Chapter 93: A Queen wanting to talk

Queen Snowfall was in her room sitting on the bed with baby Snowmist. She wore her golden crown, her yellow and white silky hair hung low touching the bed. She cradled the baby and rocked him to sleep. Just then King Sea Mist walked in and woke up the baby. Snowmist began to cry.
"I'm sorry but King Stardust and his brothers are here. I want you with me," King Sea Mist told her.
Queen Snowfall stood up still holding her baby and carried him down stairs to the throne room.

When she walked in she smiled at the black ponies who stood waiting patently. King Sea Mist and Queen Snowfall approached Stardust.
"Hello King Stardust. It's been awhile since we saw you," King Sea mist said, "What bings you here? The gate isn't even close to opening."
"I came to discuss the capture of the ice blue pony," Stardust replied, "He's still after my daughter and Starfire tells me he's gone through the gate at the beginning of spring."
While Stardust and King Sea Mist talked Snowmist stopped crying and stared at the black ponies. Then he wiggled wanting down. Queen Snowfall let him down, then she stood and watched him.
"He's gotten bigger," Skyview commented.
"He should be able to walk around too," Starfire added.
Queen Snowfall smiled, "Yes he does quite a bit of walking. He's been found on the third floor once and in the kitchen and wondering through the halls. I don't let him down unless all the doors are close."
Starfire and Skyview chuckled.
Snowmist walked around looking at the black ponies and his surrounding.
"He's at the point where all he wants to do is check everything out," Queen Snowfall told them.
"All babies are like that. They're always curious and finds just about anything funny," Skyview replied.
"So what do you two think?" Stardust asked them.
Skyview and starfire looked at him.
"Think of what?" Skyview asked.
"You mean super ears wasn't listening for a change?" Stardust asked.
Skyview glared at him, "No, super ears wasn't listening. I was busy with the baby....Ouch!" Skyview exclaimed. He lifted his hind leg and saw baby snowmist hanging on the hairs of his feet.
Queen Snowfall hurried to Skyview and picked Snowmist up, "No, you must not do that!"
Then she walked over to King Sea Mist, "I'm so sorry, Prince Skyview. Ever since he met the ice blue pony, he has a habit of pulling the hair on male feet."
Starfire began to laugh.
Skyview glared at him, "You just wait till he gets a hold of your feet."
"Alright you two. You can get back at each other later. What do you think of the plan?" Stardust asked.
"What plan?" Starfire asked.
"Having a soldier behind the gate and one above the gate. The net goes down and the other soldier jumps on him," Stardust explained.
"That's the plan?" Skyview asked.
"I don't hear you coming up with something better," Stardust replied.
"How about if I just appear and grab him, then you take him from me," Skyview suggested.
"We could have soldiers in hiding at the time," Starfire added.
"Now that sounds better," King Sea mist exclaimed.
"Sound good to me," Stardust replied.
"Can't we just talk to him first?" Snowmist asked.
"We tried that," Stardust replied.
"I asked him questions and tried to get him to come with me but he ignored my questions and shoot icy darts at me or tried to freeze me out of the sky," Starfire told her.
"Let me talk to him, I've gotten quite a bit out of him and I know he will talk to me," Queen snowfall suggested.
"No, Snowfall. He could hurt you," King Sea Mist exclaimed.
Queen Snowfall smiled, "No he won't not if I have Snowmist with me. He loves the baby and even finds him fascinating."
"No, I don't want to take the chance," King Sea mist replied.
"I've talked to him before and he didn't touch me. I can do it again. You got to trust me," Queen Snowfall.
"I don't believe he will harm her," Skyview said, "he would have done it the moment he saw her."
King Sea Mist pondered on what he said and knew Skyview was right, she wasn't harmed that day, "Alright but I want my best soldier with you."
"Ok but no more than one. I don't want to chase him away," Queen Snowfall replied.
Starfire stared blankly for a minute, "He just went through the gate."
"Just now?" Skyview asked.
"In which world?" Stardust asked.
"This world," Starfire answered.
"What perfect timing," Stardust exclaimed.

Just as planed, Queen Snowfall her baby and one soldier, the Captain of her soldiers sat waiting. There were no one else around just the three of them sitting by the Gate.
It was late in the afternoon and Queen Snowfall was nuzzling Snowmist, making him laugh when the soldier point to something. She looked up and smiled, "There he is. Now just stay put and don't move."
Blizzard appeared in his pony form surprised to see Queen Snowfall and her baby. Blizzard had his hood over his head so she couldn't see his surprised face. He looked around for more soldiers, ready to disappeared the minute he saw one.
"Don't be afraid, it's just me and this soldier, there's no one else here. I wanted to see you again," Queen Snowfall quickly said.
"Why?" Blizzard asked.
Queen Snowfall approached him and sat down in front of the suspicious pony.
"You remember Snowmist, don't you?" she asked him, "My little baby boy."
"He was smaller though," Blizzard replied staring at the baby.
"He's growing like every other pony. He even walks too," Queen Snowfall replied.
Blizzard lifted his hoof and touched the baby's feet. Just then Snowmist grabbed Blizzard's hairy feet and began to pull.
"No, Snowmist. No," Queen Snowfall told him, "I'm sorry but he loves pulling the hair on male ponies."
Blizzard touched his hair feet getting the baby's sudden attention. Blizzard pulled his hoof away and watched him. Snowmist looked at the tinny hairs on his feet. He had never noticed before, with his other hoof, he grabbed his hair and pulled hard. Snowmist let go and cried loudly.
Blizzard backed way, "I didn't do anything."
"No you didn't. In fact..." Queen Snowmist smiled, "Thanks to you, he just might stop pulling the hairs." Once the baby calmed down she looked up at Blizzard, "how have you been?"
"Fine I guess," Blizzard answered while keeping his distance.
"Last time I saw you, you said your father was going to be angry with you. Did you get in trouble?" Queen Snowfall asked.
Blizzard looked away, "Yes. He was very angry."
"Did he do anything to you?" Queen Snowfall asked.
"Luckily he didn't," Blizzard replied, "I...I can't stay." Then he dashed through the gate.
Queen Snowfall stood up and turned towards the soldier, "Lets go." She and the soldier walked out of the forest and followed the road to the castle.
"I have a feeling that boy is in trouble," Queen Snowfall muttered.
"He acted a bit scared at the end," The soldier pointed out.
"Yes I know but why?" Queen Snowfall asked.
They continued through the gates and up to the castle.
When she got inside, she told king Sea Mist and the black ponies what happened.
"Well, then there's no choice but to catch him next time," Stardust told them.