Chapter 68:  15th birthday

Luna was on her bed working on her school work when she heard a noise outside. She closed her book and climbed off her bed and walked to her balcony. She leaned over the railing and saw an army of soldiers in silver armor, marching into the yard. In front of them was a royal family that Luna had never seen before. She was curious as to what was going. Who were they? Why did they come? two of the soldiers carried a gray and purple flag, it was clear that was their royal colors. She stood and continued watching as Banner greeted them at the castle steps. Her silver jeweled collar sparkled in the sunlight catching the royal family's attention. Just then another group of soldiers walked through the castle gates, lead be another royal family. Luna knew something was going on and she had to find out. She turned from the railing and walked past her bed to her door. She walked down the hall and was about to reach the stairs when Skyview suddenly appeared in front of her catching her by surprise.
"Skyview!...What's going on?" Luna asked, "Why are they all here?"
"You'll find out soon, just stay in your room and your parents will come and get you," Skyview answered.
"Luna, please. I promise you'll know soon."
"Ok," Luna replied then she turned and walked back to her room. She was disappointed that she didn't find out. Questions continued running through her head. Why wouldn't he tell her? What was he keeping from her?

She went to her room and sat on her bed thinking about the two royal families that arrived and Skyview's strange behavior. She opened her school book and tried to do her school work but she couldn't concentrate, her mind was fill with questions and curiosity. She closed the book and walked to the balcony and leaned on the railing. She watched royal families and soldiers as they continued to arrive.
She could hear the sounds of soldiers muttering and hoof steps. The castle wall had not only her father's soldiers but other soldiers from other kingdoms. Just then a small army of Flutter ponies arrived. Luna smiled and waved at King Arrow Heart and Queen Calla Lilly as they flew by but they didn't say anything only smiled at her.
The male flutter ponies scattered around the wall while King Arrow Heart and Queen Calla Lilly landed at the steps and followed a royal Family inside the castle.
Luna wondered if her parents was having an important meeting and they didn't want her in the way. When the sun began to set, the last royal family finally arrived.

Stardust and Royal Heart walked into Luna's room and saw her curiously watching the soldiers.
"Luna," Royal Heart called to her.
Luna smiled greatly, she turned and hurried to them. She was happy to finally see them and she quickly hugged them.
"I hardly seen you two for two days.
"I'm sorry Luna but we had something important to do," Stardust replied.
Luna let go and looked up at him curiously, "Like what?"
Stardust and Royal Heart looked at each other. Luna was getting worried at the sudden silence they were giving each other.
"I don't see why we can't tell her now," Royal Heart finally replied, then she walked to Luna's dresser and picked up the white brush.
"Did you know a special day for you?" Stardust asked.
"special?" Luna asked as she pondered in his question. She thought hard but couldn't think of anything that would make today so special.
Royal Heart brushed Luna's long white mane till all the tangle were straightened.
"You don't remember?" Royal Heart asked.
Royal Heart then brushed Luna's long white tail and then her fluffy white feathered wings.
"What is it then?" Luna asked after a while.
Stardust smiled, "It's your birthday, Luna."
Luna gasped, "My...birthday? but it can't be, that not for..."
"Luna today is your birthday. Your adopted parents used to celebrate it on the day they found you," Stardust explained.
"Oh," Luna exclaimed, "I'm not used to celebrate my real birthday."
Her parents laughed and then nuzzled her cheek.
"Well today you are 15 and our birthday girl has a big party to get to," Stardust smiled at her.
Luna smiled greatly, she now understood all the arrival of the royal families and why she hadn't seen her parents for two days.
"You planned my birthday party?" Luna asked.
"Yes, we couldn't have you here while we got ponies decorating the castle," Royal Heart explained.
"Come on Luna, you don't want to be late for your birthday," Stardust told her.
"Is it in the ballroom?" Luna asked.
"No, not this time. There are more royal families than your last party. Even the sea ponies came and with all the little ponies that came I thought it was best to have it in the throne room," Stardust replied.
"In there?" Luna asked.
"Of course. We only have parties in the throne room for special occasions and our little girl's birthday is special to us," Royal Heart replied.
They quickly left her room and walked through the hall towards the stairs.

