Chapter 57:  Sapphire on the loose

It was morning and the birds chirped loudly among the trees as the sun was rose higher in the sky. Luna ran out of the house in her earth form with her school bag around her neck. She ran as fast as she could down the street. When she reached the park she her legs were worn out.
"I should do my homework sooner next time," Luna thought. Just then she saw Clover and who was also late, "Clover!"
Clover was out of breath and gave a weak smile when she saw Luna. They meet up and ran together towards school.
" to bed late," Clover muttered.
Suddenly they ran into a pony and fell, dropping their books and papers all over the grass along with the other pony's stuff.
Luna and Clover sat up and gasped at the slate gray colored pony. His mane was turquoise and his tail was spring green color.
"We're very sorry and so very late for school," Luna exclaimed.
The two girls grabbed their books and papers, then stuffed it in their bags while the other pony gathered his stuff and put it in his dark brown bag.
"It's alright," the pony replied smiling.
"Sorry we can't stay and help," Clover told him.
Just then the bell rang.
The girls gasped.
"Oh no. Clover hurry lets go!" Luna cried and began running towards the school with Clover behind her.
The gray pony had gathered his stuff and then began checking to see if he had every thing but then he noticed something was missing.
"Where is it?" He muttered. He began walked around the area and still there was nothing, "All that trouble I went through to get it and it's gone," He exclaimed. Then he paused, "One of those ponies must have it."
He turned and watched as they ran into the school.

After school Luna hurried home to drop her school bag off then she quickly left and hurried to the ice cream shop. She ran across the park and found Blizzard walking ahead of her. She slowed down and walked next to him, "Hi!"
"Hi," Blizzard replied.
"Are you heading to the ice cream shop?" Luna asked.
"Yes I am."
Luna smiled.
Blizzard looked at her curiously, "Where's Blueberry?"
"Gone for practice," Luna replied.
Blizzard was glad Blueberry wasn't around. This was his chance to be with her.
"Are you going to the shop for ice cream?" Blizzard asked.
"Yes I am while I'm waiting for my friends," Luna replied.
"Would you mind if I sat with you?" Blizzard asked.
Luna looked at him surprisingly.
"Well since we're both going there. I don't see why not," Blizzard quickly explained.
Luna smiled at him, "Sure, I would love to have company till my friends shows up." She still couldn't get over the fact he had asked that question. Was her friends right about him? Did he really like her more than just a friend? Luna shook the thought out of her head.
"He's just being friendly," Luna thought. She glanced at him and smiled, she was glad she had him for company.
They left the park and walked into the ice cream shop. They walked to the counter and sat on the stools.
A golden pony with dark pink and red hair walked up to them from behind the counter, "May I take your order?"
"vanilla cookie blizzard," Luna replied.
"Vanilla shake," Blizzard replied.
"Coming right up." The pony turned around and quickly began making their orders. A few minutes later she handed their order to them.
Luna took her long red spoon and scooped up a bit of ice cream and ate it. Blizzard sipped on his shake and watched her enjoying her blizzard.
"Blizzard, have you tried a blizzard before?" Luna asked.
"A few times. I was told they have a Blueberry blizzard here."
Luna laughed, "Are you serious? I'll have to try that sometime." She looked at Blizzard and smiled as his icy blue eyes stared at her.
"Lunarstar!" A familiar voice cried.
Luna turned and smiled, "Patch!"
Patch walked up to Luna and sat next to her on a stool. She was carrying a rolled up newspaper, she was about to say something when Melody and Sweetheart walked in, then Clover and Starlight. Soon all of Luna's friends had walked in the shop and sat around her and Blizzard.
"Did you see the newspaper?" Starlight asked excitedly.
"I brought one with me," Patch quickly said as she unrolled the paper.
"What about it?" Luna asked curiously.
"Well, there's a Princess coming to town," Patch answered.
The word 'Princess' caught Blizzard's attention, he continued sipping on his shake as he listened with great interest.
"A Princess?" Bon Bon asked.
"Yes, It's Princess Rosy. Remember her?" Starlight asked.
"Who?" Luna asked. It was the first time she had heard of the pony.
"She was our friend long before you moved here. She was a lost Princess living at the orphanage. Her parents came to find her. Every pony in town tried on the crown hoping they would be the Princess but Patch match her description better than any of us," Bright Eyes explained.
"I almost believed I was the Princess because I had red paint on me that we thought was a birthmark," Patch added.
"And she was adopted," Sweetheart added.
"Oh, So she's a friend? But why is she coming here?" Luna asked.
"To find her missing jewel," Starlight answered.
Blizzard couldn't stand the wait any longer, he just had to read the paper. He turned in his seat, "Let me see that paper."
The girls were surprised he even spoke to them. It wasn't to often they heard him say something.
"Sure," Patch replied, then she handed the paper to Blizzard who wasted no time reading it.
"Umm...What jewel?" Melody asked.
Patch and Starlight paused and thought about it.
"I can't remember," Starlight replied.
"I can't either. I don't think I read that far," Patch replied.
"It's a sapphire," Blizzard answered as he continued to explain, "The royal family is coming to Ponyland in search for their family jewel which was stolen from their home. They heard rumors that the sapphire was seen in Ponyland and they have come to retrieve it."
"Stolen?" The girls asked.
"What's a sapphire?" Sweetheart asked.
"It's a blue crystal called a sapphire and they are very valuable," Bright Eyes exclaimed.
Blizzard handed the paper back and got off his stool then he began to walk away.
"Where are you going?" Starlight asked him.
"The Royal Family is arriving today. I want to see them," Blizzard asked.
"Oh, lets all go and see them," Bon Bon suggested.
"Sound good to me," Starlight replied, "Lets go."
The girls got off their stools and followed Blizzard.

