Chapter 71: Teriney's anger

Morning came and Blizzard woke up from his deep sleep. He stood up and yawned. The morning sun was shining through the window in the shack forcing him to wake up more.
"I have better go see father," Blizzard thought. He walked to the corner of the shack, picked up his dark blue cloak and put it on his back. He left the shack, yawning. The shadows danced on his ice blue coat as the sun peaked through the tree tops.
He walked to the cliff and stared at the sun rising above the ocean.
"Those soldiers will probably be at the gate too," Blizzard suddenly remembered.
He put his hood over his head, covering his face in darkness, then he turned into a cluster of snowflakes and flew from the cliff.

He flew over the trees and landed in front of the Gate. He bolted into a run and ran through the gate surprising the soldiers on the other side. Before the soldiers could throw nets on him, he turned into a cluster of snowflake and flew from the mountain. He flew all morning till he saw Dream Castle in the distance. Suddenly he remembered Teriney's words, 'I want something beside your stupid excuses!'
Blizzard landed in the forest, returning to his pony form. He was far from the castle but close to a village near. The village was medium size with a row of houses, a sidewalk and a street that stopped at the last house. A few of the houses had a fence around their yards.
"I can't go home without some sort of proof," Blizzard thought.
He stood and looked at the village as he thought of something he could bring to Teriney. As he sat and thought, a couple of birds flew around the trees chasing each other, one of the birds dropped a feather. Blizzard watched as it landed next to him. He reached with his hoof and picked it up.
"Of course. That's what I'll to find a white pegasus," Blizzard thought. He dropped the feather and left the forest. When he was close to the village, suddenly he remembered what Teriney had told him. He was wanted in ever kingdom. Blizzard turned into a cluster of snowflake and flew along the grass to the closest yard. He flew through the cracks of the white fence and appeared in his pony form behind the fence. He laid in the grass watching ponies walking along the sidewalk some even played ball in the street.
He looked across the street and noticed a white pegasus with red, yellow, green and white hair watering her flowers in her back yard. Blizzard turned into a cluster of snowflakes and flew across the street unnoticed. He flew to the back yard and followed the white pegasus to a patch of flowers. Blizzard returned to his pony form and reached for her wings. He quickly plucked a feather from her. The white pegasus yelled and turned just as Blizzard blew ice in her face, then he turned into a cluster of snowflakes and flew out of the house. The white pegasus rubbed her cold icy face and looked around but he was gone.
"W-who or what was that?" the white pegasus thought. She flapped her wings trying to shake the pain away, "And why did they only want my feather?"

Blizzard flew from the village and hurried toward the mountains. He flew fast over trees, lakes and other villages. When he flew over Paradise Estate he knew he was close to home. A few mountains away was Volcano of Gloom. He landed on the cliff, returning to his pony form. He held the large white feather up, "Father won't know the difference." he put the feather under his cloak and began walking through the tunnel.
He left the dark tunnel and walked on the stone steps over the lava. He hurried to the stone house and walked inside.
"I'm home!" Blizzard yelled.
"In here!" Teriney yelled.
Blizzard followed the voice to a wooden double door, to his surprise it wasn't locked like it usually was. He opened the door to a medium size room. Around the walls were bookcases filled with old and dusty books. A torch sat on a tall stand lighting up the room. It was the first time Blizzard had been in the room. Teriney sat at a square table looking at an old book.
"I've returned," Blizzard muttered.
Teriney turned and looked at Blizzard with his golden cat like eyes. He didn't say anything at first which worried Blizzard.
"I've been waiting for you," Teriney replied. He stood up from his chair and walked towards Blizzard, "I heard you were caught."
Blizzard stared at him worriedly wondering what Teriney was going to do to him.
"Just what did I tell you about getting caught!" Teriney yelled angrily.
"I-I-I uhhh," Blizzard stuttered trying to answer but forgot what he was going to say.
"Did you tell King Sea Mist anything?!" Teriney yelled angrily. Smoke began to blow from his nose. Blizzard stood against the door in fear.
Suddenly Teriney blew fire at him. Blizzard dropped to the floor to avoid the fire.
"I taught you how to use your powers and how to keep from getting caught, how to sneak around unnoticed. Have you learned nothing?!" Teriney yelled angrily.
Blizzard crawled against the wall covering his face with his front legs, scared that Teriney will breath fire at him again.
"I have told you never to get yourself caught and you did anyways. You went against my orders!" Teriney yelled angrily, "You almost ruined everything."
"S-sorry. Soldiers surprised me at the gate," Blizzard replied.
"King Sea Mist soldiers?" Teriney asked.
"Y-yes," Blizzard replied fearfully.
"No doubt it must be King Stardust's doing as well."
"I got here without them catching me," Blizzard muttered.
"So you did," Teriney replied, then he suddenly noticed a white feather sticking out of Blizzard's cloak. Teriney grabbed the feather and held it up, "Where did you get this?"
Blizzard took a peak and saw the feather in Teriney's hooves.
"That's Princess Luna's feather," Blizzard quickly answered, "I chased her, trying to kill her but she escaped leaving that feather behind." Blizzard hoped his lie would save him from Teriney's fiery breath.
"Interesting," Teriney replied, "This is her feather?" He looked at Blizzard angrily, "I said to bring her horn, not her feather!"
"I-I tried," Blizzard fearfully replied.
Teriney dropped the feather and put a hoof on Blizzard's chest, pinning him to the stony floor. Blizzard could feel his weight on him. He never felt a pony so heavy before, it was almost crushing him, "I had better not hear you've been captured again or you'll be severely punished for it."
"No...Fa-Teriney. I've learned my lesson last time," Blizzard replied.
"You have better not tell others about me or my name. I don't want anyone knowing I'm here!" Teriney yelled angrily, "I'll be furious if that happened."
"," Blizzard whispered trying to breath, "I swear I..won't.
Teriney took his hoof off, letting Blizzard stand and cough, then took a deep breath.
"This is taken to long, Blizzard. You should have killed Princess Luna by now," Teriney remarked. He turned and sat back at the table.
"I can't help it. She's a flying unicorn and I haven't..." Blizzard paused, almost blowing his big lie, "I haven't...seen her much. She winks out and disappears for a long time. With Skyview around, it's almost impossible to get to her."
"She could be a bit harder to kill than I thought. Stop wasting time in the other world. Now get out!"

Blizzard turned and left the room. He ran down the hall and outside. He hurried over the lava and ran through the tunnel, collapsing on the cliff.
"That was close," Blizzard thought, "That feather saved me." Blizzard breathed heavily till he caught his breath, then he stood up, watching the sun set, "Why does he want her dead? What did he mean by, 'You almost ruined everything' ?
"Ruined what?" Blizzard thought.
He could feel something wasn't right about his father and he had no choice but to follow his orders. He turned into a cluster of snowflake and flew back to the Gate.