Chapter 56: A day together gone wrong

After School Luna hurried home as her long purple hair flew wildly in the wind. When she was in the house she ran up the stairs, dropped her school bag on her bed and hurried downstairs to the kitchen.
"Mom I'm going out to the park, bye!" Luna exclaimed happily.
"Ok, be careful."
Luna hurried out the front door just as Booster walked in the kitchen from the backdoor.
"Was that Lunarstar?" Booster asked.
"Yes, it was. She's just going to the park," Rosebud answered.
"Oh, well is Charades back yet?" Booster asked.
"No he isn't," Rosebud answered.
"I need his help with the wooden beams."
"Why don't you rest till he gets back?" Rosebud suggested.
"Ok, I'll go outside and take a brake," Booster replied and left the kitchen.

Luna ran down her street and past a few blocks. She slowed down to a walk when she reached the corner across from the park. She walked across the street and meet Blueberry at the entrance.
"Ok, lets go," Luna told him with a smile.
The continued walking through the park, stopping every now and then to watch small ponies playing. Blueberry took a quick look around to see if Blizzard was fallowing them but he wasn't there.
"What's wrong?" Luna asked noticing how he was looking around.
"I...umm...was wondering where Blizzard was since he loves to watch other ponies."
"Oh well, he's over there," Luna pointed in the distance.
Blizzard was laying on the grass watching the ponies playing and seem to find their game fascinating.
They continued walking around the park through the small shady pathway between a large group of trees. Luna looked up at Blueberry and smiled. She loved how sweet he was to her and always seems to be watching out for her. Her mind slowly began to wander towards Blizzard. She remembered when he helped her carry flowers home and when she eat with him at the ice cream shop and spent the day with him around the park.
"Lunarstar?" Blueberry called to her.
Luna blinked a few times then smiled at him, "Yes?"
"I was just asking you if you want a drink. The water fountain isn't to far from here."
"Oh, yes. I could use a drink of water." Luna wondered why was she thinking about Blizzard. She's been catching herself doing that quite often.
They eventually reached the lake and water to the water fountain close by. Blueberry let her drink first then he drank some water.
"That was good," Blueberry exclaimed.
"Yes it was," Luna agreed. She walked onto the grass and sat next to the lake watching the boats. There were extra boats on the other side of the lake. Blueberry sat down next to her and watched the boats.
"It's so pretty," Luna told him, "I love this lake."
Blueberry looked at Luna smiling, "The lake certainly is pretty."
Luna looked at him and smiled.

Charades was carrying two bags as he walked through the park. He walked around the lake and suddenly noticed Luna and Blueberry. Charades stopped and watched wondering if he was Blueberry. It wasn't log till he got his answer. Luna and Blueberry leaned forward and nuzzled each other on the cheeks then they kissed.
Charades wasn't happy with what he saw. He knew Luna did not take her father's or uncles warnings. As he watch he realized, she had already fallen in love.