Once they reached the bottom steps Luna saw Banner in silver armor with a green cape over his back, he stood in front of the steps and nodded his head.
"Banner, did you know today is my birthday?" Luna asked him.
Banner smiled, "Yes I did. Happy birthday Princess Luna."
Luna smiled, "Thank you," Then she turned and followed her parents down a long hallway towards the throne room. Luna suddenly stopped at the doors when she noticed Charades and another soldier at the door, they too wore shinny silver armor.
"Charades," Luna muttered.
Charades nodded her head and smiled.
"It's ok, we told her," Stardust told him.
"Happy birthday Princess Luna," Charades told her.
Luna smiled, she was excited to get in the room. She never had a royal birthday party before.
"Thank you, Charades," Luna replied and then followed her parents into the room. At the stairs ahead of them was Buster in shinny armor, He smiled and then faced the stairs.
"King, Queens, Princess and Princes, please welcome the arrival of King Stardust, Queen Royal Heart and their daughter, Princess Luna!" Buster announced
Luna followed her parents to the stairs and stood for a minute looking at the Royal Ponies. There were tables covered in white, green and gold silk clothes. On the tables were glasses and a basket of white roses in the center. In front of the large square water fountain was a long table with her uncles and grandparents sitting behind it. Around the water fountain was a light green and white cloth streamer at the base and along the side banisters. Gold and white flower garlands wrapped around each pillar with the streamers stung from one pillar to the next. Light green pearl balloon were tied to the corners of the royal table and on each pillar. The center of the water fountain had ten colorful balloons.
"Well, lets go," Stardust whispered to her.
Luna followed her parents on the red carpet as she looked at the tables on each side of her. She noticed King Arrow Heart and Queen Calla Lilly at one fo the tables, they smiled and nodded their heads as Luna walked by. Behind the royal ponies at the round tables were cooks standing at the long rectangle tables in the back which stretched all the way to the water fountain.
They walked to the water fountain and turned around standing in front of their long table.
"Welcome and thank you all for coming to our daughter's birthday party. Some of you have come very far to be here and we thank you for that," Stardust looked at Luna and smiled, "Today is Luna's birthday, she is officially 15 years old." Stardust noticed Luna staring at the table by the stairs which was full presents in many different shapes and colors, "My daughter has spotted the presents which she will open later to night."
Luna blushed and all the ponies laughed.
"We'll start off with dinner, then the birthday cake and afterwards the dance. There will be refreshments during the dance if you still wish to eat," Stardust smiled at Royal Heart and Luna then he turned and walked to the table. Luna turned and followed her parent to the three large chairs. Her parents sat in the largest golden hair, she was about to sit in the second largest chair when she suddenly noticed the sea ponies in the water fountain.
"Luna, sit," Royal Heart whispered.
Luna quickly sat down.
"There's plenty of time to meet the sea ponies later," Royal Heart whispered to her.
Seven cooks walked from the long tables to the royal tables and sat a silver plate on the table. Once everyone have received their plate, they waited till Stardust began eating. The cooks gave the sea ponies seaweed.

As Luna ate she looked around and noticed a few Princes and Princess wearing small crowns and some did not. Every pony in the room was talking, they even glanced at Luna every now and then.
"Mom, they're about my age and they're wearing crowns," Luna muttered.
"They're a little older than you and are of the right age to get one. You'll get one on your next birthday," Royal Heart replied.
"Can I see mine sometime?" Luna asked.
"I'm afraid not. Not until your next birthday. Luna, just enjoy not wearing one while you still can and don't worry about it."
"What's it look like?"
"It's pretty and smaller than mine," Royal Heart replied.
"I...ummm, figured it would be pretty," Luna muttered. She had hoped her mother would described the crown she'll be getting.
Royal Heart smiled, "Just wait till our 16th birthday, then you can look at it all you want."
"I'm anxious to see it."
"I know," Royal Heart replied with a smile.

