Chapter 6: Curious about Soccor

Luna sat at her desk in school looking at the clock waiting for the bell to ring any minute.
"Don't forget to take your home work with you," Miss Hackney quickly said sitting at her desk.
Suddenly the bell rang and everyone grabbed their school work and put it in their school bag and left school. Ace and Blueberry stayed behind to catch Blizzard as he gathered his school work.
"Blizzard," Ace exclaimed.
Blizzard looked up from his school bag.
"Are you going to the soccer game later today?" Ace asked.
Luna and the girls joined them at Blizzard's desk.
"I forgot it was today," Patch cried as she suddenly remembered.
"Are you girls going?" Blueberry asked.
"I am," Luna quickly answered.
"Me too," Bon Bon added.
The girls all agreed that they were going. Blizzard had no idea what they were talking about.
"Well, Blizzard are you going?" Ace asked.
"What's soccer?" Blizzard asked curiously.
Everyone looked at him surprisingly.
"Are you serious?" Blueberry asked, "You don't know?"
"Everyone knows what soccer is. You must live in a whole in the ground not to know," Ace exclaimed.
"Soccer is a black and white ball," Blueberry replied, "Oh Ace, Patch, we better go and get ready for the game."
Patch and Ace followed him out the door.
"We better go too," the girls added and left.
Luna smiled at Blizzard, "Are you going to be there?"
Blizzard looked at her purple eyes and long shinny purple hair.
"Yes, I'll be there. It's sounds interesting," Blizzard answered.
"Great, I'll see you there then," Luna turned and left the class room.
"It sounds interesting? I can't believe I said that out loud. This world is starting to affect me. I need to find the Princess quickly," Blizzard thought.

Luna ran out of school and quickly joined her friends in the park.
"Lunarstar, do you like Blizzard or something?" Melody asked.
"No, I...just thought...we could be friends or something," Luna replied.
"Are you sure?" Starlight asked smiling, "You're the only one who seems to talk to him more often."
"I have Blueberry. Blizzard is just lonely. You guys should try and talk to him more often."
"We tried and hardly get anything out of him," Bright Eyes replied.
"That's better than nothing. Just wait and see, he'll open up to you guys too," Luna smiled, "I got to hurry home. Bye!" Luna bolted into a run anxious to get home and tell her parents about the soccer game. As she ran she thought about what her friends said. Did she really like him? He was a pretty pony, his hair was bright ice blue and white, his eyes matched his hair color. Luna suddenly shook the thought of her head.
"No, I have Blueberry. He's so sweet and nice," Luna thought.

Blizzard left the school thinking about the soccer game. He walked to the park and hid behind the bushes and trees in the darkness. He looked around and saw no one then he turned into a cluster of snow flakes. He flew from the park to the shack, then returned to his pony form and walked inside the shack. He sat down and took out his school work. He took out his book and papers, setting them on the floor in the sunlight. He listened to the birds chirping, forgetting about the game while he quickly finished his school work.
"Now to find out where the soccer game is and what it and white ball, that doesn't tell me anything," Blizzard groaned.

Later that day Luna, her parents, Buster and Charades walked to the field behind the school. There were small groups of ponies heading towards the game. They walked to the bleachers and up to the top where there was still a few seats left. Luna sat down between her parents as she looked for Blueberry. She scanned the field and the teams that sat on the bleachers. She watched as more ponies continued to arrive. After a few minutes she spotted him at the base of the bleacher talking to Raspberry.
"I'll be right back," Luna told her parents.
Luna stood up and walked down the bleachers to the grass. She hurried over to Blueberry as she walked around other ponies.
"Well look who it is," Raspberry exclaimed looking at Luna, "Your girl friend."
"Knock it off Raspberry," Blueberry told her.
Raspberry smirked at him.
"You can tell everyone if you want but they already know Luna's my girl," Blueberry exclaimed.
Raspberry glared at him then turned and walked to the bleachers.
Blueberry turned towards Luna and smiled, "I'm sorry about that. I think she's a little jealous. I'm glad you could come, I was starting to worry."
Luna smiled, "I wouldn't miss your game."

Blizzard arrived at the bleachers and stood next to them looking at the field. He saw many soccer players each team wore a different colored leg band.
"So this is a big event," Blizzard thought looking at the number of ponies. Suddenly he saw Luna and Blueberry near the team's bench talking. They smiled and talked for awhile, then Blueberry nuzzled Luna on the cheek and left. Blizzard felt slightly upset even though he didn't know why. Luna turned and walked back to the bleachers. When she noticed Blizzard standing there watching she stopped and smiled at him, "You came!"
"I said I was," Blizzard replied.
"Oh, well, I didn't think I'd see you here," Luna replied.
"What is soccer?" Blizzard asked.
"You really don't know?" Luna asked.
"I wouldn't be asking if I knew," Blizzard replied.
"Well, each team kicks the ball to the goal and score a point," Luna pointed to the scoreboard, "It'll show a number up there. The ponies at the goal are goalie and they have to get the ball past them to score. Just watch the game and you'll understand better. I got to go the game will start any minute," Luna left Blizzard and hurried up the bleachers towards her parents. She turned and sat down between them.
"Who was that blue pony?" Charades asked curiously staring at Blizzard.
"Blueberry?" Luna asked.
"No, the other one."
"Oh, that's Blizzard he's the new pony in school I told you about awhile back."
"Is he part of the team players?" Buster asked.
"No, he isn't."
"Why does he wear those leg wrappings then?" Buster asked.
"I don't know. I'll have to ask him sometime," Luna answered. She had not noticed his leg wrappings. It never even accord to her to ask. Luna felt bit embarrassed, how could she be so blind not to notice his leg wrappings?

When the game started Blizzard stood and watch with fascination. He saw ponies running from one end of the field to the other kicking the ball. Ponies on the bleachers cheered.
"What is so interesting about this game? It seems pointless to me," Blizzard thought.
He continued to watch till the game was over.
"What a pointless game," Blizzard thought, he turned and walked from the field towards the park, "This world is to strange."