Chapter 64: The day with Blizzard

Morning came and Luna was in the dinning room when she had finished her breakfast. She hurried to the phone and called Blueberry.
"Is Blueberry there?" Luna asked over the phone.
"I'm sorry but he is sick today. He's got a bad cold but I'll let him know you called. May I ask for your name?" a female voice asked.
"I'll let him know you called, bye." then she hung up.
Luna sighed sadly, then she called Patch but found out she was busy with practice. She called Bon Bon who was grounded. Every friend she called were either out with their parents or was busy at home. Luna hung up the phone feeling disappointed.
Booster walked in the livingroom from the kitchen and saw how sad she was, "What's wrong?"
"Blueberry is sick and my friends are busy," Luna replied.
"Why don't you go out for a walk?" Booster suggested.
"I guess I could."
"Well I'll see you at dinner then. Have fun, Lunarstar," Booster replied smiling, then he headed up the stairs.
"Mom, I'm going out. I might be in the park or something," Luna exclaimed then she turned and left the living room heading outside.

Luna walked to the park wondering what she should do. Everyone was busy and she had nothing to do.
"Hi," a voice muttered.
Luna was so busy thinking that she didn't see Blizzard approaching her. Luna looked up at him and smiled, "Hi."
"So, um where's Blueberry?" Blizzard asked looking around, "Your usually with him."
"He's sick and my friends are busy," Luna replied as her smile faded.
"Oh, well I have nothing to do either," Blizzard remarked, "mind if I ask where's your going?"
"No where, just walking."
"Mind if I tag along?" Blizzard asked her.
Luna smiled, she felt happy to have him with her, "I'd love it if you did."
For the first time Luna saw him smile, it was something she thought she'd never see. She stared at his smiling face till it faded. He was a different pony when he smiled and she hoped to see him smile again.
"Well where should we walk to then?" Luna asked.
"Anywhere besides to park," Blizzard replied.
Luna smiled, then she began walking with him at her side.

They walked from the park to town not knowing where they were going. They would stopped every now and then too look at the shops. One of them had hats, Luna walked in and looked at the hats, she even tried some one and laughed at Blizzards curious look.
"Try one," Luna suggested.
Blizzard looked at the hats but saw non that he liked. Luna grabbed a white cap and put it on his head.
"You look great in that," Luna told him.
Blizzard turned and looked in the mirror behind him. Luna grabbed another hat and took off the cap, replacing it with a pirate hat.
"You look pretty good in that too," Luna remarked.
They spent a few minutes trying on the hats, Blizzard tried on most of the hats in the store. They turned and left the store and walked through town together as they talked. Luna smiled greatly at the thought of Blizzard trying on all those hats.
"Oh, let me show you me secret place. A place I like to go to sometimes," Luna remarked excitedly.
"Ok," Blizzard replied and followed her down a street to the forest. They walked past the trees and up a hill to a clearing. once they reach the top, Luna turned.
"I love it up here. You can see the how town," Luna exclaimed smiling.
Blizzard turned and looked at the town below. It stood and continued to stare for a while.
Luna looked at him, his icy blue coat almost seemed white in the sunlight. His bright blue hair stripes was almost blinding. She remembered his smiled, it had made her forget Blueberry and her friends. Blizzard turned and caught her staring at him. Luna looked away and blushed embarrassed that he saw her staring. Deep down, she knew she liked him a lot, almost as much as Blueberry but she didn't want to admit it. She continued to try and fool herself into loving Blueberry more. She looked at him and was happy that he was spending the day with her. There was something sweet about him, something she loved about him. Just then she thought around her father, Stardust and his warning about marrying someone else.
"Blizzard turned his head and looked at her, "what?"
"Have you ever...did something that you were told and you didn't want to do it?" Luna asked.
Blizzard thought about her question, "it depends on who's asking."
"What if your father asked you?"
"I would obey."
"No mater what it was?"
"Yes. Why are you asking me?" Blizzard asked curiously.
"I just needed an opinion," Luna replied.
Luna looked at him and noticed her question greatly bothered him as if her was in deep thought.
"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have asked," Luna muttered sadly.
"It's ok," Blizzard replied, then he looked at her, "Let me show you a place I like."
"A place?" Luna asked, "Is it in the park?"
"No, it's not. I'll show you," Blizzard answered then he began walking down the hill with Luna at his side.
"Has anyone been to you place you like to go?" Luna asked.
"No, You'll be the first," Blizzard answered.
Luna smiled at the thought of him showing her his special place.

As they walked through town, the sun began to set. She was so busy enjoying herself with Blizzard that she almost forgot the time.
"It's getting late," Luna exclaimed worriedly.
"I know, it's a perfect time to show you...this," Blizzard replied.
"But my parents wanted me home by dark," Luna told him.
Blizzard stopped and looked at her, "Just this once. I..really want to show you this."
Luna saw his upset face. She could tell this place really meant a lot to him.
"Ok, I'll explain to my parents later."
Blizzard turned and began walking. They left town and hurried to the forest. They walked deep into the forest for quiet awhile till they came to a cliff where the ocean crashed against the dirt wall. Luna stood and gasped at the sunset and it's reflection in the water. The sky turned orange and pink. Luna smiled greatly, the sunset was so pretty.
"Oh, Blizzard. I...I can't believe I almost missed this," Luna told him.

The two sat in the grass watching the sun set and glancing at each other every now and then. When the sun had set Luna knew she must leave. She stood up just as Blizzard stood him.
"I must go know but...Thank you for showing me this. I'll never forget it," Luna softly told him. She walked up to him and lightly nuzzled his cheek then she kissed him on the cheek, "thank you." She turned and left. When she was sure she was out of site, she stopped and looked back. She felt lost and confused, she had fallen in love with Blueberry and yet she found herself not only liking Blizzard but feeling love fr him.

Blizzard stood and lightly rubbed his cheek. He had never been kissed before but he really liked it. He loved spending the day with her and forgetting all about Teriney and why he came. He felt something deeply towards her. Even though he didn't know what it was that he felt, he only knew that he liked it. Something he never had before and didn't want to loose it.