Chapter 62: Dance Partners

The sun was setting fast and Blueberry hurried to Lunarstar's house. He walked up to the door and knocked on it. Booster answered the door and invited Blueberry inside.
"Come in and have a seat on the couch. We were just leaving. Lunarstar should be down soon," Booster told him.
Rosebud left her room and stopped at Luna's door, "Lunarstar, We're leaving."
"Ok, see you at the party!" Luna yelled.
Rosebud walked to the stairs and saw Booster waiting for her at the door.
"Tell Lunarstar, Blueberry is here," Booster told her.
Rosebud walked back to Luna's door, "Blueberry is here so don't be long,"
Then she turned and walked downstairs smiling. Booster opened the door for Rosebud then he closed the door.
Blueberry sat on the couch looking around, he noticed several pictures of Luna's adopted parents and a few other ponies but non of them have Lunarstar in it. Blueberry stood up and walked around the living room looking at all the pictures.
"Strange, why isn't there any pictures of her?" Blueberry thought. Just then he heard Lunarstar walking down the steps, he turned and gasped at her. Her long purple hair was tired in a bun with strands of curly hair coming out, the rest of her hair hung down in several curls. Her tail was curled in strands as well. Luna stood and smiled, "I'm ready."
Blueberry walked up to her and smiled, "Lets go then." He opened the door for Lunarstar then closed it. They left the house and walked to the school.

The sky was getting dark turning orange and purple, only half the sun was showing. Blueberry continued to look at Luna.
"What?" Luna asked blushing.
"Your so pretty with your hair up like that. You look like a different pony," Blueberry answered.
"Really?" Luna asked happily, "You like it?"
"Yes I do," Blueberry answered.

They walked to the school and followed a group of ponies into the large gym. Streamers hung from the ceiling out from the disco ball in the center. Colored lights flashed around the room. Long rectangle tables sat against the walls and some near the exit. Round tables and chairs sat on the sides of the rooms. A large stage sat at one end of the room with Melody and her band singing. Ponies danced in the center of the floor. Female ponies had done their hair up, some had curls, some wore necklaces and some has sparkling strings hanging on their hair.
Luna entered the room with Blueberry and stood by the table. It was just as they had remembered last year. Luna smiled at him, "This is just like last years."
"Yeah and I still haven't learned to dance."

Blizzard stood at the other end of the table looking around. He was still searching for Lunarstar and to see if anyone matched the Princess description. As he searched through the crowed of female ponies he suddenly caught limps of Lunarstar, he looked again and gasped. He couldn't take his eyes off of her. Her purple hair hung from bun with curly strands hanging down. Her tail was curled in strands. Her smile made him forget what Teriney had ordered him to do. Her purple eyes almost put him in a trance. She was indeed the prettiest pony. Blizzard glared jealously at Blueberry, "Now to temporary get rid of him."
As he stood and thought of was to get Blueberry out of the way, Lunarstar's parents walked up to her smiling. He noticed Lunarstar blushing. Then her friends arrived and she continued to blush while her friends laughed. after awhile they all departed and danced on the floor while Luna talked and laughed with Blueberry.
Blizzard wondered what would make Blueberry leave her? It would have to make him leave and not take her with him. He looked to the crowed of ponies and noticed a pale blue pony walking from the dance floor.
"I'm so thirst. Lets get some drinks," she suggested.
Ahead of them were two other ponies holding cups full of punch, in front of then was Blueberry and Lunarstar. Just then Blizzard got an idea, he looked around and saw that no one was looking, they were busy dancing or eating at a table together. He spit at the floor making a patch of thin ice. The pale blue pony stepped on it and slipped right into the other two ponies who's drink flew from their hooves and hit Blueberry in the face.
"Perfect," Blizzard thought.
Lunarstar stood at a distance from him not wanting to get wet.
The three ponies walked up to him and apologized. Miss Hackney walked up to him, "Blueberry why don't you go to the restroom and wash your face?"
"Ok," Blueberry replied, then he turned and left through the swinging double doors.

Blizzard turned and followed him quietly through the hall. He turned down another hallway and stood watching as Blueberry walked into the boy's restroom. Blizzard quietly walked up to the door and heard water running.
"This should keep him in there for a while," Blizzard thought, then he took a deep breath and blew cold icy air at the cracks of the door and soon ice formed around the door.
Blueberry had heard a noise and left the sink. He walked to the door and went to open it only he couldn't budge the door.
Blizzard turned and left the door.
"Now to find Lunarstar and say hello," Blizzard thought.