They continued eating till everyone finished. The cooks came to each table and removed the plates. Then one of the cooks came to the royal table with a long white cake that had pink flowers on it. In the center was the royal crest. On each side of the cake was a crescent moon stung from a pink and gold laced garland. Around the cake were green pearly candles but they were not lit.
"It's pretty and it's even got the crest. Buster and Charades had one put on my cake on my 13th birthday."
"They did?" Royal Heart asked.
"Yes and it was pretty too."
Just then a three layered white, green and gold cake was rolled on a cart in front of the royal table. On the cake were flowers, moon, hearts and the royal crest, on the sides were laced and garlands tied up with moons.
One of the cooks lit a match and set each candle on fire, then he blew out the match.
The room became silent and stared at Luna.
"Blow the candles out," Stardust told her.
"I think she needs to make a wish first," Starfire guessed.
Luna smiled, she knew the wish she wanted.
"Going to wish for something?" Royal Heart asked her.
"I just did," Luna replied and then she took a deep breath and blew the candles out.
Everyone clapped their hooves and smiled. Stardust noticed Skyview trying his best to act like the clapping noise didn't bother him.
"You ok?" Stardust asked him.
"I will be in a minute," Skyview replied.
When the clapping was done, the cooks cut the long cake and placed a piece of cake on Luna's plate, then they continued to serve other ponies.

Luna ate her marble cake, enjoying every bite. By the time she was done, she had ate three pieces. The music band quickly finished eating and hurried to the other side of the water fountain and began playing their music on stage. After Stardust and Royal Heart was done, they stood up from their chairs.
"Luna, are you done?" Stardust asked her.
Luna stood up from her chair and followed her parents to the thrones. They walked past the music band and followed the red carpet to the thrones. Stardust and Royal Heart sat down while Luna sat between them on the floor. It wasn't long till Skyview and Starfire joined them next to Stardust's throne.
Then their parents joined them.
"So Luna, what do you think of the party so far?" Skyview asked her.
"Having dinner and cake wasn't too bad."
"The fun part has just started. Watching everyone dance and laugh...that is the real party," Starfire exclaimed smiling.
As ponies slowly finished their cake, they walked around the water fountain and began dancing with each other. As she watch the dance floor she suddenly noticed something flying high towards the ceiling.
"What's that?" Luna asked looking up.
"Those are the Summer wings ponies and windy wing ponies," Stardust answered.
"Windy wings?" Luna asked surprisingly, "I thought they would be sleeping."
"Yes they normally would be but Queen Rosy Peach managed to talk them into joining the party," Stardust explained.
"The booshwoolies are here too, playing with the baby ponies," Royal Heart replied.
"I thought it would keep the baby ponies busy and at the same time keep them away from the cooks," Stardust explained.
"Where's....ummm...Wishes?" Luna asked, "I hardly seen him."
"He's here too," Sunlight answered.
Luna looked around among the ponies and tables, it took her a while to find them. They were playing near the stairs.
"Have you danced before, Luna?" Ribbon Lock asked.
"No, I haven't. I don't know how," Luna replied looking up at him.
"Well then let me teach you."
"Now?" Luna asked surprisingly.
"Yes, now is a great time," Ribbon Lock replied and left the thrones walking to the dance floor, "Well, come on."
Luna hesitated at first, she didn't like the idea of dancing in front of everyone.
"Go on Luna," Royal Heart urged her.

Luna left her parents and walked to her grandfather. He stood on his hind legs and she stood on her hind legs. He held her hoof while putting his other hoof on her back.
"Now just do what I do," Ribbon Lock told her.
Skyview and Starfire stood watching her for some time, even the Princes nearby watched her.
"I think there's quite a few boys who wouldn't mind dancing with her," Starfire pointed out.
"They can just wait their turn," Skyview quickly said, "I'm going to dance with her next."
"Then I'll dance with her after you," Starfire replied.
"I just hope I get a chance to dance with her before the night is over," Stardust added.
Royal Heart and his brothers laughed.
Once, Skyview saw that Luna was getting the hang of dancing, he left the thrones and walked to the dance floor and up to his father, "Dad, mind if I dance with her?"
Ribbon Lock smiled, "Go right ahead but watch your feet. She tends to like stepping on mine."
Luna laughed, "I didn't meant to."
"It's quite alright," Ribbon Lock replied then he turned and left, heading back to Sunlight and started dancing with her.
Starfire stood and watched for some time as Luna danced around with Skyview. She smiled and laughed.
"I think it's my turn now," Starfire muttered, then he walked to the dance floor and approached Skyview, "My turn now."
Skyview paused, "Alright."
Starfire took Luna and began dancing as he folded his wings so he wouldn't hit anyone with them.
"Luna, It's best to fold your wings when your dancing," Starfire told her.
"Why?" Luna asked.
"You'll hit someone with them."
"Oh, I didn't think of that," Luna replied and she quickly folded her wings.
Stardust and Royal Heart smiled as they watched their daughter dance around the floor, laughing and smiling with Starfire.