Chapter 69: What boys thinks of me.

After awhile Luna wanted to sit and rest from dancing with her uncles. She walked up to the thrones and sat down next to her mother.
"Did you enjoy dancing?" Royal Heart asked.
"Yes, it was fun but now I'm tired."
Stardust chuckled and smiled at her, "Why don't you go and talk to the boys?"
"Talk to them?" Luna asked not really liking the idea.
"Yes, the Princes from many different kingdoms came here for you party. The lest you could do is go say hi to them," Stardust suggested.
"Ok," Luna replied nervously.
She left her parents and walked towards the boys who stood in a small group at the second pillar by the water fountain. Luna walked around the crowed of ponies dancing and approached the boys. Some wore small golden crowns, some even wore a golden necklace and the rest did not. Luna felt nervous, she wasn't sure what she would say to them. Most of the boys she had never seen before but there was a few she recognized.
"Hello," the dark green pony said, "remember me? I'm Prince Skybloom. My sister...umm...caused some trouble at your last party."
"I haven't forgotten," Luna replied.
"What happened?" a yellow prince asked wearing a crown.
"My sister tripped the cooks and the cake he was holding flew and hit...Princess Luna," Prince Skybloom explained.
Luna felt embarrassed just hearing about it. The boys looked at her and saw how uncomfortable she looked.
The boys smiled at her and began to introduce themselfs. Luna quickly forgot their names just as quickly as it was told to her.
"Thank you for inviting us," a light peach prince said.
"Yes, thank you," a light blue pony added and soon all the boys began thanking her.
"So your 15 now?" a light purple prince asked, he wore a crown on his head.
"Yes I am."
"oh...You'll get crowned on your next birthday. That'll be exciting," a yellow prince exclaimed, "I can't wait for mine which should be in a few months."
"You're 15 too?" Luna asked surprisingly.
Luna looked at the light purple pony curiously, "And when did you get yours?"
"A year ago when I turned 16."
"Oh, so everyone gets theirs when they turn 16?" Luna asked.
"Yes," the dark pink prince answered, "Didn't you know that?"
"Umm...sort of," Luna replied feeling embarrassed. She looked at the boys with crowns and saw each one was different, "So the crowns won't all look the same?"
The boys looked at her suspiciously as if they couldn't believe she was asking that question.
"Each Kingdoms has their own design for the crowns," The purple prince answered.
"Oh, so what would mine look like then?" Luna asked.
The boys continued giving Luna a suspicious look.
"Don't you know?" the yellow prince asked, "your not allowed to see it before your crowning, no one is except for your parents. No one will know what it will look like till your crowning."
"Oh," Luna replied feeling even more embarrassed. She now knew why her parents wouldn't let her see her crown.
"I thought everyone knew that," the green prince replied.
Luna glanced at the water fountain and saw the sea ponies talking to a few royal ponies, some were playing in the water, "umm...would you excuse me. I...ummm...haven't meet the sea ponies yet." Luna quickly left them and walked to the water fountain.
"I think we chased her away," Prince Skybloom muttered.
The boys stood and continued to watch her.

Luna walked up to the water fountain where a white sea pony waited to great her.
"Hello Princess Luna and happy birthday."
"Thank you," Luna smiled nervously as she continued to stare at the sea pony. The head looked normal but her white body was very different. Her rainbow hair stretched to her large fines. She used her curly tail to balance herself in the water.
"Is something wrong?" the sea pony asked noticing her suddenly stare.
"Oh, I'm sorry, this is my second time meeting a sea pony. I just...uh...your..umm, interesting," Luna shyly answered. To her surprise the sea pony smiled.
"That's ok, I get those look from baby ponies when they first see us. My name is Whirlwind."
Luna smiled and looked at the other sea ponies playing behind her. It took her a few minutes to realize they were all girls.
"Umm, are all of you here, girls?" Luna asked curiously.
"So are they're any boys?"
"Yes there are. They don't like showing themselves, so if you see one you can count yourself very lucky," Whirlwind replied.
"I'd love to meet one someday," Luna told her.
"Well maybe you will someday," Whirlwind replied smiling.
"Hay whirlwind, come join us!" another sea pony yelled.
"Sorry, got to go. It's was an honor to meet you. Bye," Then she turned and swam back to her friends.
Luna turned from the water fountain and saw the cook filling glasses. She felt thirsty just looking at them. She walked past the tables as ponies greeted her. She walked up to the long table full of glasses.
"What's in those?" Luna asked a light pink male pony.
"Some glasses are filled with punch and some are fill with water," the pony smiled at her, "Princess, why don't you try some?"
Luna grabbed the punch and quickly drank it, then she sat it on the table, "Oh, that was good."
"Thank you. I'm glad you like it."

