Chapter 66: Night time planning.

The sun had set and the sky was dark. Royal Heart laid in bed next to Stardust with her head resting on her soft green pillow and her white body under the covers. Her wings were completely covered as well. She felt wide awake and couldn't sleep, her thoughts were on a surprise party for Luna. Stardust was asleep with his front feet curled under him and his back legs stretched out. Royal Heart stared at is sleeping face and smiled at him. Then she sat up and took the overs off of her. She sat on the bed thinking about the party and who was invited and what to eat at the party.
"Royal Heart?" a soft whisper called to her.
Royal Heart turned and looked at him, "I'm sorry Stardust. I didn't mean to wake you."
Stardust yawned, "It's ok. What's troubling you?"
"I can't sleep. I'm not even tired. All I keep thinking about is the party," Royal Heart replied.
Stardust rolled onto his stomach, "We have it all planed out."
"I know but this is Luna's first birthday here. I just can't wait to surprise her," Royal Heart said excitedly.
Stardust smiled, "I can see your not going to sleep anytime soon so how about we go to the kitchen?"
Royal Heart smiled, "I'd love that."
Stardust threw the covers off and walked with Royal Heart out of their room.

They walked downstairs and down several hallways till they came to the large kitchen. On both sides of the room were stoves and cabinets. On the other wall was a counter and more cabinets. In the center of the room was several large tables with stools underneath them. On the far side of the wall were 2 large windows.
"Are you hungry?" Stardust asked her.
"Yes, I am," Royal Heart replied, "How about spaghetti?"
"That will take awhile to make."
"I'm so wide awake Stardust, I can wait," Royal Heart replied smiling.
"Ok," Stardust replied.
Royal Heart walked to the windows and looked outside while Stardust began cooking Spaghetti. She looked at the stars and saw the half moon shining brightly. She thought about the party and all the princes being invited.
"Royal Heart?" Stardust called to her as he walked up to her.
Royal Heart turned her head and looked at him, "Stardust, it's so pretty out."
"Yes it is," Stardust agreed, "Now what's on your mind?"
"The Party," Royal Heart answered, "And all the Princes from every kingdom will be here to meet her. This is a very important birthday party for her."
"I know. She's got to pick a Prince to marry."
Royal Hearty looked out the window sadly, "If she doesn't then, we'll have to decide for before her 16th birthday," Royal Heart looked at him and she leaned her head on his neck smiling, "I was so lucky I fell in love with you before my 16th birthday."
"So was I. I hope it'll be the same for Luna but..." Stardust paused and Royal Heat pulled away, looking at him, "From what Charades told me, she still loves that pony...Blueberry."
"Oh my," Royal Heart whispered, "How are we going to pull her away from him?"
"If she doesn't let go of him, then there is only one way I can think of."
"What?" Royal Heart asked worriedly.
"Find away to keep the Gates from opening."
"Stardust..." Royal Heart muttered sadly, "Lets give her till her 16th birthday."
"Alright," Stardust replied as he nuzzled her, putting his face under her long blue mane.
"Stardust, did you send the invitations to every kingdoms?" Royal Heart asked.
"Yes I did."
"And the decorators coming tomorrow?"
Stardust chuckled, "I took care of everything. It's all set, all we got to do is keep Luna way for the day. I might have her spend the night at my Parent's place."
"Sorry Stardust, I don't want anything going wrong. The last party, Luna had cake in her face."
Stardust laughed, "I remember that. Well I took care of that too so it won't happen again."
Royal Heart smiled, "Umm....don't forget the spaghetti."
"Oh," Stardust exclaimed, then he hurried to the stove.
"I'll get the bowels and drinks," Royal Heart told him.
Royal Heart took two bowels from the cupboard and placed them in the stove. Then she took out two cups and placed them on the table and filled them with water. When Stardust was done pouring spaghetti in the two bowels, he sat them on the table behind him. Stardust and Royal Heart took out the stool and sat down next to each other.

After they had finished eating Royal Heart stood up and stretched her front legs, "Stardust, do you think Luna will guess what we're doing?"
"No I don't. I'm surprised she forgot her birthday is in a few days," Stardust replied. He stood up from his stool and took the pot, bowels and cups to the sink. Royal Heart helped him clean them, then they put them away.
Stardust smiled when he saw Royal Heart yawning, "So your finally tired?"
Royal Heart smiled, "Yes, I'm starting to feel tired."
"Lets go to bed," Stardust proposed.

Royal Heart followed him out of the kitchen and through the halls. They walked up to the fourth floor and went straight to their room. They climbed in bed and rested their tired bodies under their warm blanket. Royal Heart looked down at the sheets as if something else was bothering her.
"Still thinking about her party?" Stardust asked.
"No," Royal Heart looked up at him, "I'm still young thanks to Star Cluster."
Stardust smiled, "That's probably the only good thing that came out of him stealing my castle."
"I won't be young for long, Stardust."
"I know," Stardust replied.
"And Luna's our only child."
"I know," Stardust replied looking suspicious, "Are you worried about getting old?"
Royal Heart smiled, "No, not at all."
"Then what?"
"Nothing,'s was just nothing," Royal Heart replied.
Stardust looked at her curiously.
"Just hold me," Royal Heart added.
Stardust smiled and wrapped his front legs around her shoulders. Royal Heart soon fell asleep but Stardust was still bothered by the conversation they just had.
"Hummm," Stardust muttered, then he too fell asleep with Royal Heart under his chin.