Chapter 88: His first snow fall

It was early in the morning and the sun had barley began to rise. Not a sound in the forest could be heard. Inside the frost covered shack, Blizzard laid curled in a ball with his ice blue and white tail covering his face and a blanket over him. He was half asleep when he slowly began to feel the cold air creeping into the shack. Blizzard opened his eyes and sat up. The shack was cold, he could even see his breath as he breathed. Blizzard stood up and looked out the window, to his surprise it was snowing. He picked up on his hooded cloak and rewrapped his feet and left the shack. He stood watching the snow falling. He tried to look up but the snow kept falling into his eyes. He stood for sometime watching the snow fall. He had never seen snow before but he had seen snow when he turns into a cluster of snowflakes. He lived in a volcano when the snow melted from a distance.
When the sun started to rise, Blizzard realized he had better get to school. He walked into his shack and picked up his school bag. He looked at his cloak wondering if he should wear it. He felt warm with it on but Princess Luna might recognize his cloak. He reluctantly took it off and put his school bag around his neck. Then he left the shack and walked through the forest.

He left the forest and walked through the community of houses till he came to the park. He noticed several ponies wearing scarfs and cloaks.
"Maybe I should have worn mine," Blizzard thought.
"Hay Blizzard!" a familiar voice called.
He turned and saw Lunarstar coming towards him. She wore a purple and white scarf that matched her long purple hair. Her white coat seemed almost invisible in the heavy snow fall.
"What?" Lunarstar asked noticing his silent stare.
"N-nothing," Blizzard replied blinking a few times.
"Don't you have a scarf or hat or something to wear to keep warm?" Lunarstar asked.
"No, besides a scarf will just keep my neck warm and a hat will keep my ears warm, the rest of me will freeze," Blizzard replied feeling that it was best that he didn't wear his cloak after all.
"Lunarstar!" her friends called.
They hurried through the park and approached her.
"Isn't this great?" Patch exclaimed excitedly.
"Yes, it was quite a surprise when I woke up," Lunarstar replied.
Blizzard noticed the girls were each wearing a hat and scarf, some wore soft leg bands.
"Lunarstar, mom says the ground will be covered in snow by this evening, we could go sledding," Melody exclaimed excitedly.
"I don't know if I should," Lunarstar replied.
"Sledding?" Blizzard asked, wondering what it was.
"There's a hill not far from here, I hear that's the best place to go sledding," Bon Bon replied.
"So, are you going to sled with us?" Starlight asked.
"I'll be there but I'll have to ask my parents if I could sled," Lunarstar replied.
"Where is this...hill?" Blizzard asked.
"It's in the clearing. you can't miss it if your going to the beach," Patch replied.
"We better hurry to class or non of us will go sledding," Bright Eyes reminded them.
Blizzard followed the girls into school as he thought about what they were talking about.

During school the snow continued to fall heavily blanketing the land in soft white snow. By the time school was out, the ground was covered in snow. There wasn't a green stem of grass that could be seen. Blizzard was the last to leave school. As soon as he stepped in the snow he realized the snow was deep reaching up to his ankles and it was still snowing. He walked through the snow till he reached the community of houses. Some of the ponies were clearing the sidewalk, some just stood outside and watched the snow falling. Blizzard walked into the forest and discovered that it was deeper in some spots. He eventually made it to his shack and went inside. He sat his school bag down and left the shack.
He remembered what the girls said and he decided to go check it out. He turned and walked through the thick snow covered forest. The trees were bare and so were the bushes, the only thing that still had green on it were the pine trees. He walked in the deep snow till he heard a noise. Blizzard walked slowly while hiding behind each tree. When he came to a clearing he saw little ponies sledding down hill. It fascinated him to watch them going down hill and then climbing it only to go back down again.
It seemed odd to him that they would enjoy doing that. He looked around and noticed Lunarstar with her friends. Next to Lunarstar was Blueberry trying to get closer to her. It made Blizzard mad and wished Blueberry would stay away from her. He watched her smile and then followed him up the hill. He sat his sled down and then sat on the sled with Lunarstar behind him. Blueberry pushed with his feet making the sled move. Lunarstar held her breath as the sled went down the hill at a fast rate.
When the sled stopped, Lunarstar got off laughing and smiling.
"Want to try again?" Blueberry asked.
"No that's ok. I'll watch you," Lunarstar replied.
"Are you sure?" He asked.
"Yes," Lunarstar replied.
"Well, we would have gone faster if the snow was a little harder. You would have loved it," Blueberry replied, the he turned and ran up the hill.
"Hard huh?" Blizzard thought, "Lets see how fast you can really go," Blizzard turned into a cluster of snowflakes blending in with the falling snow.
He flew across the clearing causing a gust of wind and snow. The little ponies on the hill covered their faces, the others below the hill gasped at the strange gust of wind.
Blizzard flew turning the snow on the hill to ice, he continued to fly into the forest and reappeared as a pony when he felt he was out of sight. He walked to the snow covered sidewalk and through the crowed of ponies.
"Hi," Blizzard said.
Lunarstar turned and smiled, "You came. Did you see what happened?"
"No," Blizzard lied.
"It was like a small blizzard sweeping across the clearing," Patch exclaimed.
"That is not even possible," Bright Eyes replied.
"You saw it so tell me what it was then?" Patch asked.
"I don't know," Bright Eyes replied.
Blizzard stood next to Lunarstar and looked up the hill, "Isn't that Blueberry?"
"Yes it is. He took me on his sled a few minutes ago," Lunarstar replied.
They watched as Blueberry rode his sled, speeding down the hill like a rocket. The girls jumped out of the way as he past them and then slowly stopped. He stood up and faced the girls, "That hill is all ice!" He pulled the sled with a rope and hurried past the girls smiling, "This is cool. I got to tell my friends this tomorrow!"
Blizzard glared at him, his excitement over the icy hill wasn't what he had in mind.
"So that is sledding?" Blizzard asked after watching a few minutes.
Lunarstar looked at him surprisingly, "You didn't know?"
"No, I've never gone sledding," Blizzard replied.
"Maybe Blueberry will let you ride his?" Lunarstar suggested.
"No, that's ok. I just came to watch," Blizzard replied.
He stood next to Lunarstar till the sun began to set and soon he was the last pony to leave.
"What a strange way of having fun," Blizzard thought. He turned into a cluster of snowflakes and flew to the shack.