Blizzard walked from the hall to the gym and saw Lunarstar sitting at a table waiting for Blueberry. Blizzard walked up to her, "Hi."
Luna looked up and smiled greatly, "You're here."
"Do you mind if I sit down?"
"I guess not. I'm waiting for Blueberry," Luna told him.
"It could be awhile till he returns," Blizzard told her.
"I guess it will be. Poor Blueberry getting punch all over his face in front of everyone," Luna replied, "I remember when I had cake thrown in my face, it was an accident of course. I was so embarrassed."
"When was that?" Blizzard asked curiously.
"Oh...a while ago. Dad wanted to give me a party," Luna replied smiling, "I see your still wearing your leg wrappings to the party."
Blizzard looked at his hooves where the leg wrapping stopped, "Yes, I...I like wearing them." he looked at Lunarstar and saw she was just smiling at him.
"Where's your father? did he come?" Luna asked.
"No he did not and I don't want him here," Blizzard flatly told her.
Blizzard fell silent, thinking, "Lets just say, he's not the kind of pony you want around a party." He looked up at Lunarstar, "So where's your parents?"
"Oh, they're here. Probably dancing. Blizzard, where's your partner?"
"Oh, she's around somewhere," Blizzard answered.

Raspberry was on the other end of the room looking around and eating when she spotted Lunarstar and Blizzard at a table together talking but her brother wasn't there.
"Odd, he should be back from cleaning his face by now," Raspberry thought. She threw away her cup and plate then she left the gym. She walked down the hall towards the boy's restroom. When she arrived, she gasped at the ice around the door. She wondered what would cause ice to form in the summer?
"Blueberry?" Raspberry called to him.
"Raspberry?" His voice cried, "Help me out. I can't open the door!"
"That's because there's ice around the door."
"What?!" Blueberry cried, "How is that possible?"
"Hang on, I'll get some help," Raspberry told him then she left and ran back to the party. As she was about to enter the gym, Booster walked out almost running into her.
"Hello, have you seen Blueberry?" Booster asked her.
"He's my brother."
"Oh, you must be Raspberry then."
"Yes...can you help me? He's stuck on the restroom and I can't open the door."
"Sure," Booster replied.
Raspberry led him back to the restroom. Booster gasped at the ice on the door.
"Blueberry, I got some help!" Raspberry yelled.
"Lunarstar, was wondering what was taking so long, now I know why," Booster remarked.
"Can you get me out?" Blueberry asked.
"Stand Back," Booster told him. He stood on his hind legs and rammed the door a few times, loosening the ice. Then on the last hit, the door flew open and Booster fell to the floor.
"Thank you. I hope I didn't miss the party," Blueberry exclaimed worriedly.
Booster stood up from the floor and smiled, "You better hurry then."
Blueberry ran from the restroom and hurried to the gym with Raspberry behind him. Booster turned and looked at the door, he couldn't believe the door had ice on it.

Blueberry wasted no time getting to the gym, When he entered, she stopped and looked around.
"She's sitting at a table if your looking for Lunarstar," Raspberry told him, then she continued walking to the other end of the room. Blueberry looked at the round table and glared angrily at Blizzard.

Luna sat and laughed, "I'm sorry but that was funny."
"It...was?" Blizzard asked curiously in surprise.
The look on his face just made her laugh even more. She eventually calmed down when she saw Blueberry coming towards her. Blizzard glared at Blueberry, he was hoping Blueberry would be gone for quiet awhile.
"That's just great," Blizzard thought, he knew his time with Lunarstar was over.
Blueberry walked up to the table putting on a fake smile, "Lunarstar, sorry I was gone for so long. I was...stuck on the restroom. Want to walk around or something?"
"Well...sure," Luna replied smiling, she stood up just as the music had stopped. Just then a large rectangle white cake was brought into the gym on a large cart.
A white pony with green, white and yellow hair stood by the cake, "We've got a surprise. This cake was made for all of you in this gym. Now please, make a line and you'll get a piece of cake."
Ponies around the room began making a line, some sat at the tables and waited.
"Blueberry, are you coming?" Luna asked him.
"Why don't you go and save a spot for me in line?" Blueberry suggested, "I'll join you in a minute."
"Ok," Luna replied and then turned and left, standing in line with her friends.
Blueberry turned and glared at Blizzard, "I know you had something to do with me getting stuck in the restroom. And then taking my girl."
Blizzard stood up and looked at him angrily, "What are you talking about?"
"I think you do..."
"You have a big mouth like you annoying sister. You have accused me of things without proof. If you continue to pester me like this, you'll regret ever talking to me."
"Don't threaten me. Those are just empty words," Blueberry muttered to him, "Now why don't you leave?"
"I just might before you make me mad," Blizzard replied then he turned and walked away flicking his tail in Blueberry's face. He knew what would happened if he got angry, the last thing he wanted was turn the party to ice.
Luna and her friends stood watching the two talk.
"There they go. They're at it again. I wonder why they don't like each other?" Starlight asked.
"Who knows," Patch replied.
"I'm rather curious to know," Luna replied as she stood and watched them. She remembered when she was at the ice cream shop and she had seem then talk angrily at each other. What didn't Blueberry tell her what was going on? he was keeping a secret from her and she didn't like it.

Blizzard left the gym and walked outside to the park. The half moon was shining in the sky and the stars twinkled brightly.
Blizzard stopped and turned, looking at the school. He thought about Blueberry and how he had talked to him. Blizzard began to feel angry. He turned and continued walking making icy foot prints.
"He will pay. Maybe a bad cold will do," Blizzard thought, "then I can have Lunarstar for a while."
Blizzard continued through the park heading back to his shack while Luna enjoyed herself at the party.