Chapter 97: Unknown love

It was after school and Blizzard stood on the steps watching Lunarstar with her friends talking, even Raspberry was with them. Blizzard left the school and walked alone in a different direction. He had been watching Lunarstar all day, in class and lunch.
"I must be sick or something. Maybe she's got some sort of spell on me?" Blizzard thought, trying to figure out what was wrong with him.
He walked through the community of houses and into the forest. He was anxious to get back and find Lunarstar, hoping Blueberry wasn't with her.
"He's getting a bit close to her lately," Blizzard thought, "I got to do something." He stopped just short of his shack, "What a minute. Why do I even care? I got to find out what she did to me."
Blizzard continued walking and went into the shack, he dropped his school bag on the floor and hurried outside. He walked through the forest again and into the community of houses.

He had just turned the corner when he saw Lunarstar running into the park.
He ran after her but stopped suddenly when he saw Blueberry approaching her with a frisbee.
Lunarstar smiled and followed him to a clearing. Blizzard followed them and hid behind the bushes. He ducked low to the grass and watched them from a distance. Lunarstar stood at one end while Blueberry stood at the other end. Blizzard watched as Blueberry threw the frisbee. Lunarstar caught is and threw it back. Blizzard watched her smile and her purple hair shining in the sunlight. Her white coat almost seemed blinding to his eyes.
"Spying again?" a voice suddenly said.
Blizzard jumped, he didn't expect anyone to find him. He sat up and turned to find Raspberry behind him smiling.
"No, now get lost," Blizzard told her.
Raspberry sat next to him and looked at Lunarstar, "Go play with her."
"No, now go away," Blizzard replied and continued to watch Lunarstar.
Raspberry looked at him curiously, then at Lunarstar.
"Your just shy," Raspberry said after a moment of silence.
Blizzard looked at her angrily, "No I'm not."
"Just admit you love, Lunarstar," Raspberry told him.
Blizzard looked at her curiously, "Love?"
"Sure. You're always fallowing her, watching her. Getting mad at Blueberry and I know you must think about her a lot," Raspberry stood up smiling at him, "You love Lunarstar."
"Shut up and...bug out," Blizzard told her, feeling a bit embarrassed.
"Awww, Blizzard loves Lunarstar!" Raspberry teased.
Blizzard stood up and looked at her angrily but Raspberry just repeated it.
"Blizzard loves Lunarstar!" Raspberry repeated.

Blizzard turned and ran from Raspberry, not caring where he was going, as long as he was far from her. He ended up at the school but it was closed, all he could do was sit at the steps. He thought about what Raspberry said and why he felt embarrassed.
"Love?" He asked himself, "What's love?"
He had never heard the word before or heard his father ever mention it.
He stood up and walked back to his shack thinking about the word 'love' He remembered when he was at the fair that night and ran into Starfire. He told him 'I won't tell you. I love my niece to much to see anything happen to her' Blizzard had not thought about what Starfire said till just now.
"That word seems very important to everyone," Blizzard muttered.
He entered the forest and walked to his shack, then he sat at the cliff staring at the ocean waves.
"I must know what that word means," Blizzard thought.