Chapter 95:  Knocked out at the circus.

The sky was dark and the crescent moon shined between the drifting clouds. Luna walked with her parents in her earth form. Buster and Charades was also with her. She was excited to get to the Circus but her parents made her walk with them.
"Hurry, I don't want to miss it!" Luna exclaimed.
"There's plenty of time, Lunarstar," Booster told her smiling.
"We are just as excited about it as you are," Charades told her.
"I can't believe non of you has ever seen a circus," Luna exclaimed, "Isn't there a circus in the other world?"
"Yes but there are no pony circus," Charades replied.
Luna looked at them sadly, "The other world seems so boring. No circus, museums, fairs, cars, tall building, big businesses and other fun stuff. When I get older I plan to have some of those things."
Buster and Charades smiled.
"We'll be looking forward to it," Buster replied.
"Do ponies in the other world really walk a very long way?' Rosebud asked, "Their isn't anyway to get to someplace?"
"No, I'm afraid not. Besides walking is good for ponies. We have four feet and should use them," Charades replied.
Booster smiled, "You got a point there."
"Maybe you can walk a little faster with four feet," Luna suggested.
Rosebud laughed, "Be patent Lunarstar."
It had been almost four years since she went to the circus, that was before she meet Buster and Charades. It was shortly after she moved to Ponyland, it all seemed like she had just went to the circus yesterday.

They walked through the park and towards the community of houses, then past the forest to a clearing where the circus sat light up with lights.
Luna smiled greatly, at the entrance of the clearing stood her friend. Luna couldn't wait, she ran to them.
"You all came!" Luna exclaimed excitedly.
"Well, here are the tickets for everyone," Patches remarked and began passing out tickets.
"Where's Blueberry and Blizzard?" Luna asked.
"Blueberry went inside with the boys," Raspberry replied.
"We haven't seen Blizzard yet," Starlight replied.
"Oh, my sister and Cuddles is here," Clover told her.
"Where?" Luna asked.
"Inside the tent. She's staying till tomorrow and hoped you'd all come and see her off at the train station," Clover told them.
"Sure," everyone replied.
"I'll defiantly be there," Luna replied
"Hi, girls," Booster said smiling.
"Ready to see the circus?" Rosebud asked.
"Yeah!" The girls cried excitedly.
"Do you girls want to sit with us like last time?" Booster asked.
"Sure, if we can find a seat big enough for us," Melody replied.
"Ok, just wait for us at the tent entrance, we got to get our tickets," Rosebud told them.
The girls left and stood at the tent by a pony collecting half the tickets and giving the other half back.
"Wait a minute, we got to get some popcorn," Bon Bon exclaimed.
"Me and Patch and get two boxes of popcorn," Starlight suggested and the tow left.
The girls stood waiting for awhile watching ponies as they entered. Just then Booster, Rosebud, Buster and Charades walked up to the girls. Then Starlight and Patch behind them.
"Lets go inside," Booster told them.
One by one they gave their tickets to the dark green pony and received half of the ticket back.
"Hold the other half so you can get back in," the dark green pony told them.
Once they were inside, they looked around for a spot but there wasn't any large spots that they could find. Just then a light yellow pony with green, white, pink and red hair approached them, "Patch?"
Patch turned towards the male pony, "yes."
The male pony smiled, "Good, you're here. There's a spot saved for you and your friends."
Patch smiled greatly, "Where?"
"Follow me, I'll take you there," the male pony replied. he walked along the stands a little farther from the entrance. When he came to an empty row he stopped and took off the yellow ribbons, "Enjoy the show." Then he turned and left.
They all sat down with her parents next to Luna. Starlight past the popcorn to Bon Bon, then Clover, Raspberry, Sweetheart and continued passing it till Luna got a hold of it. She took a hoof full and eat it, then she took another hoof full and slowly eat it. Rosebud took the box and eat it, then she past it to Booster.
"Lunarstar," Rosebud whispered in her ear, "Do you have your wings folded."
"Yes, mom," Luna replied with a mouth full of popcorn.
"Sorry honey, I was just making sure," Rosebud replied.
When Luna received the box again, it was empty.
"I'm thirsty. maybe we should have gotten drinks too," Luna remarked.
"Well it's too late for that," Raspberry told her, "The show is about to start."
"I'm going to get a drink. The popcorn is making me thirsty," Luna told her.
"Lunarstar, got your ticket?" Rosebud asked.
"Yes mom I have it," Luna replied, then she stood up and left.

