Chapter 60:  Curious Blizzard and the baby

Blizzard laid in the castle dungeon on the cold stony floor watching the soldiers as they talked. He couldn't talk nor could he spread his front legs enough to stand up. He knew it was useless to try and pull the chains from his legs, all he could do was think of another way out. He couldn't blow icy darts or freezing air since he's unable to open his mouth but maybe he could cause a winter storm strong enough to freeze them before they could run out of dungeon.
"So how long do we watch him?" a yellow soldier asked.
"For a few day. That's when King Stardust will be here," the Captain replied.
"That quickly?" a green soldier asked surprisingly.
"His brothers will most likely bring him here. Prince Skyview and Prince Starfire can travel faster than a pegasus or anyone on foot," The captain explained.
"Oh," The soldiers replied.
The soldiers turned and stared at Blizzard who had raised his head to see into the darkness.
"Don't expect to see anyone but us for a few days," The captain told him.
Without any warning, Blizzard turned into a cluster of snowflakes and flew from his chains. The soldiers gasped shockingly but before they could move Blizzard caused a snow storm. Snow came heavily and thick. Freezing cold wind blew around them. Within a few minutes, snow had covered their feet. Ice quickly froze their legs and soon the storm stopped and Blizzard appeared in his pony form.
"If only I could do that to the Princess but she never sticks around long enough," Blizzard thought. He stood on his hind legs and untied the thin rope, then he unwrapped his muzzle. He dropped the rope and opened his mouth.
"Much better," Blizzard replied, then he turned and left.
"Wait!" The Captain cried, "Do you agree with what your father is asking you to do?...kill Princess Luna?"
Blizzard stopped and turned, facing him, "Father doesn't ask me to do anything. He orders me to do it whether I like it or not." Then he turned and began walking.

He walked up the stairs and peeked around the corner. He could hear the cooks in the kitchen ahead but saw no one. He walked slowly and stopped at the corner. He took a peek into the next hall and saw a few maids and soldiers walking by. He continued down the hall and taking his chances of being recognized. Just then he heard echos of hooves running in the halls. He stopped and turned around towards the sound. He was surprised to see two soldiers covered in snow and ice. They had some how managed to brake the ice on their legs.
"There he is!" one of them yelled.
"I'll get the king, you catch that boy!"
Blizzard ran down the hall and was about to turn down another hall towards the ext when three more soldiers walked in.
"Get him!" one of the soldiers yelled.
Blizzard had no choice but to run up stairs with the soldiers close at his heals. He ran to the second floor and down the hall zig zagging through the halls and hoped to loose the soldiers. He eventfully found his way back to the stairs and stopped to catch his breath.
"There he is!" a soldier yelled from down the hall. Blizzard was about to go down stairs when he saw more soldiers running up towards him. Blizzard bolted into a run and hurried upstairs to the third floor. He was tired and worn out from running and climbing stairs, he could feel his legs getting tired but he couldn’t slow down, no mater how much he wanted to. He ran down many hallways till he was sure he lost them. He paused for a minute to catch his breath, just then he heard their hoof steps getting closer. Blizzard looked at the door down the hall and decided to hide behind it. He turned into a cluster of snowflakes and flew down the hall and under the door. He paused in the air when he noticed Queen Snowfall in the room. She was looking through a toy chest at the end of their bed and had not even noticed him. Blizzard saw a set of stairs at the corner of the large room. He flew past the paintings and past the couches, then he hurried down the spiral stairs.

