas party and wanted to go, especially if Blueberry was going to be there. He remembered what Lunarstar had told him at the ice cream shop about where to find the orphanage. He hoped he would wasn't late for the party. He wrapped his legs and put the present in his school bag, then he hung the bag around his neck and left the shack. He walked through the forest to the houses and through the park. As he walked he noticed he hadn't seen a single pony. There were no tracks in the snow except for his. There wasn't even a sound that could be heard. He thought since it was Christmas, everyone would be outside but there was no body in sight.

He continued walking and hurried out of the park. He walked past the closed ice cream shop and down the street.
As he past houses he saw through the windows, ponies eating a large dinner, some were opening presents, some was playing games. Every pony was at home celebrating Christmas. He soon saw a square wooden sign in a front yard further down the street Blizzard approached the yard and stopped. He read the sign 'Orphanage' and was relieved he had found it. Behind the sign was a tall bricked building with tall windows in a small part of the section. Through the windows he could see all the little ponies laughing and talking. He even recognized a few of them as Lunarstar's friends. Blizzard took a deep breath and continued towards the building.

He stopped and knocked on the door, a minute later a pink pony with peach hair opened the door.
"Are you here with Lunarstar?" the pony asked.
"Yes," Blizzard answered.
The pink pony smiled, "You must be Blizzard. My name is Pixi. Please come in." She opened the door for Blizzard. Once he was inside, she closed the door and led him through the hallway to a large room with tall windows. In the center was a tall tree but it wasn't as tall as the one in town. This tree was covered in strange looking ornaments and starkly garlands, at the top sat a glittering yellow star. There were tables at one side of the room against the windows. There were bowls of punch, food and presents on the tables. Little ponies gather around the trees, playing and laughing. Blizzard immediately noticed Lunarstar talking with her friends by the tables.
"There she is," Pixi pointed. She approached Lunarstar, "Your friend is here."
Lunarstar turned and smiled at him, "You came!"
"You said you wasn't coming," Patch remarked.
"I changed my mind," Blizzard answered.
"What's in the bag?" Melody asked curiously.
"A present," Blizzard answered.
"The presents goes on the table," Pixi pointed to another table which was bigger than the rest.
"I'd rather hold on to it myself," Blizzard told her.
"Oh, I see. It's for someone very special," Pixi smiled.
As they talked Blueberry approached them, "I'm surprised you came."
Blizzard glared at him with his icy blue eyes.
"Well, I think it's time to have the little ponies open their presents," Pixi cried hoping everyone in the room heard her. The little ponies around the large tree stopped and turned towards her with large smiles on their faces. Raspberry was among the little ponies playing with them.
"Alright, everyone sit and wait till your called," Pixi told them. The little ponies sat on the floor quietly as she read each label on the presents. Raspberry stood and watched the little ponies receive their presents.
Blueberry smiled at Lunarstar and took out a light blue present with glittery snowflakes and a golden bow on top. Lunarstar smiled and took the present, "Oh the wrapping it so pretty. Thank you Blueberry."
Blizzard quietly walked archway but watched from an archway that separated the large room and the hallway. He had hoped to have Lunarstar alone but with Blueberry there, he wouldn't have a chance. It angered him to watch Blueberry so he decided to watch the little ponies receiving presents and the smiles that shown on their faces. Blizzard was memorized by their smiles, they were happy and hopeful about their presents.
"Blizzard," Starlight called to him, "Who's your present for?"
"No one...Special," Blizzard replied without looking at her.
Starlight saw the angry look in his eyes as he glanced at Blueberry. It took her awhile to figure out what was wrong with him. Starlight left Blizzard and approached Lunarstar who was at the table admiring her new book.
"Lunarstar, go talk to Blizzard," Starlight whispered to her.
Lunarstar turned and saw Blizzard at the archway just at the hallway. He was watching the little ponies open their presents. Lunarstar sat the book down.
"I'll be back," Lunarstar told everyone and left.

She approached Blizzard and smiled, "Why don't you join us?"
"No that's ok. I'm enjoying it here," Blizzard replied as his anger quickly disappeared. He opened his bag, "This is for you," He took out the present and handed it to Lunarstar. She took the present and stared at the wrapping and bow. She had seen a lot of wrappings in stores but this was one wrapping she had never seen before.
"The wrapping is so beautiful," Lunarstar muttered.
"Open it," Blizzard told her.
Lunarstar sat the present on the floor and carefully unwrapped the present without tearing the wrappings, "I got to keep this wrapping, it's so pretty." When she had unwrapped the present, she opened the white box and took out a snowglob. It wasn't small like she had noramly seen but this one was a little bigger. It had a golden base with silver Christmas tree designs on it. In the ball was a Christmas tree with a few other plain trees next to it. Lunarstar shook the ball and held it still watching it snow. She turn it on it's bottom and saw it was musical. She turned the silver switch and held the ball upright listening to it. Blizzard was also listening to the music it made. He stared at the snowing ball as an image slowly appeared in his mind. He saw a around music box playing soft music.
Blizzard blinked his eyes wondering what he was thinking? He looked down at Luna and saw she was still looking at the snowglob.
"You like it?" Blizzard asked.
Lunarstar sat the snowglob down and stood up, "I love it. It's as pretty as your wrapping. Thank you." She leaned forward smiling at a worried Blizzard who wasn't sure what she was about to do. She got close to him and kissed him on the cheek.
"Merry Christmas," Lunarstar whispered in his ear. Then she took the snowglobe and wrapping paper and walked back to the table.
Blizzard stared at her surprisingly. He had just been kissed which left him with a warm happy feeling.
"Your under the mistletoe," a little orange pony said pointing up. Blizzard hadn't realized she was standing close to him till now. He looked up and saw something hanging down above him.
"What is it?" Blizzard asked her.
"It's a mistletoe. You kiss the one you love under it," The pony replied and ran back to the group.
"Love?" Blizzard asked looking at Lunarstar. He wasn't sure what the little pony meant by that word and some how he really didn't care at the moment.
"Get over here!" Patch exclaimed, "Join the party."
Blizzard decided maybe this one time he would join them in a party, Teriney would never have to know.