Chapter 87: A creature in the night

Night had fallen and Luna peaked out the window in the livingroom. Her pearly horn touched the window as she looked around. Her wings held the curtains backs. She looked at the sky and saw it was a full moon, shining bright with bright twinkling stars all around it.
"Luna," Starfire called to her.
Luna turned looking sadly at her glowing uncle, "You have to go?"
"Yes, I must get back to Dream Castle," Starfire answered.
Rosebud, Booster, Buster and Charades stood next to Starfire saying goodbye before he left.
"Buster, Charades, watch her for me," Starfire told them.
"Yes, Prince Starfire," Charades replied. He and Buster were also glowing
"Luna, take me to the Gate," Starfire told her.
Luna approached him sadly and lowered her head touching her glowing horn to his shoulder, then they winked out leaving sparking stars in their place.
They appeared by the Gate hearing the crickets in the open meadow. The glow from their bodies lit the darkness around them. Luna looked up at Starfire sadly, not wanting him to leave. Starfire lowered his head and rubbed her cheek to his.
"I'll see you again soon," Starfire whispered to her.
"When?" Luna asked.
"Probably not till after winter. It'll get to cold for me to fly here and see you. Be good while I'm gone, Luna," Starfire told him.
Luna force a fake smile, "I will. Be nice to Skyview for me."
Starfire smiled, "I'll try but I can't promise you that. He's just a natural born grouch and so much fun to pick on. Good bye Luna and you have better be going home too."
"Ok, Bye, see you soon," Luna replied then she winked out.
Starfire turned sadly and walked through the Gate. He was going to miss her, especially playing with her.

He appeared on the other side of the gate and was met by King Sea Mist's soldiers. Two soldiers stood on each side of the gate. A group sat behind and in front of the gate. The soldiers smiled and watched as he flew from the mountain. Starfire was happy to be flying again since he was hardly able to in the other world. The sky was even darker in his world than the other world. Below him was darkness, no street lights or porch lights on houses, just darkness. The wind blew making it easier for Starfire to fly without hardly flapping his wings. He wasn't in a hurry to get back to dream castle, he wanted to enjoy every minute in the air. As he flew, he looked around at the mountains in the distance and the trees rushing past him below, it wasn't till he glanced behind him that he noticed something very large was trailing him from a distance. He wasn't sure if it was following him or just happen to be going his way. To find out, he decided to make a detour to the right. He looked behind him and saw it was still following him. Starfire was starting to get worried, he turned left towards dream Castle and began flying a little faster. He hoped he could out fly the creature but it was keeping up with him. Starfire didn't know what it want or what it was since it was to dark to see it.
Then suddenly it fly faster passing Starfire and causing a great wind, knocking him out of the sky.
Starfire fell and landed in a tree on a thick branch. He slowly stood up feeling the scratches on his body from falling through the tree. He looked around but wasn't able to see anything. He flapped his wings and flew from the tree. He looked around hoping to see something moving or hear something but there was nothing there.
Starfire flew from the forest and went high into the sky thinking the creature was gone but when he looked back he saw something moving just above the tree tops. He flapped his wings faster and faster till he was like a blur through the sky but the creature was keeping up with him.
Starfire started to feel scared, he tried everything to loose it but couldn't. What was the large creature? Why was is after him? Where did it come from?
He flew as fast as he could not daring to look back but he could feel it's hot breath on his back legs. Then suddenly he felt the creature swing something at him almost knocking him out of the sky again but he was able to catch himself this time. Starfire looked around but he didn't see it.
Then suddenly he saw the large creature coming at him. Starfire ducked in the trees and flew carefully through the forest. He was sure the creature was still looking for him in the forest so he continued to hide in the forest till he reached Dream Castle.