They walked together to the Hotel only to find a group of ponies there. They squeezed through the ponies and managed to get close to the front. Luna was between her friends so other ponies wouldn't feel her invisible wings. Blizzard stood in front watching as a carriage arrived. A dark purple pony with light blue and orange hair stood by the carriage and opened the door. A white pony with green sparkling hair walked out of the carriage first then a yellow pony with pink hair, then a smaller pony that looked like her mother only in lighter colors. They all wore golden crowns with a large diamond on top of the red velvet from the crown. The Princess wore a plain golden crown with red jewels on it. As they walked ponies began to cheer. Luna quickly left when she saw the cameras getting ready to flash. The royal ponies walked through the crowed and into the inn.
"She didn't even see us," Melody exclaimed.
"There's so many ponies around and cameras all over the place it's no wonder she didn't see us," Bright Eyes explained.
Sweetheart was the first to suddenly noticed Luna missing, "Where's Lunarstar?"
The girls looked around and couldn't find her. When the crowed slowly began to leave the girls were able to find her. She stood on the side of the Inn watching. The girls walked up to her worriedly.
"What's wrong?" Sweetheart asked.
"I forgot they would have cameras," Luna replied.
"Oh," The girls exclaimed as they remembered what Luna had told them about her and cameras.
"Sorry, Lunarstar. I hope no one got a picture of you," Starlight replied.
"No, I left before they took the first shot," Luna walked out from the side of the building, "But I did see the royal family. I'm glad it's not like that back home."
"It's not?" Melody asked.
"You don't have a crowed of ponies all around you when you walk out in public?" Patch asked.
"Not really. I have soldiers around me. The ponies in town leave the streets when me or my family walks through," Luna explained.
"Oh wow. I'd love to see that," Melody exclaimed.
Luna smiled, "Maybe I can get a picture of it sometime if my parents let me."
"That'll be great," Patch replied.
Luna looked at the sky and noticed the sun was beginning to set, "I have to go. I'll see you tomorrow!" She ran from her friends and hurried home.
"I guess we all better get home," Bright Eyes suggested, "Bye." Then she left the group. Slowly one by one they all scattered and went home.

Clover walked through town with Sweetheart as they talked about Luna and their friend Princess Rosy. Suddenly, they heard a noise and turned to find a slate gray pony with turquoise and spring green hair, he had bumped into a trash can from an alley.
"He should watch where he's going," Clover muttered then they continued walking.
After awhile they split and continued home. Clover continued to hear hoof steps, when she turned to see who it was the noise stopped. When she saw no one she continued walking, this time there was no noise. She ran home and quickly closed the door, Then she a deep breath.

Later that night Clover was sound asleep on her bed when she heard a slight noise in her room. She rolled over and quickly fell asleep. A few minutes later she heard another noise, she woke up and listened but there was nothing to hear. She was about to go back to sleep when she heard it again. It sounded like something fell on the floor. Clover slowly climbed out of bed and walked to her door. She cracked the door opened and peeked in the hall. She noticed her parents also peeked out their door. They stood and listened, a minute later they heard another noise. Clover's father left his room and walked to the livingroom. Clover's mother was right behind him with Clover trailing behind.
"Hay!" her father cried startling the dark pony figure. The pony quickly ran out the door with Clover's father right behind him. The father stopped at the edge of his yard when he couldn't see in the dark to follow him.
Clover's father turned and hurried inside the house just as Clover's mother turned on the lights. To their shock, the room was a mess. Everything was scattered on the floor. Drawers from under the tables were opens, books were scattered on the floor, flowers were taken from their vases and thrown to the floor. Clover's parents walked around the house and found that every room was like that even Clover's room.
"Oh what are we going to do?" Clover's mother cried sadly.
"We can check and see if anything is missing before calling the police," The father replied.