Chapter 65:  A visit to the castle

Night had fallen and the full moon shined brightly, lighting up the sky. Clouds drifted past the moon as the wind slightly blew. Luna in her winged unicorn form was walking through the forest with Buster and Charades. The three of them lit the area with their glowing bodies. Luna carried her full bag around her nect. She looked at the forest and saw yellow eyes blinking at her, and heard owls and other animals among the forest. Luna kept quiet as she listened to their feet marching through the tall grass.

When they arrived at the ruins, Luna smiled greatly when she saw Skyview and his sparkling gold collar with two other soldiers in silver armor. She left Buster and Charades and ran through the ruins, up to Skyview.
"Skyview!" Luna yelled happily.
Skyview stood on his hind legs and hugged Luna, "It's good to see you, Luna. We all missed you a lot."
Luna just rubbed her head under his, "Me too."
When they stopped hugging and pulled away Skyview looked at Buster, Charades and Luna, "Shall we go home?"
"Yes," Luna said excitedly.
Skyview smiled and turned, walking through the gate with Luna, Buster and Charades.
Once they were on the other side, Luna saw more soldiers but she wasn't to surprised. Her father and King Sea Mist insist on having soldiers there when her family visits the Gate.
"I can only take on at a time. Buster, Charades, you two will have to wait till I return," Skyview told them.
"That's ok. We know," Charades replied.
"Lets go, Luna," Skyview told her. His horn began to glow then he lowered his head and touched her horn with his. Then suddenly they turned into a cloud and flew through the air like a blur.

Starfire sat outside in front of the castle steps waiting for Skyview to return. Two soldier in armor stood on the steps by the door while holding torches. The light of the fire light the area and shined on Starfire's black coat. Starfire looked at the sky and a minute later he saw a cloud. He smiled and stood on his feet. The cloud landed on the ground in front of him. Skyview and Luna emerged from the misty cloud.
"Starfire!" Luna cried and ran to him, hugging him. They stood on their hind legs hugging each other.
"It's good to see you too," Starfire replied then he pulled away, "Your parents are anxious to see you. They're in the throne room, so give me your bag and I'll take it to your room. You can go and see your parents."
"Thanks," Luna replied excitedly. She took off her bag from around her neck and handed it to Starfire, then she ran into the castle.
"It sure was boring around here without her," Starfire remarked.
Skyview smirked, "You have to be kidding. With you around, it's never boring."
Starfire glared at him while Skyview turned into a cloud and flew away.

Luna was excited to see her parents again. She had missed them so much and couldn't wait to spend time with them. She hurried down the hall and walked through the doors guarded by two soldiers. She walked along the railing and pillars till she came to the stairs. Her parents wore their crowns and stood at the water fountain waiting for her. Luna smiled and winked to them, appearing behind them.
"Mom, Dad!" Luna cried happily.
Her parents wasted no time nuzzling her, rubbing their cheek against hers.
"Oh, Luna. I missed you so much," Royal Heart whispered.
"So have I," Stardust added.
Luna felt tears falling from her cheek, She went to her father and rubbed against his black coat and then she did the same with her mother.
Her parents smiled greatly.
"Welcome home, Luna," Stardust remarked.