Chapter 86: Blizzard's source of fear

Blizzard was sitting at his desk in school writing on his paper and looking at his book. He was concentrating in his math to notice the time. Just then Miss Hackney stood up from her desk and approached the class, "I want to remind you all about the fall festival and the big bonfire they'll have in the park. I would like you all to come with your parents so I can get a chance to meet them. There will be no homework tonight so enjoy the rest of the day."
Just then the bell rang and the little ponies quickly put their books in their desk and left. Blizzard wondered what Bonfire was. He never heard such a thing. She looked at Lunarstar and noticed that she was leaving. He really wanted to know but he knew his father would be angry with him for being so curious.
"He'll never know," Blizzard thought. He walked quickly and caught Lunarstar and her friends in the hallway.
"What's Bonfire?" Blizzard quickly asked Lunarstar.
She turned and smiled at him, "It's a huge fire that everyone gathers around to keep warm. It'll be fun. Are you going to be there?"
Blizzard looked at the floor. He didn't like the idea of going near the fire. He looked up at Lunarstar in her shinny purple eyes, "I...don't think I will." He could tell it made Lunarstar a little sad.
"Please?" Lunarstar begged, "I..uh..we'd love to see you there."
Blizzard looked at her smiled and couldn't resist saying no, "Ok, I'll be there." Then he walked past her and hurried back to his shack.

He walked through the community of houses and into the thick forest. In the distance between the trees he could see his shack in the shadows of the forest. He walked up to his shack, threw his school bag inside and laid down on the grass covered leaves. He rested on the ground as he thought about Lunarstar and how everyone will be there. He wondered if Princess Luna would be there? Maybe he could actually find her this time but the thought of a big fire worried him.

Later that night when the sun was almost gone, Blizzard stood up from the ground and left his shack. He walked through the thick forest and into the community of houses. He followed the sidewalk to the park. When he arrived the sun had disappeared, then he faintly noticed a large sign over the park entrance saying 'Fall Festival' Blizzard followed the other ponies that went in before him since he wasn't sure where to go. He walked from the sidewalk to a clearing not to far away. He saw flame torches standing up from the ground, next to them were canopy tents with food and other things they were selling. Some had games which attracted baby ponies. Blizzard stopped when he saw the large fire surrounded by medium size rocks. Around the fire sat ponies, some stood and talked others eat and walked around.
"Blizzard!" a familiar voice called to him.
Blizzard looked and saw Lunarstar and her friends calling to him. Blizzard wanted to go to them but the thought of being close to the fire scared him. Lunarstar stood up and approached him with a smiled, "Come and join us."
"I..I don't know...I mean the's," Blizzard paused not wanting to admit he was scared of the fire.
"What?..the fire? You won't catch on fire if that's what your worried," Lunarstar turned and pointed to several large buckets, "There's water in those buckets, they'll be used to put out the fire later." She turned and smiled at Blizzard with her shining purple eyes, "Please come and join me."
"Ok," Blizzard replied but was still worried about the fire.
He followed her to the fire where her friends sat waiting. On the other side were her parents whispering, behind them at another tent were Starfire wearing his black cloak, Buster and Charades.
Blizzard sat down next to Lunarstar staring at the fire worriedly. Just then Blueberry arrived with his parents and sat down next to Blizzard.
"Hi, Blizzard. I didn't think you would come," Blueberry remarked.
"Of corse I would come. Everyone is here," Blizzard replied.
"Hi, Lunarstar," Blueberry said to her smiling.
"Hi, I'm glad you could come," Lunarstar replied smiling at him.
As Lunarstar, Blueberry and her friends talked Blizzard stared at the fire remembering when he was little and his father blew fire at him, he almost caught Blizzard on fire. Blizzard leaned again the stone wall crying. He remembered several other times when he was punished for asking questions or trying to sneak out of the house. Blizzard looked at his feet remembering when the sparks from his father's fire burned patches of Blizzard's feet. He looked up and remembered his dream only it felt like a faint memory. He thought about being trapped in the fire and crying.
Suddenly, a spark flew out of the fire causing Blizzard to instantly jump. The girls looked at him surprisingly.
"What's wrong?" Starlight asked.
"N-nothing," Blizzard replied. He could feel his legs shaking and his heart racing from fright. Just then a pony threw a log in the fire causing more sparks to fly out. Blizzard jumped back remembering his father's fire and looking scared at the same time.
"Blizzard, those sparks can't touch you," Lunarstar told him.
"I know...I.." Blizzard paused not sure what else to tell her.
"What's wrong?" Lunarstar asked worriedly seeing a scared look in his eyes.
"Are you afraid of fire?" Blueberry asked surprisingly.
Blizzard didn't answer, he didn't want to tell anyone that he was scared to death of fire.
"I'm sorry, Lunarstar," Blizzard muttered, then he turned and left the bonfire. He walked far from the warmth of the fire to the cold air next to a tree.
Rosebud was watching and was worried about Blizzard. She stood up and walked up to Lunarstar's friends.
"What's wrong with him?
"We don't know," Patch replied.
"I think he's afraid of the bonfire," Blueberry guessed.
"I'll go talk to him," Rosebud proposed, then she left and walked up to Blizzard, "Hello, I'm Lunarstar's mother. May I ask you why your over here? It's to cold for you to be over here alone."
Blizzard sat and stared at the grass still thinking about the fire.
"Because I want to," Blizzard finally answered.
"Come and join us by the fire," Rosebud begged.
"No, I rather stay here," Blizzard replied.
Rosebud turned and left feeling disappointed that she couldn't help him. She walked up to Lunarstar and stopped.
"I tried but he won't come. I'm sorry," Rosebud told her then she continued walked to the other side and sat next to Booster. Starfire stood at a distance watching and wondering what was happening. He left Buster and Charades and approached Rosebud, "What's the mater with him?"
"I don't know. He was sitting by the fire calmly and then he jump and left. Blueberry thinks he's a afraid of the fire but I can't imagine why," Rosebud replied.
"I'll talk to him," Starfire replied, he left and approached Blizzard in the darkness.
"Hi, I remember you at the fair," Starfire commented.
Blizzard looked up at him and almost gasped, he couldn't believe it was Prince Starfire standing over him. He knew princess Luna was around but Blizzard refused to go near the fire.
"It's cold over here. Why don't you join us at the fire?" Starfire asked.
"No, I like it here," Blizzard relied.
"I seriously doubt that. It wouldn't have anything to do with you being afraid of the fire, would it?" Starfire asked curiously.
Blizzard looked at the fire and saw Lunarstar looking at him worriedly. He knew he wouldn't be able to search for Princess Luna while worrying over the fire. He stood up and face Starfire, "Yes, the fire scares me."
"Why?" Starfire asked.
"Lets just say I have bad experience with fire," Blizzard replied, then he turned and left heading back to his shack. He spent the rest of the night thinking about his father and his past.