Chapter 98: Unknown love

The sun was just starting to rise and Blizzard was sound asleep dreaming. He dreamt of Lunarstar and being with her, making her laugh and nuzzling her cheeks. Then suddenly fire rose everywhere. In the center was him as a baby pony sitting in the snow crying and wearing his golden necklace that looked to big on him. Fire waved wildly all around him, sparks flew and crackled. He could do nothing but cry. The heat of the fire didn't touch him, the ground was burnt except for the ground he sat on. He cried loudly, then suddenly Blizzard woke up from his dream. He was relieved it was just a dream and yet puzzled as to why he was having that dream again. He sat up and rubbed his face trying to wake up. Then he noticed his hooves were very cold. He looked at his bed and saw it was completely ice. He stood up and sighed, "Not again. It'll take all day to melt. I can't let this continue to happen."
He turned and walked to the corner. He sat down and took the white cloth and wrapped his feet. Then he stood up and left the shack. He remembered what Raspberry had told him the other day. Today he was determine to find out what love is.

He left his shack and walked through the thick forest. He came to the houses and walked past them as he pondered on who to ask. He didn't want to ask Raspberry, she annoyed him to much. He certainly wasn't going to ask Blueberry or any of his friends. He couldn't ask the teacher, there was no school today. He wasn't going to ask Lunarstar's friends he didn't know them nor did he trust them. He entered the park and walked through it.
"There's only one pony I can ask," Blizzard thought. He left the park, walked across the street and entered the ice cream shop. He stopped suddenly, "Lunarstar."
At the counter was Lunarstar sitting on a stool and sipping the last bit of her shake.
He took a deep breath and walked up to her. He sat on a stool next to her, feeling a bit nervous.
Lunarstar looked at him and smiled, "I hardly get to talk to you. I missed talking to you."
"You have?" Blizzard asked.
"Yes, I have," Lunarstar replied.
"Can I ask you something?" Blizzard nervously asked.
Just then Lunarstar's friend hurried inside and gathered around her. Lunarstar was to occupied to notice Blizzard leaving.
He stopped at the door and looked at her.
"Her friends sure has perfect timing. They couldn't wait a few minutes longer," Blizzard thought. Then he turned and left. He walked back to the park and sat under a tree where he can watch if Lunarstar runs by.

The sun was setting soon and Blizzard was beginning to think he missed her when suddenly, she ran past him.
"Lunarstar!" Blizzard cried standing up but she was to far to hear him.
He turned into a cluster of snowflakes and flew through the air, over Lunarstar and a few yards. He landed on Lunarstar's street just around the corner and returned to his pony form.
"She can't possibly miss me here," Blizzard thought.
It was several minutes till Lunarstar came running around the corner and almost bumping into him. She looked up at him surprisingly, "Umm..hi. What are you doing here?"
"I wanted to talk to you," Blizzard replied.
Lunarstar smiled at him, well you can walk me home then."
"Ok," Blizzard replied. He turned around and walked next to Lunarstar silently, thinking about how to ask her.
"Well?" Lunarstar asked, "I thought you wanted to talk."
"Yes, I umm. I want to ask you something," Blizzard replied.
"Ok, ask away," Lunarstar smiled at him.
"Umm...what" Blizzard nervously asked.
Lunarstar stopped suddenly and looked at him surprisingly, "Are you joking? You don't know?"
"No I don't," Blizzard replied.
"I thought everyone knew. It's just so obvious," Lunarstar replied.
"I don't have a clue what it is. Please tell me. What is love?" Blizzard asked again.
Lunarstar continued walking with Blizzard at her side staring at the ground, "It's umm...well. It's kind of hard to explain. Doesn't your father love you?"
"How would I know?" Blizzard asked, "I don't know what love is."
"Oh," Lunarstar replied, "It's umm. It's not something you can't catch like a cold. It's something you feel for someone else. It's when your always thinking about them. Wanting to be with them. It's being more than a best friend....then you find yourself in love. It's also an action word, something you do to show you love that special someone."
Lunarstar stopped at her house and turned to face Blizzard, "you understand now?"
"Yes I understand perfectly," Blizzard replied.
"May I ask why you wanted to know?" Lunarstar curiously asked.
Blizzard stared at the ground blushing and making Luna smile greatly.
"Because I...I love you," Blizzard finally said, then he turned and ran.
Lunarstar looked at him surprisingly, she couldn't believe what she heard. She turned from Blizzard and stared at the ground, "So do I, Blizzard." Then she continued into the house.