When he saw Dream Castle, he went above the tree and flew as fast as he could hoping the large creature wasn't still following him. He flew over the castle wall and landed hard in the yard. The soldiers turned and looked at him with concern. Starfire was worn out from flying to hard and being scared didn't help either. He stood breathing heavily trying to catch his breath and resting his wings at his sides before going into the castle. Just then Skyview appeared in front of him, making him jump. Starfire looked at him angrily.
"Sorry, I didn't mean to," Skyview replied.
"It's impossible to sense you when your popping all over the place," Starfire tiredly said. He sat down and hung his wing to the ground still resting.
"What's wrong?" Skyview asked worriedly seeing how worn out Starfire was.
"I don't think I've flew so hard in my life," Starfire replied.
"What happened?" Skyview asked worriedly.
"Something is out there. Something big. I got to talk to Stardust about this," Starfire replied. He stood up and began walking but as he approached the steps, he suddenly felt his rear back leg stinging. He turned and saw a scratch on his leg.
Skyview lit his horn giving some light so he could see.
"What scratched you?" Skyview asked curiously.
"Something big," Starfire replied.
The blood from his scratch was dripping down his leg and onto the grass. The sting felt even worse now that he noticed it.
"You got to clean your leg first," Skyview told him, "Then you can talk to Stardust."
"Ok," Starfire replied and was about to walk up the steps..
"I'm not going to have you walk around the castle dripping blood on the floor. Hold still and I'll send you to the bathroom," Skyview lowered his head and touched his glowing horn on Starfire.

Skyview winked Starfire to the royal Bathroom, then he winked to the throne room.
"Why is he in the bathroom?" Stardust asked curiously once Skyview appeared.
"Something scratched his leg. He's taking care of it, then he will be down here," Skyview answered.
"What scratched him?" Royal Hear asked.
"He didn't really tell me,' Skyview answered.
The three of them waited in the throne room talking till Starfire walked into the room. He went down the long stairs, walked around the water fountain and stood before Stardust and Royal Heart. Skyview looked at his leg and saw that he had wrapped it.
"What happened?" Stardust asked noticing his leg.
"I was on my way home when something large was following me. I tried to loose it but it just kept up with me. It knocked me out of the sky and chased me," Starfire explained.
"Chased you?" Stardust asked surprisingly.
"Yes, I flew as fast as I could. I don't think I've flew that hard before. It swung at me and scratched my leg. I went into the forest and flew for home. I think I lost it when I got to the castle," Starfire explained.
"What was it?" Royal Heart asked curiously.
"I don't know. It was to dark to see it but I could tell is was very large," Starfire replied.
Stardust fell silent, he was thinking hard about something. Stardust wondered what he could be thinking about?
"Royal Heart, remember that storm when Luna stayed in our room?" Stardust asked her.
She smiled greatly, "Yes I do. How could I forget. I'd love having Luna with us."
"We were on the balcony and Luna said something about seeing some large creature fly by," Stardust reminded her.
"But that was just a large bird...wasn't it?" Royal Heart asked.
"It was no bird. Trust me," Starfire replied, "It tried to get me and almost did."
"Something large is out flying around at night. Royal Heart, I do not want you to go flying for awhile," Stardust told her
Royal Heart sighed sadly, "Alright." knowing he was right.
"At lest till I know what it is. Starfire I don't want you to be flying at night either," Stardust told him.
"What about going to see Luna at the gate?" Starfire asked.
"You'll have to stay at Moonlight castle till day break then return home or have Skyview take you home at night. I don't think the large creature could harm Skyview when he's a cloud," Stardust said, "Now give me an update on what's happening with Luna."
Starfire told him about Blueberry and the fight he had at the fair and talking to the ice blue pony.
"Poor Luna," Royal Heart said.
"It's best that it happened. I don't like to see her sad either but you know the rules, Royal Heart," Stardust told her.
"I know," Royal Heart replied.
"Starfire you weren't able to learn anything from the ice blue pony?" Stardust asked.
"No but I did see him do something strange. he was checking out a balloon and even asked me what makes it float," Starfire replied.
"Are you serious?" Stardust asked in disbelief.
"How could he not know?" Royal Heart asked.
"Stardust I gave my report, now I'm tired and ly leg is killing me," Stardust told him.
"Alright, Starfire. I'll see you in the morning. Goodnight," Stardust replied.
"Goodnight," Starfire replied, he turned and left as Royal Heart and Skyview said Goodnight. Starfire had a very long freighting night and all he wanted was to sleep.