Chapter 70: Stormy night with my parents

Luna was sound asleep when she heard thunder echoing through her room. Luna jump awake and immediately saw lightning through her light purple curtains. The rain beat heavily on her windows like tinny pebbles. Her balcony was soak at the rain poured heavily. It was too dark to see the rain or anything else, it wasn't till the lightning flashed across the dark clouds that she got a gimps of the rain.
Suddenly, there was another loud thunder, echoing across the sky. She could almost feel the vibrations from the thunder. Luna covered her head and shock from fright.

On the other side of the castle, Royal Heart cuddled close to Stardust on the bed under the green covers as they listed to the rain and thunder.
"Luna got a lot of presents for her birthday," Royal Heart commented.
"She spent most of the day playing with them."
Royal Heart laughed, "Poor Skyview and Starfire felt left out today."
Stardust laughed. Royal Heart looked up at him, "She made a lot of friends though. What ever you told her seem to have changed her a bit."
Stardust smiled, "Most of the boys seems to like her. Who do you think would make a great husband for her?"
"I don't know. Has she picked a boy yet?" Royal Heart asked.
"She seems to have gotten rather friendly with Prince Skybloom," Stardust replied.
"But she didn't tell you anything?"
Royal Heart sighed sadly, "I was hoping we wouldn't have to pick for her."
"I know. She still has till her next birthday."
"What about that one pony..Blue...something."
"Blueberry?" Stardust asked.
"Yes, is she still with him?"
"According to Charades, he caught her kissing him. she'll have to give him up by her next birthday or I will force her to," Stardust replied, "But I hope I won't have to."
They laid in bed silently listening to the storm when suddenly Luna appeared just as the lightning lit up the sky.
Royal Heart jumped at the sudden appearance.
"Luna," Stardust exclaimed surprisingly, then he noticed her worried look, "What's wrong?"
Just then the thunder rang through the sky, echoing in the room. Luna jumped and climbed on the bed.
Stardust and Royal Heart was forced to separate as Luna laid between them.
"Scared of the thunder?" Royal Heart asked.
"It's just a storm, Luna," Stardust remarked.
"I know but...We're so high in the castle," Luna replied.
Royal Heart stroke her white mane, "The thunder is loud and the lightning is quite pretty to watch."
Luna turned her head and looked at the balcony, "Has the lightning ever stuck the castle?"
"A few times but it was quickly repaired," Stardust replied.
"But that is rare, Luna," Royal Heart added.
"Why don't you go back to bed now?" Stardust asked her.
Luna looked at him sadly, "Can't I stay for the night?"
"I don't mind," Royal Heart replied.
"Alright but just this once," Stardust replied.
Luna smiled greatly and laid her head on their pillow.
"Luna, what did you think of the boys at your party?" Stardust asked.
"Oh, they were nice," Luna looked at her father, "We talked about everything."
"Oh?" Royal Heart asked, "Any particular boy you like more?"
Luna fell silent, she knew what her parents was up to. She thought of Blueberry and the times she had fun with him. For a few minutes she thought about Blizzard and the time she spent with him.
"Luna?" Stardust called to her.
Luna shook the thought of Blizzard out of her head, "No, I...I like them all."
As they talked Royal Heart noticed the sudden silence.
"Stardust, the storm is gone!" Royal Heart exclaimed happily. She climbed out of bed and hurried to the balcony with Stardust and Luna behind her.
"I love the fresh smell after it rains," Royal Heart muttered with her eyes closed.
Stardust and Luna took a deep breath.
"I'm glad it finally stopped," Stardust turned and looked at Luna, "Are you still with Blueberry?"
Luna sighed sadly, she knew this was coming, "Yes."
Royal Heart stoked her mane, "You can't be with him. He's got another life in the other world Luna."
"Luna, you can't ask Blueberry to live here and rule," Stardust told her.
"Why?" Luna asked.
"We've been through this already. I shouldn't even have to tell you," Stardust replied.
"But..." Luna began to say.
"And might I point out that he doesn't even know the real you," Stardust added.
Luna sighed sadly, she knew her father was right. Blueberry didn't know she's a winged unicorn, she doesn't even know what would happen if he ever found out.
"You got till your 16th birthday to drop him and find a Prince," Stardust replied.
"Or I'm afraid we will choose for you," Royal Heart added.
"I know," Luna muttered sadly.
Stardust smiled at her, "that doesn't mean you can't be friends with him."
Luna forced a fake smile but she still didn't like the idea of braking up with him.
Royal Heart nuzzled her forehead, "I'm sure everything will turn out ok. Just wait and see."

Luna smiled and looked at the sky with her parents.
"Dad, do you remember my 14th birthday?"
"I sure do," Stardust replied, "It was a party I'll never forget."
"To bad I wasn't there," Royal Heart remarked.
Luna looked down sadly, "It was just shortly after my birthday that...Star Cluster..." Luna paused as a tear fell down her cheek.
"I know Luna," Stardust replied nuzzling her forehead, "But he had a great time at your birthday. I don't remember seeing him so happy. It has been a very long time since he played with any of us."
Luna felt a few more tears fall from her cheek.
"Did he really change?" Royal Heart asked.
"Yes he did. He was still the grouchy Star Cluster like Skyview but playful like Starfire and loved Luna a lot," Stardust replied.
Royal Heart looked at the clouds with a calm face, "to bad he didn't return with you. I might have forgiven him."
As Stardust and Royal Heart stood staring at the stars peaking through the clouds, Luna looked at the landscape and trees as she thought of Star Cluster. The half moon was slowly appearing from behind the dark cloud giving a small among of light to the land. Suddenly she saw something very large and dark flying just inches above the tree tops. She wiped her tears away and looked again but it was to fast to see what it was. All she could see was a large dark creature with very large wings.
"I thinks we better get to bed," Stardust proposed as he yawned.
"Mom, Dad. Did you see that?"
"See what?" Royal Heart asked.
"Something huge flew by," Luna answered.
"I didn't see anything nor did I feel anything," Stardust replied.
"I didn't either," Royal Heart agreed.
"It was just above those trees," Luna pointed.
"I'm sorry, Luna, we weren't looking," Royal Heart told her.
Stardust yawned, "I'm sure it was a large bird or something. Come on it's time for bed."
Luna looked one last time for the creature but there was nothing in the darkness moving.
Was she so upset that she imagined it? Was it a large bird like her father said or was there something out there lurking in the darkness? She no longer thought about Blueberry, her mind was fill with questions and worry about the strange creature she saw. She couldn't help but feel she'll one day meet that large creature.

"Luna!" Royal Heart called to her.
Luna turned from the marble railing and hurried to her parents bed. Her mother slept in the middle cuddling next to Stardust while Luna slept next to her mother hugging her white coat. Luna continued to think about the large creature till she found herself fast asleep with her parents.