Chapter 92: Making friends

The sun was shining brightly through the drifting clouds, the snow was gone except for a few tiny patches. Raspberry left the house and walked down the street wondering what she was going to do. She couldn't stay home, her mother had just kicked her out. Blueberry had left the house early this morning to play with his friends. Raspberry didn't know what to do, she had no friends to hang out with and no one wanted to talk to her anymore, her former friends made sure of that.
As she approached the ice cream shop she saw Starlight rushing out fo the shop with a bag of cups and plates. She ran across the street to meet Clover at the Park entrance. Curious to know what was going on, Raspberry followed them from a distance.
She walked deep into the park towards the end of the clearing. She hid behind the trees and bushes making sure she wouldn't get caught spying.
She followed them to a group of girls who were just laying a blanket down. Raspberry quickly spotted Lunarstar, it didn't take her long that the other were her friends.
She sat and watched with interest and imagining what it would be like to be their friend. Bon Bon laid the large basket on the blanket. Patch took out her ball from her bag and laid it by the tree next to her.

"Are you spying again?!" a familiar voice asked.
Raspberry jumped, coming close to screaming. She turned and saw Blueberry standing behind her with a curious look.
"No, I'm not," Raspberry turned and watched the girls, "I'm just watching."
"Sounds like spying to me," Blueberry replied.
Raspberry turned and looked at him sadly, "I...I was just imagining what it would be like to be their friend."
"Why don't you talk to them and make friends?" Blueberry asked.
"No, they would ignore me or say hi and talk to each other or make an excuse to leave like everyone else," Raspberry replied, "I'm terrible at making friends. I always have."
"I know for a fact that Lunarstar is nice and caring, she would never do that to you, neither would her friends," Blueberry told her.
"You don't know that," Raspberry exclaimed.
"Yes I do. Why don't you prove me wrong and talk to them?" Blueberry suggested.
"No," Raspberry replied.
"Raspberry, I'm your big brother...right? Please listen to me for once in your life. Go talk to them. Trust me," Blueberry told her.
Raspberry turned and looked at the girls, "Are you sure?"
"They're real friends, Raspberry," Blueberry told her smiling.
"Ok but you'll pay if they kick me away," Raspberry told him.
"Just be yourself and you'll be fine." Blueberry told her.

Raspberry stepped out of the bushes and walked towards them.
"Look who's coming," Melody pointed.
The girls turned and looked at Raspberry approached them.
"What do you want, Raspberry?" Melody asked.
"I'm...sorry," Raspberry hesitated to say surprising the girls, "I know I've been a pain to you guys and I'm sorry. I never had real friends only those who I forced it upon them. It wasn't till I meet a real friend that I knew what it was like to have a real friend. She taught me the meaning of friendship. I...I just wanted to know could be your friend?" Raspberry asked.
The girls smiled which surprised Raspberry, she thought for sure they would be mad and chase her away.
"I don't recall you ever apologizing before, Raspberry," Melody told her.
"Sit and join us for a picnic," Starlight told her.
Raspberry smiled and sat down next to Lunarstar. Sweetheart handed her a plate and Lunarstar gave her a slice of limon cake.
"Thank you," Raspberry replied and began eating.
She couldn't believe that it was so easy to make friends. All she had to do is be herself and talk to them.
During all afternoon they talked, laughed and joked. The girls learned Raspberry had indeed changed all she needed was another chance.
After eating they went to the clearing and played ball. Starlight and Bright Eyes sat watching as they started putting things way.
"Raspberry isn't as bad as I thought," Starlight commented.
"She's actually a nice pony. I can't believe she was afraid to be herself," Bright Eyes remarked.
When the two were done, they left and joined the others in the game.