Chapter 72: Returning with Starfire

It was in the afternoon and Luna was packing her stuff in her bag when Royal Heart came to her room to check on her.
"Luna, are you done yet?" Royal Heart asked as she walked in. Her diamond covered tiara and golden collar sparkled in the sunlight that shined through the windows.
"Almost done," Luna replied, putting a book in her bag.
Royal Heart walked to the bed where Luna was packing, "Hurry, Luna. Skyview will be back any minute for you."
When Luna had finished she turned and smiled, "Done. I'm ready to go."
Royal Heart giggled, then she reached and took Luna's silver collar off her neck, "Are you forgetting something?"
"I'm sorry, I forgot I had it on," Luna replied.
Royal Heart place the silver collar on the silk green pillow that sat on the dresser.
"Lets hurry outside with Starfire," Royal Heart told her. She turned and left the room with Luna at her side.

Once they were outside, Luna saw Starfire without his golden collar on, waiting for her.
"Where's your collar?" Luna asked curiously.
"In my room. Luna, I'm going with you so I don't need the collar."
"Your going to the other world with me?" Luna asked surprisingly.
"Of course. I got to talk to the ice blue pony so I'll be with you for a month," Starfire replied.
Luna smiled greatly but then she remembered he could walk among ponies in the other world. There's a great chance that he could catch her with Blueberry.
"Luna, lets play til Skyview gets back," Starfire proposed.
"Play?" Luna asked, "I thought we were going to sit here and wait?"
"I'll fall asleep sitting here waiting," Starfire replied.
Luna smiled greatly, she took her bag from her neck and sat it next to her mother, "What do you want to play?"
Starfire walked closer to her, "We can play tag. Now here's the rules, No flying, no unicorn magic and stay off the castle walls. Don't go inside. We're to stay in the front yard," Then he tapped her on the should with his large hair hoof, "your it." He smiled and ran from her.
Luna smiled and ran after him.
Royal Heart watched them chase each other. She laughed when Starfire tripped and Luna ran into him.

Time had flew by when Starfire felt Skyview was close. He stopped and turned towards Luna, "Playtime is over. Skyview is coming."
"How did you know?" Luna asked.
"I can feel him coming," Starfire answered.
She had forgotten that her uncles can also sense each other. They stopped playing and stood next to Royal Heart.
"Starfire, are you tired of play?" Royal Heart asked surprisingly.
He looked at her and smiled, "No, I'm not. I just sensed Skyview coming. He should be here any second."
A few minutes later Skyview returned in a cloud form but quickly returned to his pony form.
"I'm going to bed as soon as I get home," Skyview said.
Royal Heart laughed, "I don't blame you. After taking, Buster, Charades and Stardust, you must be getting tired."
"I am," Skyview replied, he looked at Luna and smiled, "Are you ready to go?"
"Yes I am," Luna replied as she hung her bag around her neck. Royal Heart lowered her head and rubbed cheeks with Luna, "I'll miss you. It's not the same around here without you."
"Bye, mom," Luna whispered. Then she leg go and smiled at Skyview who lowered his horn touching hers. Then they turned into a cloud and flew from the ground. Starfire flapped his wings and flew as fast as he could to catch up with Skyview.

They flew for hours and didn't reach Moony Mountain till sunset. They landed at the gate where Stardust, Buster, Charades and a group of soldiers stood waiting. Starfire landed next to Skyview as he and Luna turned back into ponies.
"Dad!" Luna exclaimed. She hadn't seen him since breakfast.
Stardust carefully lowered his head will making sure he didn't drop his golden crown. Luna nuzzled his muscular shoulder.
"Sorry I hadn't seen you all day. I had to get things taken care of for Starfire's absence," Stardust explained.
Luna stood back and looked at Skyview, he had always taken her back and forth between the gate and Dream Castle. She wondered if he was getting tired of it. Was he going to be doing that for a long time?
Skyview sat on the grass while waiting for the sun to set. He stretched his back legs out and closed his eyes, resting.
"Skyview, are you ok?" Luna asked him.
Skyview looked up at her and saw the curious looks on his brother's faces, even Buster and Charades looked at him strangely.
"I'm tired Luna. I've been going back and forth all day," Skyview replied.
"Oh," Luna replied.
Skyview smiled and his bother smiled at her.

When the sun had disappeared and the full moon shined brightly, The gate suddenly opened.
Luna stood next to her father anxious to see her adopted parents. She followed her father through the gate with Starfire, Skyview, Buster and Charades, along with five soldiers behind them.
When Luna arrived in the other world, she was surprised to see her adopted parents waiting for her. They were carrying flashlights but when Luna and her family came through the gate, the area suddenly lit up with their glowing coats.
"Mom, Dad!" Luna cried and hurried to them. She stood for a minute hugging them.
"I missed you," Luna muttered.
"So did we," Booster replied.
"Did you have a good time?" Rosebud asked.
"Yes, I did," Luna replied.
"Well, you can tell us all about it when we get home," Booster told her.
Luna smiled and turned to find her father and uncles who stood watching her.
"Luna, we have to be going," Stardust told her.
Luna walked up to him, "So soon?"
Stardust pointed at Skyview, "He's so tired he could sleep standing up."
Luna looked at him and saw how tired he was looking, "Oh."
Stardust stood on his hind legs and so did Luna, then the two hugged each other.
"I'll miss you, Luna. Be good while I'm gone," Stardust told her.
Luna rubbed her head against his black fur coat with her eyes closed, "I will."
"Remember what I said about Blueberry."
"I haven't forgotten," Luna muttered.
She let go and walked over to Skyview, hugging him.
"Goodbye Luna. I'll see you when the gate opens again," Skyview told her.
"I'll miss you,"Luna replied.
They let go and stood on their four feet.
"Starfire, be careful if you meet that ice blue pony. I wouldn't want a popsicle for a brother," Skyview exclaimed.
Starfire glared at him, "Oh, you was love that wouldn't you?"
Skyview grinned, "See you in a month. Bye." He turned and walked through the gate.
"Booster, I hope you don't mind if I leave Starfire with you. I'm still after that ice blue pony," Stardust told him.
"We love having him over," Booster replied.
"What's happening with that ice blue pony?" Rosebud asked.
"Well he hasn't been seen since he was caught at Moonlight castle," Stardust answered.
"He was caught?" Luna asked surprisingly.
"Yes he was. He escaped before I could get the Moonlight Castle. Luna, I'm sure he's still after you that is why I'm sending Starfire with you," Stardust replied.
"I do know the ice blue pony still goes through the gate," Starfire added.
"Well, I better be going, Bye everyone," Stardust said. Then he turned and left with the soldiers behind him.
"Well, I think we're going back to the apartment," Charades suddenly said once the last soldier walked through the Gate.
"Why don't you two have dinner with us?" Rosebud asked.
"You haven't eaten dinner yet?" Charades asked.
"We thought, we would wait till Luna and you two return," Rosebud answered.
"I'm tired and ready to go to bed so I'm going to head back to the apartment," Buster remarked.
"I wouldn't mind having dinner," Charades replied.
"I'll see you in the morning then. Goodnight," Buster replied and then he left the group.
"I'm hungry," Starfire suddenly said, "Dinner sounds great."
"Ok, lets go back to my house then," Booster replied. He turned from the gate and began walking with Rosebud and Luna at his side. Starfire and Charades walked behind them.