Chapter 9: Home for the day

It was in the afternoon and Luna went downstairs from her room. She went to the kitchen and saw her mother fulling up three glasses with water.
"I'm feeling fine. Can I go out?" Luna asked.
"I'm sorry Lunarstar but you almost froze half to death last night and you know what appends when you get a cold." Rosebud picked up the tray with the three glasses on it and left the kitchen.
Luna signed sadly and stood till her mother came back. When her mother entered the kitchen Luna looked up at her.
"Can I have my friends over?" Luna asked.
"Of course Lunarstar. I can even order pizza for you and your friends," Rosebud replied.
Luna smiled, "I'll go call them!"
While Luna rushed out of the kitchen Rosebud left the house and went outside on the porch where Booster, Buster and Charades sat resting and drinking water.
"Lunarstar's friends are coming over. I need someone to go get a couple of large pizzas," Rosebud told them.
"I can," Buster replied. He stood up and walked around the house to the front.
Luna had just finished calling her friends, now all she had to do is wait. Rosebud walked into the house looking for Luna and saw her sitting on the couch.
"Buster just left to get the pizzas," Rosebud told her.
"Thanks mom," Luna stood up, "I'm going in my room to read or something. My friends will be here soon."
Luna winked to her room and sat on her bed. He picked up the book she was reading earlier and began reading.

Luna had lost track of time as she read. She was to interested in the book to hear the knock at the door. Rosebud opened the door and smiled, "Come on it girls."
Luna's friends walked in and looked around for Luna.
"Where's Lunarstar?" Starlight asked.
"She's in her room."
"Would it be ok if we went to her room?" Bright Eyes asked.
"Sure, go on up," Rosebud answered.
The girls hurried upstairs and walked in Luna's room surprising her.
Luna smiled greatly, "I didn't even hear you guys at the door."
"So, are you feeling ok?" Bon Bon asked.
"I'm fine."
"Then why can't you leave the house?" Patch asked.
"After I came home freezing half to death, my parents were afraid I'd get a cold, so just to be on the safe side, I have to stay home," Luna explained.
"Froze?" the girls asked.
"What do you mean?" Melody asked, "This is summer."
"Last night I left the house to run through the forest, well a strong wind and snow came blowing around me. It was so cold, my coat and hair started to turn to ice. I went home as quickly as I could," Luna explained.
"That's strange. How is that possible?" Patched asked.
"I don't know but it happened," Luna paused, "it was like the wind was after me," then she smiled, "That's sound ridiculous."
"What if there's a pony with great power after you?" Starlight asked.
"And that pony caused the wind," added Patch.
"That's not possible. My family are the only ones to have abilities like that. A regular unicorn wouldn't be that strong to do a wind like that," Luna explained, "Besides the Gate is always guarded when it's opened so no one has crossed it."
"What if it's someone from this world?" Clover asked.
"I doubt it, there's only Dragons here and they have either died out or they're in hiding," Luna replied.
"Well, it's got to be someone," Melody exclaimed.
"It could just be a strange occurrence in the weather," Bright Eyes remarked.
"That is too strange, even for the weather," Melody told her.
"Lunarstar, what do you think it was? Sweetheart asked.
"I....don't know," Luna answered.
"Does Buster and Charades know about this?" Patch asked.
"Not that I know of," Luna replied.

"Lunarstar, Pizza's here!" Rosebud called from downstairs.
Luna and her friends quickly left Luna's room and hurried downstairs to the livingroom. In the dinning room on the table sat two boxes with plates. The girls each took a slice of pizza and a plate, then they sat at the table. Booster walked in the dinning room with Buster and Charades behind him.
"Hi, girls. It's been awhile since I saw you," Booster said.
"Well, since Lunarstar couldn't come out, we came over to see her," Starlight replied.
Rosebud smiled at the girls, "Are you sure it wasn't because of the Pizza?"
"Well maybe a little," Bon Bon replied.
The girls laughed.
"Well it's great to have you girls here," Rosebud told them. She took a slice of pizza and put it on her plate, then she sat at the table. Booster, Buster and Charades got their piece and sat down.
"Why can't Lunarstar come outside?" Charades asked, "Tonight is the full moon."
"She can go tonight but last night she came home covered in icicles," Booster replied.
"In the summer time?" Buster asked.
"Yes and believe me it was a strange sight to see," Rosebud answered.
"What happened?" Charades asked.
"I was outside running through the forest when a cold wind and snow appeared, surrounding me. I came home as soon as I can," Luna explained.
"That is very strange," Buster commented, "Has it happened before?"
"No, this is the first time," Luna replied.
"You didn't see anyone either?" Charades asked.
"No one was around," Luna replied.
"Could be the weather acting up," Clover guessed.
"Maybe. Lunarstar if it appends again, you let us know," Charades told her.
"I will," Luna replied.
As they sat at the table and talked Luna began to wonder if it was just a strange wind of the weather or was there a pony out there with abilities?