Luna stood and looked around. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Some sat at the tables and talked, some danced. She noticed the boys looking at her and whispering. It made Luna wonder what they were whispering about? Did they like her? or did they think she was strange? The more she thought about it the more she got worried.
"I got to know," Luna thought, "but how?"
They were all boys and she knew they would never tell her if she asked them. She would have to disguise herself as a boy.
She walked around the table and past the cooks. She walked far from the party till she was sure no one could see her. Then she hid behind a large pillar and thought of a boy to turn into. She had seen many boys in town every time she walked through it, any of them would be perfect. She picked a boy and then made her horn glow, then her body began to glow. She shrank a little and her feet became hairy, her coat turned light plum color, her hair shrank, turning Turquoise and maroon. Her eyes turned maroon. When the glow had disappeared she had turned into a boy pony.
"Now to find out what everyone keeps whispering about," Luna thought.
She was about to take a step from the pillar when she realized her collar was hanging around her neck. She pulled her collar off and laid is on the floor, then she continued walking back to the party.

She walked past a few pillars till she saw the boys standing and talking. She cautiously approached them.
"Hello," Luna said, her voice had changed as well, she no longer sounded like a girl.
"Hi, May I ask who you are?" Prince Skybloom asked.
"I'm...umm, I'm Blueberry," Luna replied, "I saw you guys talking to Princess Luna."
"Yes we were but she left," Prince Skybloom answered.
"Rather quickly too," another prince added.
"I think we embarrassed her though," the light purple prince exclaimed.
"Why?" the light peach pony asked, "There was nothing to be embarrassed about.
"All those questions she asked, she didn't know nothing, I'm sure she was embarrassed about that," the yellow princes guessed.
"I'm sure that's what it was," Luna suddenly said, "She didn't know nothing and everyone knew but her. That would back her feel bad."
"Oh, I guess it would," The light peach replied.
"Being the only winged unicorn alive would probably have a lot to do with it too," the light blue prince added.
"I noticed everyone whispering about her. What do they say?" Luna asked.
"Oh, just that she's real. All white and that she is a flying unicorn. She's hardly seen, the only time you can see her is in town or at her party. They say she leaves Dream Castle for a while but no one know where she goes," Prince Skybloom answered.
"Oh, is that all they say?" Luna asked curiously.
"Well a few other things too," a light purple pony replied.
"We were talking about her shortly before you got here. She's suppose to have a fiance before her next birthday, her parents will choose one of us," The light Peach told her.
Luna gasped, she couldn't begin to think of marring one of them. As they continued to talk, Stardust approached them smiling, "Hello, Princes," Then he looked at Luna with a serious face, "I need to talk to...him."
"Oh, uhh..ok," the boys replied.

