Chapter 55: Searching for Secrets

It was in the afternoon and Luna in her earth form hurried down the street to the park, she was in a hurry to meet Blueberry. When she saw the park, she noticed Blueberry standing and waiting for her. Luna crossed the street and approached him.
"Well I made it," Luna exclaimed smiling.
"I got to go to practice soon. Want to get some ice cream?" Blueberry asked.
"Yes, that sounds great," Luna answered.
They began walking through the park and quickly left the exit. They crossed the street and entered into the Ice Cream Shop. Blueberry and Luna sat at a booth, her friends were at the counter and smiled at her. Luna blushed knowing her friends where watching. Just then a waiter arrived, "May I take your order?"
"Two scoops of vanilla ice cream in a bowl," Luna answered.
"I'll take the same," Blueberry told her.
"Ok, coming right up," The waiter turned and left them.

Just then Raspberry walked in and sat a booth far from them but making sure she could still see them.
"I will find out if she's keeping any secrets. I will have some friends," Raspberry thought as she sat down.
Just then a white pony with green and pink hair arrived, "May I take your order?"
Raspberry looked and saw they were eating ice cream, "Umm a bowl of ice cream. Make it two scoops."
"Coming right up," She turned and left.
"I'd be popular again if I was her friend," Raspberry thought.
A few minutes later the waiter returned with a bowel of ice cream, Raspberry paid for the ice cream and began eating it while watching Luna.

Blueberry quickly finished his ice cream when Patch walked up to him, "We have to go to practice!"
"Ok, I'll be there in a minute," Blueberry replied. Patch turned and hurried out the shop.
"So soon?" Luna asked him feeling a bit disappoint.
"I told you on the phone I'd have to make this a short get together. I'm sorry but I got to go. I'll see you tomorrow then," Blueberry told her.
"Ok, bye," Luna replied.
Blueberry got up and left the shop. Luna's friends hurried over to her and sat down.
"So what happened?" Melody asked excitedly.
"Well, we just talked," Luna replied nervously.
The girls giggled watching her blush.
Starlight sat by the window when she noticed Blueberry with Blizzard.
"Look," Starlight exclaimed.
The girls grouped by the window and watched Blueberry looking angrily at Blizzard and talking.
"Those two seemed mad about something," Bon Bon observed.
"I wonder what they're talking about?" Clover thought out loud.
"Beats me," Melody replied.
Luna stared at Blueberry wondering why he was so mad at Blizzard? What did he do to make Blueberry mad?
After a few minute Blueberry left and Blizzard continued into the ice cream shop.
"Blizzard!" Starlight called to him.
Blizzard stopped and looked at the girls.
"What were you two mad about?" Bright Eyes asked curiously.
"Nothing," Blizzard answered and continued toward the counter and sat on the stool.
"Ok, that was a waste of time asking him," Melody exclaimed.
"We'll find out sooner or later," Bright Eyes replied, "anything about Blizzard is bound to be talked about.
"That ice cream looks good," Bon Bon remarked staring at the last bit of Luna's ice cream.
"Your hungry?" Sweetheart asked.
"Yes, I haven't eaten in a while. How about we make some apple pies?" Bon Bon suggested.
"Now that sounds good," Melody exclaimed.
"We'll have to get the apple from the apple trees. Then make the pie and we can eat it at the club house," Bon Bon suggested.
"That would be great. Lets go then," Starlight exclaimed.
The girls stood up and left the shop with Raspberry trailing behind them.

The girls walked across town through the community of houses to a house on the corner. They walked through the white wooden fence and around the house. Bon Bon's mother was on a ladder next to one of the trees picking apples. Her mother was a dark golden pony.
"Hi, Bon Bon," Her mother said happily.
"Mom, do you mind if we pick some apples and make a few apple pies?" Bon Bon asked.
"Sure, if you don't mind helping me. Grab some baskets and fill them with apples. You can use one of the baskets for your pies."
"Thanks mom," Bon Bon replied smiling.
The girls took large round red woven baskets and used stools to grabe the lowest apples.
"Lunarstar," Sweetheart whispered to her, "couldn't you make all those apple fall off the tree?"
"I could but I can't," Luna whispered, "Bon Bon's mother is here and I'd be in so much trouble if I used my...magic here."
"I remember you did that once," Bon Bon whispered, "It was at night and Skyview was there. All the apples fell on him."
The girls giggled.

Raspberry hide on the side of the house watching and wondering what they were talking about. What was so funny? She wanted to get close but couldn't risk being spotted.
Time flew by as they strained to reach the apples and fill their baskets. When they had fill them they gathered around Bon Bon's mother and left the baskets in a row.
"Mom, We're done."
"Thank you girls," her mother exclaimed happily.
The girls took one basket and carried it to the house. Raspberry quickly hid hoping the girls wouldn't walk around the house. When she heard them walk through the back door she breathed a sigh of relief and sat on the grass. Next to her was a window to the kitchen, she could hear them enter the kitchen and began chopping the apples.
She sat for hours listening to them and at times she wished she was inside with them laughing and having fun. She spent most of the time listening to Luna and wondering what it would be like to be friends with her.

After the pies had finished and spent time to cool, they took the two pies and left the house. Raspberry followed them from the house to the club house. She hid in the bushes while watching through the window.
Just then Starlight closed the curtain which made Raspberry mad. She laid in the grass and watched as she listened. They were still laughing and talking. Raspberry quickly walked up to the window and sat next to it to hear them better.
"Are you serious?" Melody asked.
"Did he really do that?" Starlight asked curiously.
"Yes he did. He really blushed," Luna replied.
"Oh, I think someone likes you Lunarstar," Clover guessed.
"More than just like you," Starlight teased.
"Really?" Luna asked, "He never said anything to me about it."
"He's probably shy or something. Give him time, he'll say something," Sweetheart told her.
Raspberry sat and wondered who they were talking about. Who liked her? Raspberry sighed, everyone liked her, it could be anyone.
Suddenly the curtains opened. Raspberry gasped surprisingly.
"It's almost sunset, I got to go home. Bye!" Luna exclaimed.
Raspberry stood up and quickly hid in the bushes just as Luna ran out of the club house. She continued to watch Luna as she ran past her and onto the sidewalk. Raspberry stood up and watched till she could no longer be seen.
"So your spying on her too?" Blueberry asked startling Raspberry.
Raspberry gaspbed and turned around, "Blueberry...I..ummm."
"Don't give me a big lie and where is Blizzard, is he spying as well?" Blueberry asked suspiciously.
"I have not seen him all day. Just what is your problem?" Raspberry exclaimed.
"Everyone seems to like spying on Lunarstar, that's my problem."
"Your imagining it, Blueberry. Don't over do it or you could lose her to someone else," Raspberry warned him.
"I'm not over doing it. I know you were spying on her and I know Blizzard has done it as well."
"Alright I was spying on her, I was going to find out her big secret and..."
"Don't you ever learn? You can get friends like that and..."
"Shut up, I know that..." Raspberry sighed sadly, "I know that now and I'm not going to try it again." She continued walking with Blueberry behind her.
"She makes a great friend," Blueberry muttered smiling at her.
"I noticed," Raspberry stopped and looked up at him, "I'm sorry. My old habits are...hard to brake." Then she ran leaving Blueberry behind.
"Maybe Little Flitter and that black unicorn was right about making friends," Raspberry thought.