Luna leaned back and smiled at him, then suddenly she noticed Charades standing there staring at her. She could tell he wasn't happy at what he just saw. Then she saw he was motioning her with his hoof.
"I'm sorry Blueberry I'll be right back." She stood up and walked over to Charades.
"May I remind you of what your father and uncles said to you?" Charades asked sternly.
"I already know. I've been told who knows how many times."
"And you didn't listen, did you?"
"I love him, Charades and there's nothing anyone can do about it!" Luna exclaimed as she started to feel upset.
"Don't yell at me like that, Princess. I'm only following orders. I'll have to report this to your father when I see him and you know he will not be happy to hear it. I suggest you drop that boy soon," Charades told her.
"I...I don't want to!" Luna cried.
"You will sooner or later. You won't have a choice. You know the rule, you are a Princess and you must marry a Prince."
"But I'm only 14."
"Yes and you'll soon be 15. If you don't pick a prince to marry shortly after your 15th birthday, your parents will decide for you." Charades looked sternly at her and saw a tear fall from her cheek, "I'm sorry but I'm only following orders. Me and Buster are your personal body guards. We are to watch out for you and we take orders only from King Stardust. We were told to make sure you don't fall in love with Blueberry and it seems that we are too late."
Luna fought the tear from falling. She didn't want Blueberry to catch her crying. She could feel her heavy heart braking at the thought of leaving Blueberry.
"I'm sorry Lunarstar but think about what I said," Charades turned and began to leave her.
"I'm sorry," Luna muttered.
Charades stopped and looked at her.
"I didn't mean to get mad at you. I...I just can't brake up. He's just too sweet," Luna told him.
"You'll have to think of something, Lunarstar," Charades smiled at her, "I'll see you later." Then he turned and left her.
Luna stood for a few minutes feeling sad. How was she going to brake up with him? She just couldn't do it. Maybe if she kept him a secret from everyone, Buster, Charades and her parents won't know. She turned and walked back to Blueberry as she tried to think of a way out of her problem.
"Is everything alright?" Blueberry asked noticing how sad she looked.
"I'm fine," Luna smiled at him as best as she could but then it faded.
"Well about a boat ride?" Blueberry asked her.

They stood up and walked around the lake to the docks then they climbed in an empty boat and sat down. Blueberry took the paddle and began rowing the boat.
"Want to tell me what's wrong?" Blueberry asked, "What did he tell you?"
"Just...some upsetting things," Luna looked at him and smiled, "Nothing you have to worry about."
Blueberry rowed the boat around the lake while Luna stared at the water rippling around the boat. Every now and then she would catch a glimpse of a fish.
"Well?" Blueberry asked her, "Like it?"
Luna looked up at him and smiled, "It's great, thank you," Luna exclaimed happily. It was just what she needed to get her mind off of Charades and enjoy herself.
"I knew you'd like this."
As they continued rowing the boat, another boat suddenly bumped into them and Luna fell into the water as she hit her head on the side of the boat.
"Lunarstar!" Blueberry cried, he looked at the water and for a minute he saw a bright glow, " that?"

Luna was unconscious for a second as she fell like a rock. She woke up and suddenly realized she couldn't gasp for air and that she had returned to a winged unicorn. She quickly lit her horn and changed back into an earth pony, then she kicked her legs and tried to reach the surface but she wasn't going to make it, she couldn't hold her breath for to long. She already had the deep urge to cough from the water she already swallowed. Just then two ponies grabbed her front hooves and pulled her to the surface. Luna gasped for air and continued to cough. She looked at the two ponies that helped her and smiled, one of them was Blueberry and the other was the pony that bumped into her boat.
"I'm so sorry," The dark green pony quickly told her, "Are you alright?"
Luna coughed a few more times, "I'm ok. Thank you." Then she grabbed the boat and climbed in with Blueberry's help, then he climbed in after her. On the other boat was a light purple pony with white and red hair, "Are you alright?"
"Yes, thank you," Luna replied, "Blueberry, can you please get me to land? I'm so cold and want to dry before going home."
"Sure. I wouldn't mind drying off either," Blueberry replied, then he rowed the boat back to the dock.
Luna looked at him worriedly and wondered if he saw her change to a winged unicorn? What would her real parents say if he really did see her change?
When they reach the dock Luna climbed out of the boat and walked to the grass and laid down. She kept quiet, thinking about what just happened.
"Are you sure your ok?" Blueberry asked her, "You being quiet and it worries me."
Luna smiled at him, "I'm sorry. I'm fine...really I am. I just....felt like I was drowning," Luna laid her head down and continued to have deep thoughts.

As the sun beat down on their hair and coat, they laid there talking and watching the clouds till the sun began to set. Blueberry was the first to noticed how dry he was.
"I think we should be dry now," Blueberry told her.
Luna sat up and felt her coat, she looked and felt dry, "Well I got to go home then."
Blueberry stood up and kissed Luna on the cheek, "I'll see you tomorrow. Perhaps tomorrow will be a better day."
"Hopefully," Luna replied and then she stood up and left.