She walked out of the tent and around the side to the concession stands and games. She was about to get in line at one of the concession stands when she noticed Patch's uncle walking from the games to the side of the tent. Luna smiled, and left, hurrying to catch up with him. She wanted to let him know Patch was at the circus. She followed him to the side of the tent and around back where the animals sat in cages.
The uncle stopped at the bear's cage, "Now who put you there?" He picked up the blocks and tried to pushed the cage on wheels but he just couldn't. Luna walked closer to him as she changed to a winged unicorn. She stopped from a distance and used her horn to help push the cage. The uncle was surprised it was moving.
"There. That's the spot," the uncle muttered. Luna dimmed the glow from her horn.
He turned and gasped at the sight of the winged unicorn standing there.
"It's you," he whispered. Just then he saw an ice blue pony tip toe up behind her with a board.
By the time the uncle cried to her about the pony, it was to late. He knocked her out with the board.
Luna blacked out and dropped to the ground.
"Finally," Blizzard exclaimed. He threw the board to the ground not caring that the uncle was watching.
"Now to kill you," Blizzard took a deep breath. He looked at Luna laying unconscious in the cold grass and paused. He stared at Luna for what seemed like an hour. Just then the uncle picked up the board and hit him with it causing Blizzard to throw icy darts at the side of a truck. Blizzard blacked out and fell to the ground. The uncle threw the board away and gasped at the truck with the icy dark sticking out at the side. It suddenly accord to him what the pony was going to do.
"How could he?" the uncle thought, "Well I better make sure she's not here when he wakes up." The uncle bent down and carefully picked up Luna in his arms, then he walked to the other side of the tent and sneaked behind smaller tents hoping no one would see him with Luna.
He went to a dark red tent and hurried inside. He set Luna on his bed and then dug through his chest for something. He picked up a dark blue bottle and opened it, then he held it to Luna's nose waiting for her to wake up.
Luna turned her head from the bad smell but she was eventually forced to wake up. She opened her eyes and felt dizzy. She grabbed her head where the pain was throbing.
"Are you ok?" The uncle asked.
Luna gasped, she turned her sore head and looked at the uncle.
"I'm Red," the uncle told her. He smiled staring at her, "I heard alot about you. Your the ghost of Ponyland but you don't look much like a ghost."
"I'm not. That's just a name someone decided to call me," Luna replied.
She sat up and suddenly felt very dizzy. She grabbed the side of the bed and closed her eyes waiting for the world to stop spinning.
"Are you ok?" Red asked.
"I'm dizzy and my head hurts," Luna replied.
"Some ice blue pony hit you on the head. I heard he him say he was going to kill you," Red told her.
"And he would have too. Thank you for saving me," Luna replied.
"You know him?" Red asked.
"Sort of. He's been after me for sometime," Luna replied.
"Well you saved me for the wolf last time and I never got a chance to thank you," Red told her.
Luna looked at him after her dizziness went away and smiled, "I think we're even now."
Red smiled, "Yes we are even."
"Can I have something to drink?" Luna asked remembering how thirsty she was.
"Sure. I'll get it for you," Red replied and left the tent.
Luna sat and looked around. He had a few large chects and a simple small desk with a mirror and lights around it. On the desk she noticed a picture. She stood up and grabbed the picture then she sat down staring at it. It was a picture of Red and two other ponies holding a baby. The mother was white with pink and yellow hair. The father was a brown pony with pink and red hair. Luna stared at the baby, it looked very familar to her. As she thought about it she suddenly realized who the baby looked like, "Patch."

