Chapter 63: Getting even

The sky was dark and the sun could hard be seen in the horizon. The wind blew slightly as the waves rippled on the ocean, the moon and star reflection in the water rippled wildly. Blizzard wore his hooded dark blue cloak with his golden necklace around his neck and without his leg wrapping. He rested on the cliff next to a tree watching the sun disappearing. He could hear the crickets starting to make their noises. The breeze felt cool against his ice blue coat, his mane blew slightly. Blizzard thought about Lunarstar at the party and how Blueberry was angry at him.
"Tomorrow I can spend the day with Lunarstar and he won't be around to stop me," Blizzard thought.
He sat in the cool grass waiting for the sun to disappear and the sky to turn pitch black. When he could no longer see the sunlight, he stood up and turned from the cliff, "Now for payback." Blizzard turned into a cluster of snowflakes and flew from his shack.

He flew over the town and houses till he came upon a familiar light peach house with a white fence around the yard. He flew to the door but there no way in. He flew to each window till he found Raspberry's window opened. He flew over her bed creating a cold chill. Raspberry grabbed her blankets and held them tightly.
Blizzard flew under the door and went left to the another door, he flew under the door and appeared in his pony form. Blueberry was sleeping comfortably and peacefully under the warm covers. Blizzard took a deep breath and blew slowly. Cold chilling wind filled Blueberry's room. He hugged his covers and tried to get warm. After awhile Blueberry woke up shivering and then he sneezed. Blizzard immediately stopped and turned into a cluster of snowflakes before Blueberry saw him. He flew under the door and decided to check the rest of the house. He went downstairs and appeared in his pony form.
" to wait till tomorrow," Blizzard thought.
He looked around the room and saw the same pictures he had seen before when he was there last time. Blizzard picked up a family photo and stared at it. It was a picture of Blueberry, Raspberry and their parents. Blizzard stared at the father and for a minute, he imagined Teriney and him in the photo. Blizzard shook his head, "I wonder why there's no picture of me or father at home?" Blizzard couldn't help but feel sad, he felt he was missing something with his father, something others have and he didn't.
Just then he heard Blueberry leave the room, Blizzard expect him to come downstairs but he didn't. Blizzard walked to the stairs and peaked around the corner. Blueberry walked past the stairs to his parents room as he continued to sneeze.
"Mom, dad," Blueberry called to them sneezing again.
"What is it?" his mother asked.
"I'm cold and...I don't..." Blueberry paused to sneeze, "...feel well."
"Lets take care of that cold."
Blizzard heard the mother get out of bed and walk to the stairs. Blizzard turned into a cluster of snowflakes and waited till the two had left the stairs. Blizzard flew up the stairs and under Raspberry's door, then he went out the window.

He flew over the houses till he came to Lunarstar's house. He landed in the street and stared at her house wondering which room she was in. As he stood and thought about Lunarstar, a strange feeling came over him, he had felt it before but t was stronger than before. Even though he didn't know what the feeling was he found himself embarrassing it and wanting to be with Lunarstar even more.
He turned and began walking in the darkness as he thought of Lunarstar. He had completely forgotten about searching for Princess Luna. All he cared and thought about was Lunarstar.
He couldn't wait till tomorrow, the day he will spend all day with her.