Chapter 61: Choosing a partner

School bell was about to ring and the little ponies waited anxiously in their seats. Miss Hackney stood up from her desk and walk to the front of the class.
"The bell will ring in a few minutes but before you go I have an announcement to make. Since last year's dance party was a great success, the school is planning for another dance party. You are to bring a partner to the party. Your parents are of course invited. This party will be tomorrow night at sunset."
Ace turned towards Blueberry, whispering, "Who are you going to ask?"
"Do you have to ask?" Blueberry whispered, then he looked at Luna and smiled.
"I thought so," Ace whispered.
"How about you?"
"Melody, just as soon as she's done playing on stage."
Blizzard sat behind Teddy and listened to their whisperings. He glared angrily at Blueberry.
"We'll see who asks her first," Blizzard thought then he looked at Luna who was smiling and whispering to her friends.
"Now don't forget. You have to bring a partner to the dance," Miss Hackney repeated.
Just then the bell rang and the little ponies ran out of the class room. This Time Blizzard wasn't the last to leave school he wanted to hurry and catch Lunarstar but then he quickly lost her in the crowd of ponies.
He stood in front of the school and looked around. He noticed Blueberry walking with Raspberry, Blizzard was relieved to see he wasn't with Lunarstar.
"Hay umm...Blizzard," exclaimed a voice.
Blizzard turned and saw a bright yellow pony with orange and green wavy hair, "Are you going to the dance party?"
"I might," Then Blizzard left heading back to his shack.
Two other ponies walked up to her.
"Don't tell me you asked him?" a bright green pony asked.
"I was going to."
"You got to be kidding me. He's quiet and the grouchiest pony in class. He rarely says anything excepts to a few ponies," The peach pony exclaimed, "He talks to Lunarstar more than he does to anyone else and if you ask me I think he really likes her,"
"I thought it was Blueberry that liked her?" the peach pony asked.
"Yes but he too loves her," the peach pony replied.
The girls stood and watched Blizzard walked away.
"It'll be interesting to see who brings Lunarstar to the dance," The bright yellow pony remarked.
"We won't go at all if we don't find a boy to ask," The bright green pony exclaimed.
Then they turned and ran looking for any available boy.

Blizzard walked out of the park feeling disappointed that he didn't find Lunarstar. He through a small community of houses and into the shady forest. He continued walking through the thick forest till he came to the shack.
"I got to be first to ask her," Blizzard thought. He thought of Lunarstar when she had smiled at him and walked with him. He thought about when she almost dropped a box of flowers and how he wasted no time or thought in catching it. Blizzard suddenly shook the thought out of his mind, "What's wrong with me? I got a job to do. Princess Luna will have to be there at the party, all the little ponies will be there and I got to find away inside." But the thought of Blueberry going with Lunarstar made him mad, "I go to get in...with Lunarstar." He dropped his school back inside the shack, then he left and ran through the forest. he hurried out of the forest and into the community of houses. He hurried to the park hoping Blueberry hadn't beaten him to her. He walked through the park and into the ice cream shop. He paused for a minute and saw Lunarstar sitting alone at the counter on a stool. Blizzard felt relieved that Blueberry wasn't there. He continued walking and sat on a stool next to her.
"Hi, Blizzard," Luna exclaimed smiling.
"Hi," Blizzard replied, "So, are you going to the dance?"
"Yes I am," Luna replied, "Blueberry asked me on my way home through the park.
Blizzard was disappointed that she was already taken. He had hoped she wasn't.
"I remember last year, I had no one and Blueberry asked me the last minute. This time he asked me immediately," Luna added smiling, "Are you going to the party?"
"Umm...yes I am," Blizzard replied happily.
Just then Luna's friends walked into the shop with a basket.
"Lunarstar," Melody exclaimed.
"We thought we'd have a picnic in the park with the boys," Starlight told her.
"And we invited Blueberry," Patch teased.
Luna smiled, "Sounds like fun." She turned to Blizzard, "I'll see you at the party then. Bye." She got off her stool and left the shop with her friends.
As Blizzard sat for a minute watching her leave, he thought about Blueberry taking her to the party. He thought about Blueberry yelling at him to stay away from her. He began to feel mad at Blueberry, he stood up and left the shop, walking into the park. He walked around till he saw Lunarstar sitting with her friends and the boys. He sat behind a tree watching and wishing he had asked her sooner.
"Hay Blizzard!" a familiar voice.
Blizzard turned and saw Raspberry walking up to him.
Blizzard stood up, "Get lost!"
"I haven't done anything or said anything yet," Raspberry exclaimed.
"I don't care, now get lost!"
"Are you going to the dance party?" Raspberry asked him.
"I might," Blizzard replied.
"I want to go," Raspberry remarked, then she looked at Lunarstar, "She's already taken and I know you don't have anyone to go with."
"So, I'm going. I don't need a partner."
"You can't get in without a partner so I have an idea. You get me in the party, afterwards you can go and do what you want."
Blizzard pondered on her idea. He could get in the party easy with her. He looked at Lunarstar and thought, "I could be with her then but I got to find a way to get rid of him." He turned and looked at Raspberry, "Ok but you don't tell a word of this to anyone...ever."
"No one will listen to me anymore. I just don't want to be the only one not going to the party," Raspberry replied.
"I'll meet you in front of the school at sunset. Once we're in, we go our separate ways."
"Ok, I'll see you tomorrow then," Raspberry replied and then left him.
Blizzard turned and walked back to his shack, "Now to think of a way to get rid of Blueberry for a while."