Chapter 74:  Two alone at the fair

The sun was setting, only a sliver of the sun was left, turning the sky orange, pink and purple.
Luna in her winged unicorn form sat at the dinning room table with her Parents, Buster, Charades and Starfire eating spaghetti.
"The fair is done setting up," Luna exclaimed excitedly.
"It should be, they spent four days on it," Booster replied.
"It should open tomorrow," Rosebud added.
"I went by it today. It looks quite big," Buster remarked.
"it'll be our first time at the fair," Charades added.
"I haven't seen it yet. Maybe I'll go out and take a look tonight," Starfire suggested.
"Oh, let me go with you," Luna begged.
"No, you were told not to go out at night. It's still not safe for you at night," Starfire quickly answered.
"But...I haven't seen that Ice Blue pony since that one night," Luna replied, "If it's not safe for me then it shouldn't be safe for you either."
"I know but I came with you for a reason, Luna," Starfire replied.
"To catch the ice blue pony?" Luna asked.
"Yes that's too but I'm mainly here to talk to that pony. To find out all I can about that ice blue pony. Stardust recently learned from King Sea Mist that the ice blue pony takes orders from his father. Stardust wants to know who his father is and why would his father order his son to kill another pony?" Starfire answered.
"Why does his father want Lunarstar dead?" Booster asked.
"I plan to ask him that," Starfire replied.

After dinner Buster and Charades said their goodbyes and left the house. Starfire said his goodbyes and left the house through the kitchen. The sun had disappeared leaving the sky very dark with only the moon and star as his light. He flapped his wings and flew from the yard to the forest. He flew just above the tree tops looking for the fair that Luna had described to him the other day. He knew it was just outside of town but where? He continued flying around till he saw a round Farris Wheel that sat higher than a tent. He flew to the Farris Wheel checking out the large structure. He landed on the grass and walked around. He saw closed concession stands, tents, tables, a stage for a band and lots of rides. He had not seen rides like it before, he wondered if it'll be fun to have a fair in his world.
He poked his head in some of the tents and saw nothing interesting, some have a few boxes of deflated balloons, some had tables and benches.
He continued walking the rows of concession stands and games till he came upon more rides. He noticed one of them was a merry-go-round with large wild cats, deer and other animal on it. One of the rides was round with tall walls around it. Curious as to what it looked like behind the wall, he flapped his wings and peaked over the tall wall. There were places to stand with straps hanging on the wall.
"What kind of ride is this?" Starfire thought.
He landed on the grass and continued walking looking at everything that he past.
"I can't wait till it opens it's going to be so much fun," Starfire thought.
He walked from the rides towards the tents. He knew what everything else was except for the tents. What was the purpose in having tents? As he walked closer to the orange and striped yellow tents he suddenly realized there was someone else at the fair. He hid next to a concession stand and watched, to his surprise it was the ice blue pony wearing his dark blue hooded cloak. What fascinated Starfire more was that the pony seemed to be playing with a balloon that was tied to the tent. It took Starfire a while to realize the pony wasn't just playing with the balloon he was fascinated with it as if he had never seen one before.
"That odd. Hasn't he ever seen one before?" Starfire thought.
He continued to watch the pony pull the balloon down and then let it rise. Then he held the balloon and tried to see inside as if he was wondering what was making the balloon rise. He even hit the balloon and watched it float back into place. He was so interested in the balloon that he didn't noticed Starfire walking towards him.
Starfire stopped and stood a few feet behind him.
"That's a balloon," Starfire told him.
The ice blue pony jumped and turned around, shocked to see Starfire behind him.
"That's a balloon," Starfire said again.
"A...balloon?" the Blizzard asked curiously, "What's inside it?" he had seen balloons before at the dance party but they weren't floating.
"helium which makes the balloon rise," Starfire answered. He couldn't believe he was talking to him about a balloon.
It took Blizzard a few minutes to remember why he came to this world in the first place. He slowly backed away from Starfire, then with a deep breath he blew ice darts at him.
Starfire jumps back just barley missing his hooves.
"Why are you after Princess Luna?" Starfire quickly asked.
"You should know that by know," Blizzard answered.
"Why does your father want her dead?" Starfire asked again.
