Chapter 90: Dangerous cold

Morning came and Blizzard was sound asleep in his shack. He shook his cold feet and shivered under his blanket. The cold air eventually forced him to wake up. He opened his eyes and saw his breath as he breathed. His nose was stuffed and his eyes watered a bit. His nose was cold and the air was so cold it dried his throat. He sat up wrapping his blanket around him but it was still cold, even the wooden floor felt cold. He dropped his blanket and walked to the corner of the shack, he grabbed his cloak and wore it which kept him a bit warmer. He turned and looked at the window but there was so much frost he couldn't see out. He left the shack and stood out in the hard crunchy snow. As he stood front of his shack his head began to feel warm and he began to feel a slight headache. Then he sneezed and out of his mouth flew three icy dart, hitting a tree in front of him. Blizzard looked at the tree with three darts in it and gasped.
"I have better watch it when I sneeze," Blizzard thought. The wind blowing through his ice blue coat feeling the cold which made him shiver. He walked into the shack, rewrapped his legs and left. He wanted something warm, something hot to drink. He thought of a hot chocolate at the ice cream shop and decided to spend the day there trying to warm up. He glance at his cloak and decided he was going to wear it today no mater who saw him. It was simply to cold not to wear it. He began walking through the forest making crunching sounds and noticing his cold breath blowing in the air. He could see his hoof tracks that he had previously made and hoped no one would follow his tracks to his shack. He left the forest and walked through the community of houses till he came to the park. As he walked his nose felt colder and it began to tingle, then suddenly he sneezed at the ground. Ice suddenly formed around him on the sidewalk. Blizzard gasped and looked around hoping no one saw him. He was relieved that no one was in the park. He took careful steps and was able to balance himself after learning how to ice skate. Just then his nose began to tingle, he stood preparing himself for what ever might happen. He suddenly sneezed letting icy darts fly from his mouth. Blizzard gasped, the longer he was out in the cold the worse his cold got. Blizzard turned and left the ice while slipping a few times.
"Maybe I should just go home till winter is over," Blizzard thought.
He continued walking towards the park exit when he bumped into Starlight.
"Hi, Blizzard. Where are you going?" Starlight asked.
"Home. Lunarstar may not see me till spring,' Blizzard replied, then he continued walking past her. Once he was out of the park far from the exit, he stopped and looked around. There was no one in site only Starlight's hoof prints. He turned into a cluster of snowflakes and flew through the air. He flew over houses and over the forest sill he saw the Gate. Snow had blanketed the ruins only the Gate stuck up from the ground. Blizzard landed on the snowy ground in front of the ruins and returned to his pony form. Just then his nose tingle, then he sneezed letting icy darts fly from his mouth and hitting a tree. Blizzard ran through the gate and came out on the other side in the other world, then he turned into a cluster of snowflakes before any of the soldiers got a chance to catch him.

He flew through the air for many miles as it began to snow. He could see the snow covered tree tops and snow covered houses. It wasn't till sunset when he finally reached The Volcano of Gloom. He landed on the cliff, returning to his pony form. Blizzard looked around and saw it was still snowing but there wasn't any snow on the ground around the Volcano or above it. Blizzard could feel the warms of the lava coming from the tunnel. He turned and walked through the tunnel till he reached the other side. Then he walked across the bridge on the steps feeling the warmth on his hooves with every step he took. He walked up to the Stoney house and went inside closing the door behind him.
"I'm home!" Blizzard yelled.
"In the living room!" Teriney yelled.
Blizzard walked down the hall passing the old dusty paintings of the previous witches. He walked to the second door from the last door. He slowly walked inside the room and froze when he saw Teriney blowing fire at the fireplace. Once Teriney saw that the logs were consumed in fire, he stopped blowing and turned to see a worried Blizzard staring at the fireplace.
"Well?" Teriney asked, "Report!"
"I-I uh..haven't seen her at all. I don't know where to look," Blizzard replied.
Teriney turned and walked up to Blizzard who stood looking worried.
"She can't stay hidden long. She's there, your just not looking!" Teriney yelled, "I'm getting tired of waiting for you to kill her."
Blizzard slowly backed away from him but Teriney just walked towards him.
"It has been some time since you last reported to me. Just what have you been doing in the other world?!" Teriney yelled.
"N-nothing, Father," Blizzard replied completely forgetting about what Teriney told him to never say.
Teriney looked at him furiously, "What did you call me?!"
Blizzard backed way fearfully seeing the anger in Teriney's golden eyes. He backed up to the wall and sat down covering his face.
"I have told you about calling me father. You know my name and I expect you to use it!" Teriney blew a spark of fire on Blizzard wrapped hoof. It took less than a second for the fire to eat through the bandages. Blizzard blew icy breath on his hoof to blow out the fire and cool his burns.
"You call me that one more time and I'll do more than throw a spark on your leg!"
"Yes, Teriney," Blizzard fearfully replied.
"Your to report to me often. Do you understand me?" Teriney asked.
"Yes, Teriney," Blizzard whispered.
"You have better not be mingling with other ponies or talking to them. If you do, you'll be severely punished and you don't want that," Teriney told him.
"No, Teriney," Blizzard whispered.
Teriney looked at his face and saw his fur looking wet. Blizzard closed his eyes as Teriney reached his hoof towards his forehead fearing what Teriney might do. When he felt Teriney touch his forehead and removed his hoof, Blizzard felt relieved.
"Your hot and wet with sweat. Are you sick?" Teriney asked.
"I got a cold," Blizzard replied.
"Get to bed and don't leave it till your better," Teriney told him, "and do not forget what I told you either."
"Yes, Teriney," Blizzard replied. Teriney stood aside as Blizzard left the wall and was about to walk to the door when he felt his nose tingling.
"No," Blizzard thought, "not now." Then he sneezed freezing the fire in the fire place instantly.
"Get to bed, now!" Teriney yelled angrily.
Blizzard ran out of the room, down the hall and into his room.
"That's all I need is a sick pony," Teriney replied, then he paused as if he was thinking, "He's dangerously close to other ponies. The last thing I want is for him to turn on me."

Blizzard close the door and climbed in bed. He laid down looking at his burned spot frozen in ice. He could still feel the pain but just barely. He knew his father told him never to mingle or talk to other ponies but he thought of Lunarstar never being able to talk to her again. He felt as if he was being pulled apart not sure who to follow. A tear came out of his eye as he thought of Lunarstar and Teriney.
"What do I do?" Blizzard whispered. He could feel his headache start to pound.
He closed his eyes and slowly fell asleep.