Chapter 79:  Blueberry worries

It was morning and Blizzard was dreaming of himself as a baby pony surrounded by fire as he cried. Blizzard suddenly jumped awake. He quickly sat up on his blanket and rubbed his head as he thought about his dream. Why did he always dream the same dream? He wanted to tell father but he knew it would be a mistake if he did. He stood up and walked to the corner feeling tired and restless. He sat down and took his wrappings, then he wrapped each legs so non of the hairs on his feet was showing. Then he stood up and was about to leave the shack when he noticed ice on his bed. Blizzard sighed and continued out the door. He walked into the forest heading towards town. The birds were chirping loudly, flying among the trees. The wind blew slightly rustling the leaves. Shadows on the ground dances as the branches swayed.
Blizzard decided that today he was going to try and forget Lunarstar and spend the day searching for Princess Luna.
After walking through the thick forest he came to a sidewalk and followed it to town.

When he arrived town he walked among the crowds of ponies as he looked in every window for a young pony that looked similar to Princess Luna. He saw a lot of female ponies his size but he wasn't sure which one was Princess Luna. How was he going to find her? He didn't know much about her only what his father had told him. He walked till he came upon a jewelry store. He stopped and looked through the window and noticed a necklace with a plain gold charm on it. It looked similar to his. He looked at his pouch hanging on his golden necklace and wondered it the store keepers would know anything about his necklace. He walked through the door and looked at the rows jewelry behind glass displays. He stopped when he found the necklace similar to his.
"May I help you?" a dark green female pony asked with red hair.
Blizzard looked up at her wondering what he should say.
"Are you searching for something?" the dark green pony asked when she didn't get a response.
"I was wondering about something," Blizzard replied. He stood on his hind legs and took the pouch from his golden charm, "Have you ever seen this?"
The dark green pony leaned forward and stared at it, "No I haven't. May I see it closer?"
"I don't like to take it off," Blizzard replied.
", wait right here," the dark green pony replied, then she left him and hurried to the other end of the room. She walked up to a maroon male pony with yellow and orange hair. Then he followed her to Blizzard.
The maroon pony looked closely at the neckless and the sparkling diamonds.
"Where did you get that?" the maroon pony asked.
"," Blizzard wasn't sure where he got it. He had always worn it but someone must have given it to him, "It was given to me."
"Boy, are you aware that your necklace is real gold and the diamonds are real too," the maroon pony replied.
"So," Blizzard replied.
"So?!" they asked surprisingly.
"What your wearing is highly valuable, maybe even priceless. You can't just buy something like that," the maroon pony explained.
"Oh, so you have never seen this before?" Blizzard asked.
"No and believe me, I'd never forget it if I did," the maroon pony replied.
"You wouldn't want to sell it do you?" the dark green pony asked.
"No!" Blizzard exclaimed. He put it in his pouch and left the store, "What a waste that was."

He continued walking till he reached the edge of town and came to the ice cream shop. He suddenly felt his stomach rumbling at the thought of a shake. He walked inside and sat at a red booth. He glanced out the window and saw Lunarstar and Blueberry walking by. Blizzard stared at Lunarstar wishing he could spend another day with her.
"Excuse me, may I take your order?" a yellow pony asked.
"I'll take a vanilla shake."
"Ok, coming right up," the yellow pony turned and left. Blizzard turned and looked out the window for Lunarstar but she was gone. He wondered where she was going with Blueberry?
Blizzard was thinking about Lunarstar when he saw a family walk into the store. Three ponies sat at a table. The little pony sat in the middle.
"Well, what do you want?" The father asked.
"Dad, can I have the bandana split?"
"Yes you can," the father replied.
The parents smiled and rubbed their heads on their son. Blizzard suddenly turned his head when they caught him looking.
He stared blankly at the window thinking about his father and how he was nothing like the other fathers he's seen. He was very stern and was very strict with rules. His temper rose easily, especially when Blizzard was around.
"Your shake," the yellow pony told him.
Blizzard took his shake and sipped it through a thick straw. He glanced at the mother and wondered what his mother was like. Where is she? Who is she? Why won't father talk about her? The more he thought about his father the more he felt something was wrong. Why did he have to kill Princess Luna? He talked about her as if he knew her. Did she know him? Blizzard's mind raced with so many questions and thoughts that he forgot about searching for Princess Luna.

It was late in the evening till he realized how long he was in the ice scream shop. The yellow pony approached him with a worried look.
"Are you ok?" she asked, "You've been here all day staring out the window."
"I've been thinking," Blizzard replied. He stood up from his booth and left the shop. He walked to the park getting one last look at the ponies playing before heading back to the shack. He walked to a tree not far from the sidewalk and sat behind it watching a few ponies walking around.
Just then Lunarstar ran past him and was heading to the other exit. Blizzard stood up when he saw her. He walked to the sidewalk and stood watching her leave the park.
"Spying on her again?!" yelled a familiar voice.
Blizzard turned and sighed. It was Blueberry standing behind him with an upset look on his face.
"I haven't seen her all day," Blizzard replied then he turned and began walking.
"That's just a lie," Blueberry exclaimed, "I know you followed her all day, you always do. You've been fallowing her since you first got to school."
Blizzard turned and looked at him angrily and yet he was surprised that Blueberry was right. Just why did he follow her when he first got to school?
"She is my girl so bug out and go home," Blueberry exclaimed.
"I was minding my own business today till you came along. Now why don't you follow your own advise?" Blizzard exclaimed.
Blueberry stared angrily at him, "That is not an advise. I'm telling you."
"No one gives me orders but father. I'm warning you, if you don't leave me alone you'll be very sorry," Blizzard replied angrily as he tried to calm down.
"Just more threats," Blueberry replied.
"You'll think threats when I get through with you," Blizzard replied.
Just then Raspberry walked up to Blueberry and paused when she noticed two angry boys.
"Um...Blueberry it's getting late," Raspberry told him.
"I know," Blueberry replied.
"Blueberry are you coming?" Raspberry asked.
Blueberry ignored her and just eyed Blizzard.
"Don't make me tell dad," Raspberry warned him.
"I don't know what your up to but you leave her alone...Blizzard," Then he turned and left with Raspberry.
Blizzard stood and stared at him angrily as he walked away. He could feel anger run through his body. All he could think about was getting rid of Blueberry.
"Father did say to kill anyone that gets in my way. If he doesn't stay out of my way then he will be first to be killed instead of Princess Luna," Blizzard mumbled angrily then he turned and walked away.
He walked past two adult ponies ignoring their curious stares. Just then they slipped and fell. The two ponies look at the ground and saw it was solid ice. The male pony stood up and looked at the icy hoof prints lead by Blizzard as he walked.

By the time Blizzard reached his shack he had calmed down but still mad about Blueberry. He walked inside and took off his wrappings, then he laid on his blanket and fell fast asleep.