Chapter 89:  Ice skating on the lake

It was in the evening and Blizzard sat at the counter drinking his hot chocolate and trying to warm up. Lunarstar and the girls sat next to him talking as he listened to them.
"It's so cold out, I'm sure the lake is frozen enough to skate on," Bon Bon exclaimed.
"No it's not," Sweetheart replied, "I went by there this morning and saw a sign saying keep off, thin ice."
"It's cold enough for ice to freeze though," Melody replied.
"It's got to get a lot colder for that much water to freeze," Bright Eyes explained.
"Do you guys know how to Ice skate?" Lunarstar asked curiously.
"I do," Starlight replied.
"So do I," Melody replied.
"Ice Skating?" Blizzard suddenly asked.
The girls turned and smiled.
"I love ice Skating," Sweetheart exclaimed.
"Have you ever ice skated?" Patch asked.
"No," Blizzard replied, "What's Ice Skating?"
"You don't know?" Melody asked surprisingly.
"You've been asking a lot of questions about a lot of things," Patch observed, "Do you live in a cave or something?"
Blizzard stood up from his stool, "No, I just don't get out much." then he turned and left the shop leaving the surprised girls.
As Blizzard walked back to the shack he thought about what Patch said and realized she was right, he had been asking to many questions and it was starting to attract attention which wasn't what he wanted.

He walked through the deep snow in the forest and soon came to his shack. He walked inside, put on his warm cloak and left. He walked to the cliff and scrapped away the snow, then he sat down. He sat thinking about Lunarstar and the lake and what Patch had said.
When night had fallen Blizzard went into his shack, unwrapped his leg wrapping and left his shack.
"Maybe I'll pay the lake a visit tonight," Blizzard thought. He turned into a cluster of snowflakes and flew from the forest. He went over the houses and other buildings towards the park. He entered the park and appeared in his pony form by the lake. He stood at the edge of the lake and looked at the freezing cold water, half of it was already ice covered in snow.
Blizzard took a deep breath and blew icy winds on the lake slowly turning it to solid ice. As he blew Buster and Charades watched from a distance.
"I thought it was him flying over the park," Charades whispered.
"Is he freezing the lake?" Buster asked surprisingly, "He will be at the all night."
"Why is he freezing it though?" Charades asked curiously.
Blizzard stopped and rested.
"I can't freeze the whole lake like this," Blizzard thought.
He knew there was one way he could do it but how? He could freeze anything instantly just by touching it but he was never able to control it. He closed his eyes and thought about the times he was mad. He thought about his dream and Blueberry taking Lunarstar from him. Anger suddenly rose inside him at the though of Blueberry. He opened his eyes and with one hoof he touched the icy cold water. Suddenly frost rapidly formed on the lake then ice, turning the lake solid ice. Blueberry removed his hoof from the ice and looked at the frozen lake surprisingly.
Buster and Charades gasped at how fast he was able to freeze the lake.
"He just touched it," Buster whispered.
"He must tell King Stardust and his brothers this," Charades replied.
Blizzard slowly walked on the ice taking careful steps to make sure the lake was solid ice. Suddenly his front legs slipped out in front of him leaving his butt high in the air.
Buster and Charades couldn't help but chuckle.
Blizzard carefully stood up again and went to turn around when his back legs slipped and ramming into his front legs causing him to fall flat on the ice.
Blizzard slowly stood up and took careful steps, he was close to land when all four feet slipped causing him to fall flat on his stomach. As he was about to stand he heard faint laughter. Blizzard looked into the forest and saw Buster and Charades laughing uncontrollably.
"I don't think it's funny," Blizzard thought, glaring at them.
He stood up walking slowly and cheerfully towards land and was about to reach land when his front feet slipped, causing him to fall face first into the snow.
Bluster and Charades continued to laugh which made Blizzard mad. He suddenly stood up and jumped off the ice looking angrily at the two laughing ponies. Buster and Charade stopped laughing and ran. Blizzard decided to let them go he was feeling to much pain from falling to chase them.
"I don't know why anyone want a lake frozen. You can't possibly walk on it," Blizzard muttered.
He turned into a cluster of snowflakes and flew back to his shack.

