Chapter 78:  Just an old dream

Blizzard was in the ice cream shop sipping on his blue milkshake. He sat in a booth far from Lunarstar and Blueberry but close enough to watch them at another booth. He couldn't help but feel angry with Blueberry, without realizing it he started to turn his shake into ice. Blizzard caught himself before his shake turned completely to ice. Just the thought of Blueberry made him mad. He decided he had better leave before he turned anything else to ice. He stood up and left the ice cream shop. He walked into the park, watching ponies as he past them. He left the park and headed straight towards his shack.
When he finally reached his shack he sat on the cliff and watched the sun slowly inching towards the horizon till is was gone.

Night had fallen and Blizzard laid on his blanket resting his head on the pillow in the shack. He began to dream about being with Lunarstar in the meadow with her friend laughing and chasing the butterflies. The sun was shining brightly as a breeze came by. Lunarstar had a yellow and orange butterfly on her hoof, she held it up to Blizzard who just looked at it curiously. Lunarstar giggled, "Come on. lets chase them!"
He looked at her smile and shinny purple eyes. He couldn't resist saying no so he followed her around the meadow chasing the butterflies through the tall grass when he heard something. He turned to look when suddenly flames shot out at him completely covering everything. He was a baby pony wearing his golden necklace sitting in the snow crying as fire waved wildly all around him. He could do nothing but cry. The heat of the fire didn't touch him, the ground was burnt except for the ground he sat on.

Blizzard suddenly jumped awake and sat up leaning against the wall. He rubbed his face with his hooves as he tried to calm down, "not that dream again. I thought that dream was over with."
Blizzard stood up and left his bed. He took his cloak from the corner and put it on. He was about to leave the shack when he noticed his bed had turned to ice, "That's great I can't sleep in my bed. Father will be angry when he finds out that my dream has returned."
He left his shack and stood outside. He didn't feel tired, he felt mad but didn't know why. He decided to take a walk. He put his hood over his head and began walking. He left the shack and walked through the thick forest, till he came to the sidewalk. He left the forest and followed the sidewalk pondering on his dream. He didn't care where his feet took him nor did he care to search for Princess Luna, he just wanted to walk. He thought about the fire and why he was just sitting there. He wondered why he always woke up mad. He had so many thoughts and questions racing through his mind that he didn't realize he was walking to Lunarstar's house till he arrived there. He stopped and looked at her house wondering which window she was in. He knew she was sound asleep in one of the rooms.

He thought about the first day he came to school and the first time he saw her. He had noticed her playing in the park with her friend but now he finds her interesting and wanting to be with her more. He began to feel something strange towards her. He had felt it many times before but had always wondered what it was that he felt. As he stood in front of her house and pondered on it, he began to feel tired. His eyes were getting heavy, he didn't feel like walking and his body felt tired. He turned and left, walking back to his shack. He remembered when he went shopping with Lunarstar and trying on all the hats. He remembered his secret place and when he took her to his. he remember when she kissed him. He remembered the picnic he had with her and her friends.

When he reached the forest, he walked through it till he found his shack. He walked inside not bothering to take off his cloak. He laid on the hard floor across from his frozen bed and fell fast a sleep.