Blizzard woke up feeling dizzy. He rubbed his head where the pain was and sat for a few minutes. He looked at where Princess Luna was laying and gasped.
"No I was so close. She was right here," Blizzard exclaimed, then he thought back when he was about to throw icy darts on her. He remember when he paused for a few minutes. Why did he pause? He had no reason to.
"I was stupid for hesitating like that," Blizzard muttered. He stood up and left the animal area and went into the big tent.

Luna coninuted to stare at the picture till Red walked in.
"I got you water. I hope you don't mind," Red told her.
"Water is perfect," Luna replied. She put the picture down and took the cup. The pain on her head had subsided during the time Red was gone.
"May I ask who is the baby?" Luna asked curious to find out if that was Patch. She sipped on the straw letting the water quench her thirst.
Red picked up the picture and looked at it sadly, "The baby's name is Patch being held by her parents."
Luna couldn't beleive what she was hearing, "Are you relelted to them?"
"No, I'm just their best friend. We laughed and had fun together. We even grew up together. You could say we were like brothers," Red replied.
"Were?" Luna asked wondering what he ment by that.
"This picture was taken shortly before they died. Her parents had a great fall doing the highwire act without a net. They were friends and loved by everyone working in the circus," Red paused still looking sadly at the picture, "Since I was close to her parents I took her in and raised her but the ringmaster and the ponies thought it was best if she didn't grow up in a circus. It was then hat I remembered what her mother wanted. She wanted Patch to grow up away from the circus, in a house with a family, going to school and having friends. She could never have any of that here. So I left with her one morning to the orphanage. They took her and raised her till she was adopted. I later found her new home and told her adopted parents everything."
Luna looked at her cup sadly, "does she know all that?"
"No, I never told her. She even calls me uncle when I'm not her real uncle," Red replied.
"I'm sure her father would be proud to have her call you uncle. Her mother would be so happy to see what her daughter has become," Luna commented.
Red smiled, "Yes they certainly would."
"Are you going to tell her?" Luna asked.
"When the time is right," Red replied.
"I think the time is right. You should tell her tomorrow. She is 14 years old," Luna told him.
"Yes, Your right. I'll go to her house and talk to her tomorrow," Red replied.
"I must be going," Luna suddenly said. She stood up and gave him the empty cup, "Thank you so much for the water and all your help."
Red sat the picture on the desk and smiled at her, "It was a pleasure to finally meet you."
"Please don't tell anyone I was here or that you saw me," Luna begged.
"Do not worry, I learned my lesson last time. It took a year for the ponies around here to stop joking about you saving me from the wolf. I won't tell anyone," Red replied.
Luna smiled and left. She hurried to the animal area and was relieved to see the ice blue pony had left. She scaned the area making sure no one was around, then she changed back into an earth pony.
She ran from the animal area and hurried inside the big tent, then she sat down next to her mother.
"The show has started some time ago. Where have you been?" Rosebud asked.
"Getting a drink. I decided to stay and drink it all," Luna replied knowing that wasn't the truth.
She turned her head and looked at Patch remembering what Red had told her.

The next day Luna hurried to the train station joining her group of friends. They stood by the train talking to Meadowlark and her husband.
"Where's Patch?" Luna asked
"She said she couldn't make it and that her uncle is there at the house," Starlight replied.
"Oh," Luna replied. She knew what Red was going to tell Patch and wondered how she was going to take it.
Luna looked at Meadowlark and then her husband, neither one of them was holding Cuddles.
"Where's Cuddles?" Luna asked Starlight
"He's with Clover," Starlight replied.
Clover hugged him and then handed him back to Meadowlark. Luna noticed he was looking around at the girls, he even saw Luna but didn't seem the least bit interested in her. Luna was relieved to see he could no longer see her as a winged unicorn.
"Auntie!" Cuddles exclaimed happily.
"That's so cute," Sweetheart commented.
"He always calls me that," Cover replied.
The girls laughed.
Meadowlark and her husband waved goodby then they went into the train.
Clover's friends stood waving as the train pulled away from them.