Chapter 5: Rainy day

Luna walked from her street to the park when she felt a rain drop. She stopped and looked at the sky, the clouds her gray and the wind blew slightly. The sun had disappeared behind the clouds. Suddenly Luna felt a few more rain drops.
"This is just great," Luna thought.
She bolted into a run hoping to reach the ice cream shop before it rained harder.

By the time she reached the shop, it was raining. Her coat was damp and so was her hair. Luna could feel her wings heavy with water. She folded her wings to her side hoping the water would drip down to her coat. When she walked in she saw Blizzard just sitting down. He looked wet as well. Luna walked up to the counter and sat down next to him.
"Umm, Hi," Luna," hesitated to say, "I see you got caught in the rain too."
Blizzard looked at her as water dripped from his mane, "Yes I did."
"I was just going to meet Blueberry when it rained. Is he here?" Luna asked.
"I didn't look around when I came in," Blizzard replied.
"Oh," Luna replied.
She sat for a while squeezing the water out of her hair as she glanced at Blizzard every now and then.
"Ummm, do you mind if I ask you something?" Luna asked.
"Depends on what you want to know," Blizzard answered as he squeezing the water out of his bangs and mane.
"Well, I can't help noticed your always alone.."
"I prefer it that way too," Blizzard quickly interrupted.
"Do you have any friends?" Luna asked.
"No," Blizzard flatly answered, "Why do I need friends?"
His answer caught her off guard. Was he really serious?
"Everybody needs friends. It's not good for a pony to spend all their time alone. You just seem so lonely," Luna answered.
"Lonely?" Blizzard muttered, he never thought of being lonely or needing friends. It was something he never thought of nor cared about.
Just then Blueberry ran into the shop looking soaked. Luna turned and gasped. He was soaked to the skin.
"Blueberry!" Luna exclaimed. She got off the stool and hurried over to him while Blizzard watched.
"I thought you might have came here instead of the lake when it started to rain," Blueberry explained.
Blueberry turned and sat at the booths with Luna. A pony walked up to them and took their orders.
"I'll take hot chocolate," Blueberry told her.
"The same," Luna added.
The pony nodded and left their table.

"My I help you?" a pony asked.
Blizzard turned and saw a pony behind the counter, "Umm, yes. just give me a milkshake."
the pony seemed a bit surprised, she noticed how wet he was and he looked cold, "are you sure you don't want something to warm you up?"
"A milkshake will do me just fine."
"Ok." the pony replied, she turned and fixed his shake then handed it to him. As he sat and stared at Luna, he noticed her long purple hair that matched her eyes. As he looked over Luna and watching, his shake began to melt. Blizzard couldn't help but feel a slightly mad at Blueberry although he didn't know why he would be mad at him.
"Excuse me but aren't you going to drink your shake?" the pony asked.
Blizzard turned and saw the shake was a bit watery. Blizzard took his shake and turned from the counter to watch Luna. There was something about her that he found hard to take his eye off of her. Blizzard blew slightly on his shake to make it colder and less watery. He was so fixated on Luna and Blueberry that he didn't noticed his shake turning to ice.
Blizzard quickly stopped and looked at his shake.
"That's great," Blizzard thought, "What is wrong with me?" He turned and sat his icy shake on the counter, "There's nothing interesting about her. Nothing at all."
The pony walked by and saw his shake was covered in ice.
"What..happened?" she asked.
"It got cold," Blizzard stood up and left the counter. He glanced at Luna as he walked by heading to the door. He poked his head outside and saw that no one was on the sidewalk or street.
He quickly dashed out turning left and into an alley then he quickly turned into a cluster of snowflakes blowing across the park.
Luna smiled and looked outside. Then something odd caught her eye. She blinked a few times to make sure she wasn't just seeing things.
"What is it?" Blueberry asked noticing her staring out the window.
"I..I just thought I saw...Snow flake."
"Snowflakes?" Blueberry asked, "It's not even possible for it to snow. It's too warm out," Blueberry pointed out.
"Yeah, your right," Luna replied smiling.
She spent the day at the shop till the rain had slowed down, then she hurried home.