Luna signed knowing she was in trouble. She turned from the boys and followed Stardust from the party. They walk a few pillar away not knowing Prince Skybloom was secretly following them.
Stardust stopped behind a large pillar and looked at Luna, "Change back immediately and you have better have a good explanation about this."
Luna had forgotten that her father could sense her. Luna's body began to glow, then she grew a bit, her hair turned white and long, her body turned white while her wings appeared, on her head appeared a pearly horn. when she stopped glowing she had returned to her normal self. She looked up at her father worriedly, "I'm sorry but..I wanted to know what they thought of me."
"Luna, something things are best not knowing," Stardust told her.
"But dad. Everyone whispers about me or stares suspiciously at me. I...I don't like it. I...," Luna paused, "I just wish I was normal like them. No one would stare at me or whisper things about me. I wouldn't be the only one of my kind...I just..." Luna paused not sure what else to say.
"Just want to fit in?" Stardust asked.
"Yes," Luna replied sadly.
"Luna, your specially and you should be very proud of that."
"I don't want to be special. I want to be normal."
"Normal?" Stardust asked.
"You know, like one of them. an earth pony or something, someone who don't stick out in a crowed."
To Luna's surprise, Stardust smiled at her, "But you are normal. Being yourself is normal. Portending to be or want to be someone else is not normal and your more likely to stick out more. Trust me Luna, don't be anyone but yourself."
Luna looked at him sadly, his words didn't help.
"I remember Skyview and Starfire wanted the same thing, they wanted to be like every male, normal without a horn or wings. When they were little they tried everything to be like everyone else to fit in. Skyview even tried to hind his horn under a hat and Starfire tried to hide his wings. Mom and Dad grounded them for a week, they weren't allowed to fly or used unicorn magic."
"What happened after that?" Luna asked curiously.
"They discovered they couldn't last a few days without flying or using unicorn magic. Starfire loves to fly and Skyview loves to use his power to get around easier. Dad pointed out the things they loved to do and if they were normal they wouldn't be able to do those things. Skyview and Starfire discovered trying to be like everyone else only made them feel worse but being themselves made them happier."
"Really?" Luna asked curiously, "I like them as they are now."
"So do I and everyone will agree with you. That is one of the reason why Skyview will never wear a hat," Stardust replied, "Luna, do you like flying?"
"I love to fly," Luna replied smiling.
"How about winking from one place to another or using your horn to read in the dark or Portending to be a ghost and scare Raspberry and her brother a few years back?"
Luna smiled, "Yes, I love doing those things, especial scaring Raspberry."
"Well those things would never happened if you were like everyone else. You wouldn't even be closer to your friends. They share your special secret which I'm sure makes them feel special," Stardust pointed out.
Luna sighed sadly, she had not even thought of those things. She enjoyed doing those things. She knew her father was right, she never felt closer to her friend till the day they found out she was the ghost of Ponyland.
"I didn't think of that before," Luna replied.
"Do you really want to be like everyone else, not being special but looking up to the one you wish you were?" Stardust asked, "I hear it all the time, ponies look up to you, they wish they were you or wondered what it would be like to be you. Luna, you are the luckiest pony around and I'm proud to be your father. I love you just the way you are," Stardust said. He lowered his head and rubbed her cheek.
"I'm sorry. Your right," Luna replied.
Stardust pulled away and smiled at her.
"I spent so much time wanting to hide and not being noticed that I didn't think about the things I enjoyed doing, the things no one could do. I would miss doing all those things if I was like everyone else."
"Skyview and Starfire had thought of those things too and it made them realize that too, just don't ask them about it. They don't like to remember that time, it was embarrassing to them. Besides Skyview and Starfire are the first of their kind so they would know how you feel," Stardust told her.
Luna looked at Stardust surprisingly, "They are?...I mean...I.."
"You didn't think of it before?" Stardust guessed.
"Yes, I never thought about it," Luna replied.
"Well, lets get back to your party, I still haven't gotten a chance to dance with my little girl."
Luna smiled at him, "I'm not as little as I was a few years back."
"No your not but you'll always be my little girl no mater how big you get."
"Thanks dad," she took a step and began to follow him when suddenly remembered something, "Wait I forgot something."
Luna turned and walked to the wall, picked up her collar and slipped it on, then she hurried to her father's side, "I forgot my collar."

They walked past a few pillars toward the party. They walked to the dance floor and began dancing with each other. Ponies looked at them an smiled.
Prince Skybloom returned to the group of boys, still surprised about what he had heard.
"Well?" The boys asked.
"What happened to him?" the light purple prince asked.
"Well...umm," Prince Skybloom replied not sure how to tell them or if he should, "They talked for a while."
"And where is he now?" the yellow prince asked.
"He's...dancing with King Stardust."
The boys looked but all they saw was Luna dancing with her father.
"That's Princess Luna, not Blueberry," the light peach prince exclaimed.
"She changed from Blueberry to herself," Prince Skybloom replied.
"What?" The boys asked not sure what he was talking about.
"Have heard Princess Luna can shapeshift?," Prince Skybloom asked.
"Yes but I thought they were making it up," the light blue prince answered.
"I saw her change. She can really change and look like anyone."
The boys gasped.
"And she was here...she heard everything we said," the yellow prince exclaimed.
Prince Skybloom smiled, "Don't worry. Let me tell you what happened and then maybe you'll understand her better."

Prince Skybloom spend the rest of the evening telling the boys what he heard and saw while Luna spent time dancing with her father and uncles.
Before the party was over the boys eventually learned what it was like to be different. They approached Luna at the cook's table and started talking and soon they became friends with her.