Chapter 96: Blizzard's embarassment

Morning came and Blizzard woke up from the bird chirping loudly. He sat up, yawned and stretched. the worm sun shined through the small window. He stood up, walked to the corner of the shack and wrapped his legs with cloth wrappings.
When he was done, he left the shack and blinked a few times at the bright sunlight. He thought about Princess Luna at the circus and how close she was to him. He was still puzzled at to why he hesitated. He decided to ponder on it at the park, it relaxed him just to watch other ponies.
He turned from the shack and began walking through the thick forest.

He walked far from the shack and left the forest. He walked through the community of houses watching ponies play, mowing the lawns, and tend to their flowers. Some just sat outside and read a book.
When he saw the park entrance and was approaching it, he stopped. Lunarstar and Blueberry walked into the park laughing and smiling.
Blizzard glared at Blueberry and decided to keep an eye on him. When The two ponies went into the park, Blizzard ran to the entrance and watched them walk together through the park. Blizzard ran to the bushes and followed them. They roamed around the park for sometime, talking. Then they left the sidewalk and walked up a hill and then rolled down the hill laughing and giggling.
Blizzard sat behind a bush and tree watching them closely. Blueberry leaned towards Luna and kissed her. Blizzard got mad and the ground began to turn to frost. He watched as Blueberry rubbed Lunarstar's cheek. He stared angrily at Blueberry not wanting to take his eyes off him.
"Hello," a voice said startling Blizzard.
Blizzard turned and saw Rosebud with bag around her next.
"You probably don't remember me. I talked to you at the bonfire. You were with my daughter, Lunarstar," Rosebud said, she looked down the hill and smiled, "I see your watching my daughter."
Blizzard looked up at her, "Umm...well...sort of...yes, I am."
Rosebud smiled, "If you like her that much, why don't you talk to her?"
Blizzard felt his face turn red, "Talk to her?"
"Sure. You really do like her don't you? You can't expect her to come to you if your hiding," Rosebud pointed out.
Blizzard's face turned pink, "Umm, I...I got to go." Then he stood up and ran.
Rosebud giggled to herself, "Poor little pony. He really does like her. I wonder if Lunarstar knows about it?"
As Rosebud stood watching Blizzard run, she suddenly felt a slight cold breeze on her feet. She looked down and gabbed. The grass had frost on it but was almost melted. Rosebud touched the frosted grass and shivered.
"Oh, that spot if so cold," She looked up at Blizzard suspiously, "I wonder..."

Blizzard ran from the park and walked to the ice cream shop. He sat down at the booth by the window and looked outside.
"What's gotten into me?" Blizzard thought, "That was...strange."
He thought about Lunarstar and wished that was him next to her instead of Blueberry.
"Oh my," said a voice, "What's wrong with your face?"
Blizzard turned and saw a white pony with red, blue and green hair, wearing an apron. She was looking at him worriedly.
"N-nothing," Blizzard studdard.
The female pony smiled, "Oh, I get it. It's a girl isn't it. I'm sorry," she stood up tall and smiled, "May I take your order?"
"A girl...I mean a shake," Blizzard quickly said still blushing.
The female pony laughed, "Ok coming right up. Then she turned and left.
Blizzard looked out the window wondering why he said girl. Was he thinking of Lunarstar to much? Blizzard felt worried, he knew something was wrong and he was to afraid to ask his father. He hadn't felt the same as when he first got to this world, it wasn't till he saw Lunarstar when it all began.
"Here it is," the white pony told her. Then she turned and left.
Blizzard sipped on the straw still thinking about when he saw Lunarstar and Blueberry in the park.

When he was done, he stood up and left. He walked through the park and hid in the bushes. He turned into a cluster of snowflakes and flew high above the park. He flew over houses and the forest till he saw his shack. He landed on the ground and returned to his pony form. He walked into the shack, removed his leg wrapping and rubbed his hairy feet.
"I can't take this much longer. Wrapping my legs is killing my hairy feet," Blizzard thought.
He turned and left the shack and sat at the cliff staring out into the ocean. He had never seen the ocean till he came to this world. It will be something he will never forget.