Chapter 85:  Raspberry and Blueberry

It was morning and Raspberry laid in bed still asleep under her warm pink covers. She was in a deep comfortable sleep when her mother knocked loudly on the door, "Get up and come downstairs for breakfast, then go outside and help your brother."
Raspberry opened her eyes and yawned. She sat up in bed wondering what Blueberry need help with. She stretched her legs, then she stood up from her bed. She walked to her desk and took her pink brush. She walked to her window and opened the curtains, then looked outside as she brushed her long red silky hair. Under the tree was Blueberry raking the leaves in the misty morning. The fog was thick but she was still able to see him. The sun was starting to rise and it wouldn't be long till the fog disappeared. She loved the mist morning which only came around the fall season. It was her favorite time of the year where it wasn't to cold or to warm. When she was done, she sat the brush on her desk and left her room.
She walked down stairs and into the dinning room just as her mother laid a plate of eggs, bacon and toast on the table.
Raspberry sat down and ate quickly. She wanted to get outside before the sun destroyed the fog.

When she was done, she took her plate to the kitchen and sat it in the sink, then she left the house to her backyard. She noticed the rake leaning against the house and took it. She walked to join Blueberry and began raking.
"It's about time you got out of bed," Blueberry exclaimed.
"Just because you're an early bird that doesn't mean I am," Raspberry replied.
"Well I could have used your help earlier. This yard was covered in leaves," Blueberry told her.
Raspberry smiled at him, "I'm out here now and there's still the rest of the yard to rake."
Blueberry smiled at her and then continued raking. Blueberry went to the right side of the tree and raked while Raspberry took left side and raked.
They raked the yard in patches as the sun rose and the fog began to lift. They piled all the leaves under the tree till the pile was very high. Raspberry was on one side of the pile raking the last bit of leave onto the pile. She threw the small pile of leave to the top and continued doing it till her pile was done. Just then a pile of leave suddenly flew over the large pile and landed on her.
"See how you like that!" Blueberry yelled.
Raspberry shook the leaves off of her and then dropped her rake. She grabbed an arm full and threw it over the large pile, "This is how I feel about it!"
Blueberry walked around the pile covered in leaves as he held a pile of leaves in his arms. Raspberry prepared knowing what he was going to do. As he threw it on her, she grabbed a pile of leave and threw it at him. Before long they were throwing leaves at each other and then the two fell over their rakes and landed in the pile of leaves, laughing.
"We hadn't played together in a very long time," Blueberry told her.
"Yeah and it feels great, I don't want to stop," Raspberry replied.
"We're making the yard a mess though," Blueberry told her.
"We can clean it up later, lets just have fun together," Raspberry suggested, then she threw a pile of leaves at him, burying him in leaves.
For the rest of the day, they spent time together playing, raking and eating.