Chapter 54: Two boys in The Petals Gardens

Luna, in her winged unicorn form was sitting in the dinning room at the table eating her breakfast when Charades walked into the Kitchen and went to the living room to see Luna.
"I see you’re finally up," Charades exclaimed smiling.
Luna turned around in her chair and smiled tiredly at him, "Yeah, mom just about dragged me out of bed."
Charades laughed, "I heard your going to the Petals Gardens. It's suppose to be pretty there."
"I know. There's lots of flowers there. Every year they open up and sell flowers of all kinds. Mom has been wanting to go," Luna replied, "She wants me to help bring home flowers for her."
"Well her flower garden is pretty and some what small."
"That is why I want to go," Rosebud exclaimed coming out from another room, "I plan to have a big garden and then maybe I'll join those garden clubs. Lunarstar hurry up, I want to get there when it opens."
Luna quickly finished her breakfast and left the house with her mother as she turned into an earth pony. At the door sat a red wagon with a long rope tired to the handle.
"Mom, your taking that?" Luna asked curiously.
"I have to bring the flowers home some how." Rosebud picked up the rope in her mouth and began walking with Luna and the wagon next to her.

They walked to the edge of town and up a hill down a long wide path. Luna noticed there were lots of other ponies ahead of them, some carried bags others had little ponies with them. Ahead of them were large white wooden gates with a sign above it saying 'The Petals Gardens' Luna was excited to see all the flowers. She could already see the trees inside that had white and pink flowers on them. At the entrance were two white booths with two long lines. Luna and her mother stood in one of the lines, she thought it was going to take along time to get in but it didn't. They were at the booths within ten minutes. Her mother payed their way in and Luna followed her. They walked down the sidewalk with rows of trees on each side that had white flowers on them. The garden was very large, the flowers were in square sections. On the hill tops were several large green houses. Next to the green houses were more flowers and white flower trees. There were benches scattered around the gardens for ponies to sit and enjoy the view.
"It's so pretty here," Luna exclaimed.
"It certainly it," Rosebud replied.
Luna knew her real mother would love this garden.
"I want a garden just like this someday," Luna muttered.
Rosebud smiled, "I'm sure you'll have one. You just make sure you invite me to see it someday."
"Oh I certainly will," Luna replied.
They continued walking towards the green house and entered. Inside were five long rows of flowers in small sections, each section had a different kind of flower. Luna noticed there were a lot of ponies inside looking at the flowers some carried a few with them.
Rosebud began picking flowers from the base and putting them in her wagon. Luna just followed her down one row.
"Mom, do you mind if I look around?" Luna asked.
"Go ahead but don't be to long, I may need your help carrying them. You'll find me in one of the green houses," Rosebud told her.
"Ok," Luna replied. She turned and left the green house. It was warm and sticky inside, she loved being outside where there was fresh air. She continued walking along the sidewalk as she stopped and looked every now and then.

Blizzard flew over the white fence in a cluster of snowflakes and flew along the flowers. He flew to the side of the green house next to a tree and appeared in his pony form. He looked around making sure no one saw him. Everyone was to busy looking at flowers to notice him.
"This is a lot easier getting in than through the front gates. I don't see why so many little ponies wants to be here...anyways," Blizzard suddenly paused when he saw Luna walking along the flowers, "She's here....Lunarstar."
Blizzard watched her with great interest as she smelled the flowers. He couldn't pull away from her, he looked so pretty against the colorful flowers. Her hair shined in the sunlight, her eyes seemed to sparkle.
"Lunarstar!" cried a familiar voice.
Blizzard turned his head to the left and saw Blueberry running towards her. Luna looked up at him and smiled.
When Blueberry approached her, he nuzzled her cheek and kissed her. Blizzard stared angrily at him. He couldn't stand the thought of Blueberry getting Luna all to himself. The longer he stood and watched the angrier he got. The flowers at his feet began to turn to ice. The ground started to turn to frost.
"Hay!" a little voice cried startling Blizzard.
Blizzard turned around and saw a little yellow pony with blue and white hair. She was a lot smaller than him.
"The pretty flowers," She pointed at his feet, "How did you do that?"
Blizzard looked at his feet and saw the flowers around him had turned to ice, even his leg wrapping had some frost on them. He had no idea how he did it. He wasn't even aware that he was freezing the flowers. He didn't blow on them all he did was touch them, like many other time he had watched Luna and Blueberry.
"Well?" the little pony asked.
"I don't know. Now get lost," Blizzard told her.
"I am how did you do that?" she continued to ask.
"I meant go away, leave me alone," Blizzard exclaimed.
He turned around and gasped when he couldn't find Luna and Blueberry, "This is just great," He left the little pony and walked around the garden looking for Luna.

Luna and Blueberry walked into the green house looking at flowers.
"So why did you come here?" Luna asked him.
"Mom wanted help carrying the flowers. Raspberry came too only because mom forced her too," Blueberry replied.
"I heard she doesn't have any friends now," Luna remarked.
"She doesn't. She spends most of her time at home. Mom and dad has been trying to get her out but she just says there's nothing outside to do."
"I feel kind of sorry for her. I know what's it like not to have friends," Luna replied.
"Well she's a bit jealous of you."
"You have friends. Her former friends told me."
"Oh..I..." Luna didn't know what to tell him.
"Maybe this is just what she needs. Maybe now she'll try making friends," Blueberry replied, "She's nice just afraid to show it."
They continued walking and sniffing the flowers enjoying the different colors.
"Where is she?" Luna asked him.
"Around somewhere," Blueberry answered.
"Where's your mom?"
"She's here somewhere. I should go find her," Luna answered.
"I'll help you look," Blueberry smiled, "Maybe I'll even find my mom."
They walked around the first green house then to the second, stopping every now and then to see the flowers. They continued to search through every green house till they reached the end. In the last row at the last green house was Rosebud carefully stacking a short box of flowers on her wagon.
"Mom," Luna cried.
"There you are," She paused when she saw Blueberry, "Well, hello again."
"Hi," Blueberry smiled.
"Blueberry!" cried a voice. He turned and saw his mother waving at him.
"Sorry Lunarstar, I got to go. Bye," He turned and left her.
"Lunarstar could you carry this box for me?" Rosebud asked.
"Sure mom," Luna answered. She carefully picked up the box in her arms.
"I might have room for one more box," Rosebud told her.
"Mom, I think you have a lot already."
"I know but there's so many flowers that'll look pretty in my garden. I saw some a few rows back that I wanted. Come on Lunarstar," Rosebud told her and began walking.