He returned to his pony form once he reached the bottom steps. There were no soldiers in the room, it was big and long. There were couches, a long table and a basinet at the end of the couch. Blizzard noticed the sunlight shining through glass windows and was relieved to see a door leading outside. He began walking and was about to open the door when he heard a pony crying. Blizzard turned but saw no one. Curious to find out who was crying and why, he followed the sound to a yellow and white basinet. He looked in and gasped at the tinny baby crying. He couldn't tear his eyes way from the baby, he was fascinated at how small the baby was. His feet were tinny and his tail was no longer than the size of Blizzard's hoof. He was indeed small but the tinny ponies he froze a while back were even smaller.
Blizzard was so filled with curiosity that he had forgotten his father's warnings. He reached in the basinet and touched the baby's front feet, then his tail. The baby stopped crying when he saw Blizzard and just smiled. The baby noticed Blizzard's hairy hoof and suddenly grabbed the hairs and tugging on hit.
Blizzard was surprised at what the baby was doing who he seemed to be enjoying it.
Queen Snowfall walked down the spiral steps and paused when she saw Blizzard standing at the basinet. She quietly walked over to him and smiled when she was her baby tugging on his hairy hoof and laughing.
"His name is Snowmist," Queen Snowfall told him.
"What is he?" Blizzard curiously asked.
"He's an earth pony, like yourself."
"I know but what is he. He's so tinny. I never seen a pony so small," Blizzard told her without looking at her.
Queen Snowfall was surprised, "He's a baby. You never seen a baby before?"
"No. Never," Blizzard replied, "What are babies?"
His questions continued to surprise her, "Well, he'll grow up to be a prince some day. Even you were once a baby."
"Me?" Blizzard asked.
"Yes, you were that small once. Everyone was."
Blizzard stared calmly at the baby trying to remember when he was little but all he could remember was sitting in his dark room crying. It was the last time he cried, it had made Teriney mad and he burned him on the leg as a warning.
Blizzard closed his eyes at the thought, he didn't want to remember that.
"What's wrong?" Queen Snowfall asked worriedly.
Blizzard opened his eyes, "Nothing." He continued to stared at the baby, watching him tug at his hairy hoof. Suddenly an image of a mint green baby unicorn flashed before his eyes. Blizzard blinked a few times wondering what it was that he just saw. Had he seen a baby before and had forgotten about it?
"Was I really that small?" Blizzard finally asked.
"Of course. Why don't you ask your mother?" Queen snowfall suggested.
"I don’t' have one," Blizzard told her.
"Oh I'm sorry. What happened to her?"
"I've never seen her. Father never talks about her either," Blizzard replied.
"And you never seen a baby?" Queen Snowfall asked surprisingly, "How can that be that you never even heard of one before?"
"I...I don't go outside. I live in the house, mostly in my room so I have never meet anyone nor have I talked to anyone except father. He forbids me to go outside unless I'm giving orders to do something," Blizzard explained still staring at the baby.
"You never gone outside?" Queen Snowfall asked.
"I did once. I left the house one morning and found a group of ponies playing. I didn't know what they were doing since I never played before. Father eventually found me and I was....greatly punished for it," Blizzard answered, then suddenly he turned and stared at the Queen gasping in fright, "I got to go. I should never have told you anything about me. Father is going to be so angry with me when he finds out." Blizzard turned and ran out the door, then he turned into a cluster of snowflakes and flew from the garden. Queen Snowfall was so surprised by his answers and reaction, that she didn't hear the baby cry at first.
King Sea Mist walked in the room and saw Queen Snowfall staring at the open door.
"What's wrong?" King Sea Mist asked.
"That ice blue pony was just here," Queen Snowfall answered, then she turned and picked Snowmist up till he stopped crying.
"Are you alright? is the baby alright?" King Sea Mist asked worriedly.
"Yes, we are fine. That boy didn't do anything to us."
King Sea Mist sighed in relief, "I got to send a note to King Stardust about this." Then he turned to leave the room.
"Wait, there's something you should know first," Queen Snowfall exclaimed.
"It'll have to wait. It's important that I send..."
"No this can not wait. That boy is not the danger we all thought," Queen Snowfall interrupted.
King Sea Mist paused and turned towards her, "What do you mean?"
"It's his father who's the real danger. I was able to talk to the boy and learn quite a bit about him. Please Sea Mist, sit and let me tell you the rest. King stardust can find out when he gets here."
King Sea Mist had no choice, what she had said interested him already, he was anxious to learn more.

Blizzard flew through the sky till the sun began to set. When he saw Volcano of Gloom, he landed on the cliff and returned to his pony form. He took a deep breath hoping his father hadn't heard about him getting captured. He walked through the tunnel and over the bridge and into his house.
"I'm back!" Blizzard yelled.
"In here!" Teriney yelled.
Blizzard walked down the hall and opened the door. At the table sat Teriney, eating a pile of fish and other small animals.
"Well?" Teriney asked.
"I ran into the Princess's guards. I...I um...wounded them but..."
"What about Princess Luna?" Teriney asked as he stood up from his chair.
"I...umm..haven't seen her lately," Blizzard nervously replied.
Teriney looked at him angrily as he blew smoke from his nose. He walked around the table while Blizzard slowly backed away from him.
"You have done nothing in accomplishing your mission. It's always an excuse," Teriney exclaimed angrily.
"I-I...can't help it. She's hiding pretty good," Blizzard replied feeling scared.
"Find her!" Teriney yelled angrily, "I want something beside your stupid excuses!" Then he opened his mouth and blew fire at him. Blizzard jumped out of the way. He knew Teriney wasn't trying to hit him, it was just a warning.
"I want progress next time or else!" Teriney yelled, "Now get out and kill her!"
Blizzard stood up and ran out of the room. He ran down the hall and hurried outside. Then he ran over the bridge and through the tunnel. When he came to the cliff, he paused and sat down, breathing heavily.
"I got to think of something next time I return," Blizzard thought.

A few days later, Starfire and Skyview in cloud form, flew towards the mountain and landed in the front yard. A dark red soldier wearing armor stood at the bottom steps in front of the castle as if he had been waiting for them all day. Skyview and Stardust emerged from the cloud and standing next to Starfire. Each of them wore their golden collars, Stardust wore his golden crown.
"King Stardust, Prince Skyview, Prince Starfire," The soldier said bowing his head, "Please follow me. The King and Queen has something urgent to tell you," he turned and walked into the castle with the black ponies behind him.
The soldier walked down the hall and into the throne room, he stopped and watched as they continued walking past him.
Stardust and his brother stopped and stood before King Sea Mist and Queen Snowfall with the baby in her arms.
"Make sure we are not disturbed," King Sea Mist told the soldier who nodded and left the room.
"I received a letter saying you had caught the ice blue pony," Stardust told him.
"Yes...well, I did have him but he escaped," King Sea Mist answered.
"I thought so. I felt him go through the gate," Starfire replied.
"You did?" Skyview asked, "And you didn't tell us?"
"This is a new experience to me. I can feel him go through all the time...I just...Wasn't sure what I felt was...the gate."
"You should have told us," Skyview exclaimed.
"Oh?...and like you should have told us along time ago about your super hearing?" Starfire asked.
Skyview didn't reply, he knew Starfire was right. Skyview glared at Starfire who just smiled.
"I can't believe I won this argument," Starfire muttered.
"Well tell us the next time you feel him go through the gate," Stardust told him.
"I'm sorry, King Sea Mist," Stardust told him.
"It's alright. It's very interesting about what Prince Starfire said," Then he looked at Queen Snowfall, "My wife did talk to him for a little bit and learned some things you might find interesting. It's best if she told you."
The black ponies spent the day at the castle talking about the ice blue pony and what he had said.