"I don't know and I don't dare to ask him either. I am to do what he orders me to do and that's to kill Princess Luna," Blizzard answered.
"Fathers shouldn't ask their sons to do such a thing," Starfire remarked.
"Why don't you mind your own business!" Blizzard exclaimed, then suddenly he blew more ice darts at him.
Starfire ran, quickly dodging the darts. Blizzard ran after him hoping to chase him back to the Princess.
Starfire continued dodging the icy darts as he ran through the maze of concession stands. When he thought he had lost him, he stopped and rested. Suddenly an icy dart came flying at him but it was to late to dodge it. The icy dart hit one of his large feathers on his wing. Starfire looked and was relieved that it only hit his feather.
"Where is she or I won't miss next time," Blizzard warned him.
"I won't tell you. I love my niece to much to see anything happen to her," Starfire answered.
Just as Blizzard was about to blow more icy darts at him, Starfire tugged on his feather plucking his off from his wings. Then he ran just as the darts hit the side of the concession stand. Blizzard turned and ran after Starfire but soon lost him. Just then Starfire flew by him from the air hoping to knock Blizzard off his feet.
Blizzard fell but still keeping Starfire in his sights. He turned into a cluster of snowflakes and flew after Starfire.
Before Starfire realized what was happening, A cluster of snowflakes flew around him like a violent blizzard. His wings quickly became ice and he could no long stay in the air. When the cluster of snowflakes left him, he fell like a rock and landing on one of the tents.
He slowly got to his feet and felt that his wings hanging from his sides, heavy with ice. He looked up and saw the cluster of snowflakes taking form. He ran from Blizzard till he was sure he had lost him. Starfire hid in one of the tents thinking of a way to sneak out of the fair grounds without the ice blue pony seeing him. He turned his head and looked at his cold frozen wings. He tried to lift them but they were to heavy to hold up. The cold from the ice was staring to trickle up his back and sides. He peaked though the racks of the tent entrance and saw the ice blue pony. He remembered when Stardust had rammed into Skyview at Woodlock knocking him out. He wondered if he could do the same, he knew he wouldn't throw the ice blue pony very far but he hoped it would buy him time to escape. Starfire suddenly dashed out of the tent and rammed his head into the Blizzard's side, knocking his against a concession stand. Blizzard dropped to the ground from hitting his head. The impact had temporarily knocked him out.
Starfire was about to take a step towards him when a flashlight was suddenly shining on him. Starfire looked and saw a dark green pony with blue, purple and white hair, he was obviously shocked at the sight of seeing a Pegasus.
Starfire turned and ran not wanting to take the chance of being seen by another worker.
The dark green pony walked up to Blizzard and shook him awake. Blizzard slowly stood on his feet feeling the pain he got from hitting the side of the concession stand. He looked around but didn't see Starfire only the shocked worker.
"That-that was a real Pegasus wasn't it?" The worker asked shockingly.
"You don't believe what your eyes saw?" Blizzard asked, "If I were you I wouldn't tell a soul about what you saw." Then he turned into a cluster of snowflakes and flew from the fairgrounds.
The worker was stunned at what he just saw and wondered if he was only dreaming. Just them a golden yellow pony with red and white hair approached him carrying a black feather.
"This place is a mess. There are large icicles all over the place," He held up the black feather to the shocked worker, "I found this feather embedded in one of the icicles sticking to the sides of the concession stand," He paused for a minute looking at the feather, "This would look great with my hat tomorrow. Maybe This feather will attract the little ponies so I can sell more balloons." It took him a few minutes to realize the worker wasn't talking to him, "What's wrong?"
"I just saw..A black Pegasus who's wings were covered in ice. Then I saw another pony that turned into snowflakes," The dark green pony replied.
"Umm...are you ok?" The golden pony asked in disbelief.
"It's true. That black feather belongs to the black Pegasus."
"Come on, ponies that turn into snowflakes and fly?" you must have been sleep walking and only thought you saw them," The golden pony exclaimed, "Now lets get to bed. We got a lot of cleaning to do tomorrow."
"How do you explain the feather?"
"Some large bird dropped it," The golden pony replied.
"And the ice?" the dark green pony asked.
"A strange and very short hail storm. Now lets get to bed before the boss finds us out here."
The two ponies began walking through the fairground back to their trailers.