Chapter 81: Caught in a fight

It was in the afternoon and Luna in her earth form, walked into the ice cream shop where her friends sat talking.
"Lunarstar," Melody exclaimed.
"Hi guys," Luna replied.
"Have you heard about the fight?" Patch asked.
Luna stood next to them, "Blueberry and Blizzard fighting?"
"Yeah," Patch replied.
"I wonder what their fighting about?" Bon Bon asked curiously.
"I'd love to know and why didn't Blueberry tell me about it?" Luna asked.
"Maybe it's something he didn't want you to know?" Bon Bon guessed.
"That is obvious, Bon Bon," Melody replied.
"There's Raspberry, maybe we can ask her," Clover suggested.
Before anyone could say anything, Luna dashed out of the shop with her friends behind her.
"Raspberry!" Luna called.
Raspberry stopped and waited for her. Luna and her friend approached Raspberry unsure if she'll tell them anything.
"What's going on with Blueberry and Blizzard?" Luna asked.
Raspberry didn't answer at first.
"What's going on?" Starlight asked her.
"Alright but you didn't hear it from me. Blueberry is trying to keep Blizzard away from you," Raspberry replied.
"From me?" Luna asked surprisingly, "Why?"
"Go ask him," Raspberry answered.
"Why is he doing that?" Patch asked.
"I'm not sure. Just go ask him. You'll most likely find him with his friends or fighting with Blizzard," Raspberry replied then she continued walking.

Luna turned and ran into the park looking for Blueberry. She hoped he was playing with his friends but when she and her friends came the clearing on the hill, He wasn't their.
"Well, he's not here," Bright Eye observed.
"Where is he then?" Sweetheart asked.
"Lets search all over the park. Then we can search the town. I want to get to the bottom of this once and for all," Luna exclaimed then she turned and ran with her friends behind her. They ran all over the park and had worn themselves out looking. They walked along the trees by the sidewalk when they heard a noise, the girls stopped and listened. It sounded like someone fighting.
They left the sidewalk and ran through the trees to a clearing.
Luna and the girls suddenly stopped when they saw who it was that was fighting.
Blueberry and Blizzard were rolling in the grass fighting and hitting each other.
"You leave her alone!" Blueberry yelled angrily.
"I can see her anytime I like!" Blizzard yelled angrily, then he kicked him off. Blueberry and Blizzard stood up and ran at each other wrapping their front legs around each other and trying to knock the other down.
"She's my girls. I don't want you near her...Stoker!" Blueberry yelled.
"I can see her and talk to her anytime I like...Little Boy Blue!"
"Just admit your spying on Lunarstar all the time!" Blueberry yelled angrily.
"So what, That's non of your business!" Blizzard yelled.
Suddenly they lost their footing and fell over. When the boys stood up and was about to attack they suddenly noticed the group of girls watching is surprise.
Blueberry saw the streams of tears running down her cheeks, "Lunarstar!"
"I'm not a propriety you can own," Luna cried angrily as tears streamed down her check, "I thought you were my boyfriend, not someone you have to own. I don't want to talk to you again. Blizzard, I want you to stop spying on me!" Luna turned and ran with tears flew from her eyes.
"Lunarstar!" the two boys yelled but it was to late She had gone out of their sight.
"I hope you two are happy!" Melody exclaimed and then she turned and ran with the rest of her friends, "Lunarstar!"
Blizzard glared at him angrily and then he left hoping he could find Lunarstar. Blueberry left and followed the girls hoping he could explain his actions.

The girls searched all over the park with Blueberry's help but non of them could find her. They called for her name but she didn't answer. They left the park and searched the town but they still couldn't find her. The sun was setting and the girls wanted to see if she was alright but since they couldn't find her they started to get worried.
"Maybe she went home?" Clover suggested.
"Yeah, maybe she did," Patch agreed and they hurried through town towards the park. They ran through the park and was about the exit when they ran into Buster and Charades.
"Hi, girls," Charades replied, "Have you seen Lunarstar?"
"You mean she's not home?" Starlight asked.
"What happened to her?" Charades asked them worriedly, "Where is she?"
"Well Blueberry and..." Bright Eyes was suddenly interrupted.
"No, I'll explain since this was my fault. She caught me and Blizzard fighting over her. She heard....some things we said and then she ran off crying," Blueberry explained.
"What did you say?" Buster asked him.
Blueberry hung his head low feeling bad about what he had said, "Well, I...said she was my girl and....a few other things."
"And you girls searched everywhere?" Charades asked.
"Yes and there's no sign of her," Patch answered.
"I think I know where she's at," Charades replied at a suddenly thought he had, "Girls why don't you go home. You can talk to Lunarstar later."
"What about me?" Blueberry asked.
"Are you Blueberry?" Charades asked him.
"Go home," Charades calmly told him and then walked past them into the park.

Buster and Charades walked to the lake hoping she was there but they didn't see her.
"We got to find her or Prince Starfire will be very worried not to mentioned King Stardust," Buster exclaimed.
"I don't need to be reminded. Besides I was sure she would be here," Charades replied.
"Lets check her spot. Maybe she left tracks," Buster suggested.
"That's a good idea," Charades replied.
They hurried around the lake and walked through the thick trees and bushes till they came to the edge of the lake. They looked around for foot prints but there wasn't any. They turned and was about the leave when Charades spotted a long white tail sticking out from under the bushes. He knew that could only be one pony. They walked up to the bush and stopped.
"Lunarstar, I know your under the bush," Charades said.
The white tail was suddenly pulled under the bush.
"Lunarstar?" Buster called but all they heard was quiet sobbing. Buster and Charades lowered their heads and looked under the bush. Luna was laying on her stomach with her wings at her sides, her long white tail wrapped around her leg and her head partly covering her face with her horn pointing at him.
"Lunarstar, what happened?" Buster asked.
"They were fighting...Blueberry thinks he owns me....He's chasing Blizzard away and who knows what else....He didn't even tell me anything about this," Luna sobbed. She looked up at them with tears streaming down her face, "And Blizzard is spying on me."
"Lunarstar, come on out," Charades told her.
Luna was reluctant at first but then she changed into an earth pony and crawled out from under the bush. She wiped her tears dry with her front hoofs, "He can forget it if he's going to be like that."
"Sounds like those two boys likes you and were simply fighting over you," Charades told her.
Luna sat down and signed sadly, "I don't like it."
"Some boys are like that," Buster told her.
Luna stood up and looked at them, "I want to go home."
Buster and Charades walked up to her and stood on each side.
"Lets take you home then," Charades replied.
"You know, Prince Starfire will want to hear about this," Buster told her.
"I know and he'll be very happy that I'm not with Blueberry," Luna replied.
Buster and Charades looked at each other. They knew it was what Stardust wanted but it hurt them to see Luna so sad, "I didn't know Blueberry was so...different when I'm not around....I really liked him too."
Luna held her head low as tears began streaming down her face.
"We know...Princess. Why don't you talk to them tomorrow about the fight?" Buster asked.
"No, I don't want to talk to them," Luna replied angrily. She was mad at the boys and yet sad that she had lost Blueberry, "There is nothing to talk about. I heard all that they said."
Buster and Charades walked her out of the park in silence and through the community of houses. By the time they got home the sun was almost gone.