The next morning he hurried to the lake curious to find out what Ice Skating was. He walked through the deep snow towards the lake following a group of other ponies. In their mouths were shoes with sharp metal blades attached to them. He wondered what kind of shoes were those? When he arrived at the lake he saw a great surprise. Ponies were on ice and non of them seemed to be having much trouble like he had last night.
"Blizzard!" Lunarstar exclaimed happily.
Blizzard looked at the lake side and saw Lunarstar standing there with a few of her friends. Blizzard walked across the deep snow and approached her.
"Isn't this amazing?" Lunarstar asked.
"The lake froze overnight," Cover exclaimed.
"Which should be impossible. A lake can't freeze solid in one night," Bright Eyes added.
Just then Ace and Lancer approached the girls.
"Brought them," Ace exclaimed.
"Those are my old par," Lancer explained.
Lancer handed them to Blizzard who reluctantly took them.
"What am I suppose to do with these?" Blizzard asked.
"You wear them on your feet of course," Ace answered, "You can't ice skate without them."
"Ice skate?" Blizzard looked at the ponies on ice. All of them had the shoes on their hind feet.
"Here, Let me put them on your feet," Ace exclaimed. He took the ice skates and told Blizzard to sit. Then he was about to unwrap the leg wrapping.
"No!" Blizzard cried surprising everyone, "I'm sorry but those stay on my legs and do not ask why."
"Ok, sure," Ace replied sumptiously. He put the first skate on then the other, "There. You're all set to skate."
Blizzard sat staring at the shoes on his back feet.
"Starlight is going to teach me to skate, maybe she'll teach both of us if you like?" Lunarstar suggested.
"I guess so," Blizzard replied. he looked at her feet and saw she wasn't wearing her shoes, "Where's your shoes?"
"My Ice Skates?" Lunarstar asked smiling at him, "Starlight is bring her old par for me to borrow."
"Oh," Blizzard replied.
Just then Starlight returned with a par of ice blue skates, "Sorry it took me awhile to find them."
Lunarstar took them and quickly put them on. Then she stood up, wobbly her hind legs, "It's not as easy to stand as it looks."
Starlight smiled, "You''ll learn to stand on them soon."
Blizzard stood up but found he too had trouble keeping his hind legs from wobbling.
"Starlight do you mind teaching Blizzard too?" Lunarstar asked.
"Sure if he doesn't mind," Starlight answered.
"Sure," Blizzard replied, curious to find out how to skate on ice.
Lunarstar and Blizzard followed Patch to the ice but when they stepped on the ice they fell. Starlight turned and saw Lunarstar on top of Blizzard. She got off of him blushing, "Sorry."
Lunarstar stood up then Blizzard.
"Now what?" Lunarstar asked.
"Now you learn to move," Starlight answered.
"How?" Lunarstar asked.
Starlight spent an hours teaching them to ice skate but Lunarstar just couldn't do it. Blizzard managed to stand without falling. Lunarstar wobbled and was about to fall, she grabbed Blizzard keeping herself from falling. When she realized what she did, she let go blushing as her face turned red, "I'm sorry."
"It's ok," Blizzard replied, he actually liked having Lunarstar hanging onto him.
Blizzard looked around and saw everyone skating easily but he still hadn't learned to move or turn yet. He looked at Starlight with a blank look, "Skate, show me how you move, turn and stop."
"umm..ok," Starlight replied. she turned and skated around in front of them, then she stopped, turned and staked some more, then she skated up to Blizzard and stopped. He ad been watching very closely at her feet and boy when she moved.
He move his feet and slowly began moving, then he slowly turned, stopped and skated back to Starlight and Lunarstar.
"I think I understand it now," Blizzard remarked. He moved his feet and skated faster keeping up with everyone that was skating then he approached Lunarstar and stopped.
"It's quite obvious you know how to skate but I don't," Lunarstar told him.
Blizzard glanced at her friends on land who watched with interested, next to them was Blueberry looking a bit upset which made Blizzard feel strangely happy. He looked at Lunarstar, "I'll show you how."
Lunarstar and Starlight looked at him surprisingly.
"You will?...I mean you...really?" Lunarstar asked surprisingly.
Blizzard unknowingly smiled and stretch out his hoof, "Come." She held his hoof and he took off skating pulling Lunarstar with him.
Patch, Melody and Bright Eyes approached Starlight with surprised looks on their faces.
"Did I just imagine that?" Melody asked.
"He smiled," Patch added.
"I didn't think he knew how," Starlight replied.
"He obviously loves her," Bon Bon pointed out.
"And she loves him but they two are to blind to realize that," Melody exclaimed.
They continued skating while watching Blizzard teach Lunarstar who occasionally glanced at a very upset Blueberry.