Chapter 67:  A visit at Paradise Estate

Luna was sound asleep in her large bed. She was warm and comfortable under her blue covers, her head rested on her soft pillow. She laid on her stomach with her front leg stretched over her pillow and her wings stretched flat on each side of her. She was to tired and comfortable to hear the birds chirping in the garden.
"Wake up," a voice called to her.
Luna slowly woke up from her sleep as the voice continued to call her.
"I'm...tired," Luna whispered.
"Get up," the voice continued.
Luna opened her heavy eyes and saw Skyview and Starfire with their golden collars on.
"Come on, get up," Skyview continued.
Luna stretches and yawned.
"Sit up in bed, Luna," Starfire told her, "You'll be having your breakfast here."
Luna turned over and looked at her two uncles, "What?!...Why?...Where's mom and dad?"
"They're busy today. You'll be spending the whole day with us and our parents at Paradise estate," Skyview explained.
"Busy doing what?" Luna asked curiously, "Can't I tag with them?"
"No, you are to stay with us. Don't worry Luna, you'll see them tomorrow but for now, our parents can't wait to see you," Skyview replied.
"Grandma and grandpa?" Luna asked, "I'll be with them all day?"
"Yes. In fact you might be able to spend the night there," Starfire replied.
Luna smiled, "Really?"
Just then a Pink pegasus with white and pink hair walked in with a tray. She walked up to the bed and sat the tray in front of Luna. Then she turned and left.
"Hurry and finish your breakfast. We'll come and get you soon," Skyview told her, then he left the room with Starfire behind him.
Luna quickly finished her pancakes while Skyview talked to Stardust and Starfire got a group of soldiers ready to leave.

When Luna was done, she climbed out of bed and brushed her long white hair just as Skyview opened the door.
"Ready to go?" Skyview asked her.
When Luna finished brushing her hair, she picked up her silver jeweled collar and slipped it on around her neck. She turned towards Skyview and smiled, "Ready."
Skyview smiled, "Lets go then."
Luna left her room with Skyview behind her shutting the door. They walked downstairs and went outside where Starfire stood with eight soldiers in armor four on each side. Luna's white coat shined brightly in the sunlight with her silver collar, sparkling. Skyview walked up to Starfire and stood next to him with Luna behind them.
Banner ordered the soldiers to open the gates, letting Skyview, Starfire, Luna and the soldiers through.
"Are we going through town?" Luna asked.
"Yes," Skyview answered.
"Can't we wink there or fly there?" Luna asked.
Skyview looked back at her and smiled, "Walking will do us all some good. Besides the ponies in town needs to know you still live at the castle."
"It's been quite awhile since quite sometime since they last saw you," Starfire added.
"Oh," Luna replied.

They left the castle gates and continued walking towards town following the dirt road over a hill. After awhile the dirt road became hard and pathed. Luna could see the ponies in town quickly leaving the streets and stood on the sidewalk. Luna began to feel a little nervous as the crowed stared at her and the two black ponies. Some began to whisper and smile at her. Luna smiled back and soon began to feel comfortable.
Ponies continued to whisper her name or bow as she walked through town. Once they left town Luna took a breath in relief, she was glad to be out of town away from staring ponies. They walked over hills and through the forest in into a large clearing.

They had walked half the afternoon when Luna finally saw Paradise Estate.
"I forgot how far Paradise Estate was," Luna remarked.
Skyview and Starfire chuckled.
"It is quite far from Dream Castle," Skyview told her. They walked up a hill and into the shadowy forest till they reached the top of the cliff where Paradise Estate sat. Luna saw the soldiers in shinny silver armor surrounding the pink building. She remembered when Banner and his soldiers didn't wear armor, she hadn't seen soldier wear armor till after that battle at Dream Castle.
"Has soldiers always worn armor?" Luna suddenly asked.
"No, they haven't," Skyview answered, he stopped and looked at Luna, "After the battle at Dream Castle, Banner talked to Stardust and demand every soldier wear their armor, whether they're in battle or not. He wants to be prepared incase there's ever another surprise attack. Stardust thought it was a good idea and the other kingdoms thought so too. So the only time you'll see a soldier not wearing an armor if he's off duty." Skyview turned and continued walking through the gate to the court yard as the guards bowed their heads. the four soldiers behind them stood outside waiting.
There were four more soldiers guarding the doors. Skyview lead the way to the door on the right with Luna and Starfire behind him. They walked down the hall slowly looking into each room for their parents. It wasn't till they reached the living room that they found their parents who were reading a book together.
"Skyview, Starfire!" Sunlight exclaimed as she stood up form the couch, then she noticed Luna and smiled greatly, "Luna!"
Luna hurried to sunlight and stood on her hind legs hugging her.
"It's so good to see you," Sunlight told her.
"Me too," Luna replied still hugging her.
Ribbon Lock stood up from the couch and smiled. Luna left her grandmother and hugged her grandfather.
"Are you three staying or you just here to visit us for a while?" Ribbon Lock asked.
"Stardust was wondering if Luna could spend the night here?" Skyview asked.
Luna let goo and looked anxiously at her grandparents.
"Yes, we would love to have her here," Ribbon Lock answered.
Luna smiled greatly, then she turned and looked at her uncles, "Are you two staying?"
"No I'm afraid not," Starfire answered.
"Oh," Luna sighed sadly.
Skyview smiled, "We'll see you tomorrow but for now, stay here and enjoy yourself."
"Dad, we got to talk to you," Starfire told him.
"Ok, I'll see you two out the door then," Ribbon Lock replied then he followed them out the door while Luna stayed with her grandmother.

Once Ribbon Lock, Skyview and Starfire were outside away from the court yard, they stopped and looked at each other.
"Dad, Luna's birthday is tomorrow. Stardust wants her to stay here so he and Royal Heart can plan a surprise birthday," Skyview explained.
"Luna has forgotten about her birthday which is a good things. Could you and mom bring her to the castle tomorrow as early as possible?" Starfire asked.
"Yes but we may not come till after breakfast."
"That's perfect then. Well, we should be going, we got food to plan and decorations to help with," Skyview told him.
"Bye," Ribbon Lock replied and stood watching as Skyview winked Starfire and himself back to the castle.
Ribbon Lock turned and walked back into Paradise Estate. He walked to the living room and saw Luna sitting on the couch telling her grandmother everything that happened to her in the other world. Ribbon Lock joined them on the couch and listened.