Chapter 80: Blueberry Vs. Blizzard

Blizzard left the forest and headed to the park. He knew the little ponies would be out playing since it was a sunny and cool day. He walked into the park and was quickly meet by Blueberry.
"What do you want?" Blizzard asked annoyingly.
"Just making sure you don't spy on Lunarstar today. She's my girl and I will keep her safe from harm," Blueberry replied.
"I don't plan to harm Lunarstar. Now leave me alone."
"I don't trust you. No one knows you or where your from. No one knows anything about you," Blueberry remarked.
"I would rather keep it that way too," Blizzard replied.
"You're a stranger who shouldn't be trusted," Blueberry replied, "And I don't like the way you follow Lunarstar around."
Blizzard flicked his tail at him and walked past him.
Blueberry stared at him angrily till Raspberry approached him.
"You two at it again?" Raspberry asked.
"I don't like it when he follows Lunarstar around like...a stoker," Blueberry replied, "I don't trust him."
Raspberry smiled at him, "Your just jealous."
Blueberry looked at her, "No I'm not."
"Oh....wait a minute...your scared....scared of losing her."
"No I'm not!" Blueberry yelled.
"I know you Blueberry. Just admit it," Raspberry exclaimed.
"Alright just a little bit but It still bothers me that he follows her around," Blueberry answered.
"He follows a lot of ponies, not just...her," Raspberry replied then she turned and left.
"He follows her more than anyone else."
Raspberry stopped and turned facing Blueberry, "You have better watch it or you just might Loose Lunarstar."
"And just what does that mean?" Blueberry asked.
"Don't get to over protected," Raspberry replied then she smiled, "just listen to us, I'm sounding like you and your sounding like me. In fact you've changed since you caught Blizzard watching Lunarstar."
"No I haven't!" Blueberry exclaimed.
"Yes you have," Raspberry replied then she turned and walked away from him.
"I haven't," Blueberry replied then he turned and left.

Blizzard walked along the sidewalk till he faintly heard ponies laughing. He left the sidewalk and went up a hill. He walked through the thick trees and stood behind a bush. To his surprise it was Lunarstar playing with her friends. She was being chased and kicking the ball.
Blizzard laid down behind a bush and watched her. Thoughts about Lunarstar raced through his mind. He remembered his dreams about her and the days he spent time with her. Just thinking about her made him feel at ease and happy.
The afternoon had went by till he decided he had better leave and search for Princess Luna. He stood up and quietly walked away. He left the bushed and came to the sidewalk when Blueberry spotted him from a distance. Blizzard walked away hoping Blueberry would ignore him but it never happened. Blueberry ran up to him, "I have warned you!"
"So what. your words are just hot air," Blizzard exclaimed angrily.
Blueberry didn't replied, he just attacked Blizzard and the two fell to the ground. They rolled around the grass as they kicked, bite and hit each other.
Ace, Teddy and Lancer arrived and quickly broke them up. One on each side of the three boys.
"What is going on?" Ace asked.
"Just trying to chase away a stoker," Blueberry exclaimed.
"I'm no stoker, Little Boy Blue," Blizzard exclaimed.
Teddy laughed but quickly stopped when he saw everyone glaring at him.
"Stoking who?" Lancer asked Blueberry.
Neither one of them wanted to say it fearing everyone would hear about it.
"Little Boy Blue is the one stoking me. I'm just minding my own business," Blizzard exclaimed, then he turned and walked away.
"I'm not Little Boy Blue...Stoker!" Blueberry yelled but Blizzard just ignored him.
Lancer noticed the icicles hanging on his coat and lightly touched it with his hoof, "how did you get icicles in the middle of summer?"
"Icicles?" Blueberry asked. He looked at his fur coat and saw half melted icicles. Then it accord to him that he felt cold all over.
"Are you ok?" Lancer asked noticing the surprised looked on his face.
"I'm cold," Blueberry replied.
The boys touched him and agreed that he indeed felt cold.
"How? I mean this is summer," Teddy asked.
"I don't know," Blueberry replied, "But I'm guessing Blizzard had something to do with me feeling cold."
"Why are you after him? Just who is he stoking?" Ace asked.
"I rather not say and I don't want you guys to tell anyone you found us fighting," Blueberry exclaimed.
"Ummm...ok then," Ace replied unsure as to what was going on.
"Well now that we found you, want to play soccer with us?" Teddy asked.
"Sure," Blueberry replied.

Blizzard continued to walk back to the shack to calm down.
"I would have put him on ice if his friends hadn't stuck their nose in it," Blizzard muttered. He stopped and turned looking at Blueberry, "This isn't over yet." Then he turned and continued walking.