Chapter 59: Face to face with Blizzard

It was in the afternoon and Blizzard was outside next to the shack working on his school work. He finished his math, then his English and then his book report. When he was done he sat the school books and papers in his bag, then he went inside the shack and left his bag in the corner with his leg wrappings. He looked at his cloak in the corner and thought of Teriney.
"I haven't seen him in a while," Blizzard thought, he picked up his cloak and put it on, "He'll be mad if I don't see him soon." He left the shack and put on his hood, then he turned into a cluster of snowflakes and flew through the forest till he reached the gate, then he returned to his pony form.

He walked through the gate and stopped, to his surprise there were no soldiers. He had expected to see them still guarding the gate. Blizzard looked to his left and saw a net coming at him. Blizzard bolted into a run only to have his leg caught by the net. He shook his leg loose just as another soldier was coming at him. Blizzard ran trying his best to dodge the soldiers and keep from getting caught. Blizzard spit icy darts at a few soldiers when he saw how close they were getting. Just then another soldier ran out from the forest in front of him. Blizzard stopped suddenly in surprise. As he turned to looked around, something hit him on the head. Blizzard immediately black out and fell to the grass.
The light pink soldier threw the branch into the forest and took Blizzard's hood off, "Well Captain, at lest he's alive."
The Captain, the brown soldier walked up to Blizzard and stared at him, "It's a shame though. He's a nice looking boy," the soldier looked up, "Give me a rope and something to tied his mouth shut. I don't want him to turn any of us to ice when he wakes up."
A yellow soldier handed him the rope and a short thin rope. The Captain tied Blizzard's front feet then he tied the thin rope around his muzzle. Then he picked Blizzard up, "Lets go. You two come with me to the throne room."
The soldier's left the gate and followed him to the dirt road, then they walked up to the gates.
The soldiers on the wall immediately knew who the Captain was. The Castle gates were quickly opened, letting the Captain and the other soldiers in. He walked into the castle and down a hallway towards the throne room.
"Let us in. I have brought the ice blue pony," the Captain told the guards.
They nodded at him and hurried into the throne room, a minute later they came back.
"You may go in," one of the guards told him.
The Captain and two others walked in the throne room and stood before King Sea Mist. Queen Snowfall left and hurried into her private room with her baby.
"You finally got him," King Sea mist exclaimed.
The Captain put Blizzard on the hard marble floor, "Yes. It had been a while since we last saw him."
King Sea Mist stood up from his throne and walked up to Blizzard, "Wake him up."

Blizzard was unconscious in a comfortable darkness till he felt someone continually kicking him on the back. He moved his legs only he couldn't move his front legs nor could he open his mouth. He opened his eyes to a bright blurry light. He closed them again, then he opened them. His vision cleared and he was able to see a soldier next to him.
"Well now that your awake I have some questions for you and I want them answered," said King Sea Mist.
Blizzard looked up and saw the King standing above him looking quite mad.
"Remove the rope from him muzzle," King Sea mist ordered.
The Captain took out his sword and held it to Blizzard's throat while the other soldier untied the rope.
"Now who are you," King Sea mist asked.
Blizzard remained quiet, he couldn't tell them anything, especially his name.
"Answer me boy!"
Blizzard looked at the marble floor and said nothing.
"Why are you after Princess Luna?" King Sea Mist asked.
Blizzard continued to remain silent.
"I want an answer!"
Blizzard suddenly felt the sword at his neck, inching closer to his skin. Blizzard squinted to a sharp pain the sword was causing.
"To kill her," Blizzard suddenly said.
When Blizzard didn't answer, he felt a sharp pain only a bit more intense.
The pain was hurting his neck and a tear fell from his eye, "Father ordered me to and I don't know why. I never asked him."
"Where do you live?" King Sea Mist asked.
That was the one question he couldn't answer no mater how much he hurt. He knew Teriney would hurt him far worse than a sword ever could.
Blizzard let a few more tears fall but remained silent.
"That's enough. It's obvious he's not gong to say anything more. Take him to the dungeon and bind his feet and muzzle him. I want soldiers guarding him till King Stardust gets here," King Sea Mist ordered.
"Yes, King Sea Mist,” The Captain replied. The others soldiers tied a rope around Blizzard's muzzle then the Captain picked him up and carried him out of the throne room.

He walked down a long hallway and turned left to a set of spiral stairs then he stopped in the dark dungeon while the other soldier got a lantern and lit it. He led the way and walked to a rather large cell with chains attached to the wall. The third soldier had gathered four more soldiers and went to the dungeon.
the Captain sat Blizzard on the stony ground in a large cell. Then he untired his feet and bound metal chains to his front feet. Then he untired his muzzle and retired it, wrapping it around his muzzle and tying it to the back of his head.
"That is to be sure you don't untie it," The Captain told him, "It's a shame we have to treat a little pony like your self this way," Then he turned and left the cell while the other soldier closed it.
Blizzard looked at the chains on his feet that was attached to the wall, the cell he was in had no windows so there was nothing he could look at.
"Father is going to be angry with me when he finds out," Blizzard thought.