Blueberry approached his mother and smiled at her.
"Would you find Raspberry for me? I'm almost ready to leave."
"Ok," Blueberry replied. He walked past her and went through the glass door. He stepped outside and walked around the garden along the rows of green houses. Then he suddenly paused for a minute, ahead of him was Blizzard looking around as if he had lost someone. Blueberry walked up to him catching him by surprise.
"Did you lose someone?" Blueberry asked.
Blizzard looked at him feeling annoyed with him, "That's non of your business."
"You were looking for Lunarstar, weren't you?" Blueberry guessed.
Blizzard didn't answer, he was upset at his tone of voice.
"I know you were. Your always spying on her and following her. Well, I'm tired of it. You just leave her alone!"
"I can see her and talk to her when ever I like, so mind your own business," Blizzard angrily told him.
"I'm warning you to stay away from her!" Blueberry exclaimed angrily, "Stop following her."
"I can go where I like. It's not my fault she's there."
"Don't give me that, your following her. Now leave her alone. She's mine!" Blueberry told him.
"I don't see your name all over her. Just what gives you the right to order me anyways?"
Blueberry stared at him angrily, itching to hit him.
"Why don't you go home and never come back!" Blueberry told him.
"Me? I could suggest the same thing but your house isn't far enough away. Now get out of my way!" Blizzard exclaimed angrily as he tried to walk around him but Blueberry just stood in his way.
"I won't let you find her and follow her. Why don't you go away and bud out. Mind your own business?"
"Bud out?" Blizzard exclaimed, "You have no idea why I'm here. You only assume I followed Lunarstar which I didn't! Why don't you bud out of my business?"
The two boys stood facing each other angrily, neither one looked away or cared who was watching.
Just then Raspberry walked up to them, "Blueberry, what's going on?" But her brother didn't answer, "Blizzard." but he didn't answer either.
"You just stay way!" Blueberry warned him then he turned and was about to leave when Blizzard grabbed his tail, "You had better watch it or you'll be very sorry," Then he turned from Blueberry and walked away.
"What was that all about? Stay away from..." Raspberry paused as if she suddenly understood what was happening.
"Don't you dare tell anyone, Raspberry," Blueberry told her.
"And who in the world would I tell? I have no friends and no one wants to listen to me or thinks I'm making it up again. So your secret is safe with me," Raspberry looked up at him seriously, "you had better hope Lunarstar doesn't find out you two are fighting over her."
"If you don't say a word then she won't know," Blueberry told her.
They continued walking towards the last green house.

Luna was stand next to her mother at the door with two boxes on a long rectangle table. A dark pink pony with rainbow hair stood behind the table. Her mane was tired back and she wore a head band. Rosebud quickly paid for the flowers and turned towards Luna, "Can you carry those boxes?"
"I think so."
"You sure?" Rosebud asked her.
"Yes, mom."
"Ok, I'll be going home, be careful with those," Rosebud told her and them left the table, walking through the door. Other ponies walked around Luna as she tried to pick up the second box in her arms but she wasn't able to balance it. She tried several times till she managed to balance them on both arms. She took a few steps on her hind legs feeling confident that she could walk home with them but then one of the boxes began to tilt. Luna couldn't use her horn to catch them, all she could do was watch them fall. Then suddenly Blizzard grabbed the box and carefully held it in his arms.
Luna smiled greatly when she saw him.
"Blizzard," Luna exclaimed, "I'm so glad you’re here."
"Really?" Blizzard asked curiously.
"I would have dropped those if it wasn't for you," Luna replied, "Could you help me carry that home?...please?"
Blizzard looked at her and just couldn't resist helping her, "Sure."
'”Thank you," Luna exclaimed.

They left the green house and walked through the garden.
"Don't you think they're pretty?" Luna asked him.
"What is?" Blizzard asked walking beside her.
"The flowers," Luna answered.
"I guess so," Blizzard answered.
Luna looked at him curiously, "What flowers do you like?"
Blizzard stopped and looked around, "Those white ones. They're pretty."
"Me too but I love the light blue and purple flowers the best," Luna remarked and then they continued walking. They left the Petals Gardens and continued walking towards home.
"May I ask what you were doing in there?" Luna asked.
"Just looking," Blizzard answered.
Luna looked at him and smiled, There was something sweet about him that she liked. Blizzard looked at her and caught her looking at him.
Luna quickly looked away and blushed, then she glanced at him again only to find he too was blushing. She looked at him curiously, she had never seen him blush before or show any kind of expression. She smiled greatly and then looked ahead.
"I'm glad you came," Luna remarked, "I walk me home."
"I don't mind," Blizzard replied as he thought of Blueberry, "I don't mind at all."
Luna looked at him and smiled.
They continued to walk to her house together.