Chapter 77: Picnic with friends

It was morning and Luna was having breakfast with Starfire when the phone rang. Rosebud picked up the phone, a minute later she sat it on the table.
"Lunarstar, it's for you," Rosebud called.
Luna in her winged unicorn form took the last bite of her pancakes and hurried to the phone. She picked it up and held it to her ear.
"Lunarstar, it's Melody. We plan to have a picnic today by the lake. It's been a long time since we had one."
"I can bring the drinks," Luna proposed.
"Great, we were hoping you would. See you at the lake," Melody replied.
"Ok, I'll be there in a minute," Luna replied, "bye" then she hung up.
"Where are you going?" Starfire asked curiously.
"To the park at the lake. My friends are having a picnic," Luna replied.
Rosebud walked into the livingroom after what she had heard, "Are you going to bring anything?"
"Drinks," Luna replied.
"Well, I just bought a can of sodas. You could take that, I'll just have to go out and by some more," Rosebud replied.
"Thanks mom," Luna smiled. She winked out and appeared in her room. She grabbed her school bag from the bedside and winked back to the livingroom. She walked to the kitchen and went to the refrigerator. She opened it and took out a couple of packs, stuffing it in her bag. Then she left the kitchen and walked to the front door in the livingroom, "I'm going to the park. See you later!"
"Have fun and be careful!" Rosebud exclaimed.

Luna hurried out of the house but she couldn't run, the weight of the cans kept her from running. She eventually made it to the park and followed the sidewalk to the lake. Bon Bon and Clover were the first ones there setting a blanket on the grass.
"Lunarstar!" Clover cried happily.
Luna approached them from the sidewalk, "I got the drinks."
"The others should be here soon," Bon Bon replied.
After the blanket was laid on the grass, Patch and Bright Eyes approached them.
Patch carried the games in her bag. Bright Eyes carried a few books.
"Where's Starlight, Sweetheart and Melody?" Bright Eyes asked.
"They should be here any minute," Bon Bon answered.
Just then melody arrived with Starlight and Sweetheart followed close behind her.
"Now that everyone is here lets eat," Bon Bon exclaimed.
The girls gather around on the blanket and began taking out the food and drinks. Sweetheart past the sandwiches and chips. They ate and talked when the girls suddenly heard a snap from the bushes. The girls stood up and looked at the bushes next to them. They slowly inched towards the bush wondering who was spying on them. To their relief it was Blizzard. He had stepped on a swig making a snapping sound.
"Why are you spying on us?" Melody asked.
"Maybe he's hungry? Sweetheart suggested.
"Are you hungry?" Bright Eyes asked.
"Yes I am," Blizzard replied.
"You are welcome to join us," Starlight told him.
"No I'd rather not," Blizzard replied.
Luna smiled at him, "please?"
Blizzard looked at her and simply couldn't resist. She was alone with the girl and no Blueberry in sight, "Alright then."
The girls took him back to the blanket and handed him a sandwich. Luna continued to eat hers while catching herself glancing at him. The girls smiled almost laughing when they was Luna and Blizzard glancing at each other.
When everyone was done, Bon Bon took out her fudge marble cake with white swirly icing designs on it. She cut the cakes in several small pieces, then everyone took a slice and began eating it.
"This is good, Bon Bon!" Luna exclaimed.
"Yeah, you should have you own bakery store," Starlight suggested.
"I want to be a model though," Bon Bon replied.
"You can be both," Bright Eyes replied.
"How?" Bon Bon asked.
"You don't have to be at the store just because you own it," Starlight explained.
Bon Bon smiled, "So what should I call my store?"
"Bon Bon's bakery?" Clover asked.
"Bon Bon's cakes," Sweetheart suggested.
"Sweet store," Patch suggested.
"Bakery store?" Luna suggested.
"The Cake Shop," Blizzard suddenly said.
The girls looked at him, non of them expected him to say anything.
"I love it," Bon Bon replied.
"The cake shop...short and sweet," Clover replied.
The girls suddenly laughed.
"It's sweet alright," Starlight replied.
Blizzard took another slice of cake and put a hoof full in his mouth. The girls looked at him and laughed even more. His cheeks puffed out as he tried to eat the large piece of cake. He swallowed then looked curiously at the girls.
"Sorry, Blizzard, you looked funny," Patch replied still giggling.

They spent all day talking and enjoying their company with Blizzard when Luna noticed the sun was setting.
Luna stood up from the blanket, "I got to go. It's almost time for me to get home."
"Ok, see you tomorrow," Patch replied. The girls said their goodbye as she left.
"I should be going too. Thanks for the food," Then he stood up and followed Luna.
"I thinks he really likes Lunarstar," Melody commented.
"I noticed Lunarstar looking at him a lot," Bright Eyes added.
"Seems to me they like each other and neither one will say anything," Starlight guessed.
"Maybe we can help them?" Sweetheart suggested.
"But she has Blueberry," Patch pointed out.
"What a pickle she's in," Clover remarked.

Luna was heading towards the park exit when Blizzard ran up to her.
"Umm...mind if I walk you home?" Blizzard asked.
Luna smiled greatly. She loved his company and wished she could be with him more often, "Yes, I''d like that."
Blizzard walked side by side with her all the way to her house. Luna thanked him and went into the house.
"That didn't look like Blueberry," Charades told her.
"No it isn't. It was Blizzard. He's just a friend and I haven't seen Blueberry all day," Luna exclaimed annoyingly.
"I was just asking. I haven't seen that pony before," Charades replied, "Relax Lunarstar. I'm not going to luxer you on what you already know."
"Sorry,' Luna replied feeling bad about her sudden outburst.
luna changed back to a winged unicorn and eat dinner with her parents, Starfire, buster and Charades telling everyone what she and her friends had did today.