Chapter 53:  Friends decictions

It was in the afternoon and Raspberry was at the ice cream shop sipping on her soda as she watched a group of girls at the counter. Raspberry's two friends sat at the table with Raspberry watching her.
"Why do you keep watching Lunarstar?" Lime asked.
"Yeah, what is the big deal about her that interest you?" Sweet Cream asked.
Raspberry didn't answer, she continued to watch Luna leave the shop with her friends as they laughed and smiled. Raspberry watched them head towards town till she could no long see her.
Lime and Sweet Cream looked at each other suspiciously.
"Your not..jealous of her are you?" Lime asked.
"That's non of your business," Raspberry told them.
"You are jealous, it's so obvious. Your as bad as Blizzard, always spying on her," Sweet Cream flatly told her.
Raspberry looked at them angrily, "Mind your own business or should I tell the school what your two did?"
Lime and Sweet Cream looked at her worriedly, "No!"
Neither one of them wanted their secret out to the public.
"I'm sorry, Raspberry," Lime replied.
"Yes me too," Sweet Cream quickly added.
Raspberry smiled, "Now shall we go shopping for hats?"
"Umm...I can't...I uh have to get home. I had only enough time to eat out with you. I'm sorry," Lime stood up and left the shop.
"Mom wants me home clean the house, I'm sorry...bye," Sweet Cream stood up and left the shop leaving a very upset Raspberry at the booth alone.

Sweet Cream left the shop and hurried down the sidewalk to catch up with Lime.
"Are you really going home?" Sweet Cream asked suspiciously.
"No, I just wanted to leave...her," Lime replied.
"I thought so. I told her mom wanted help cleaning the house," Sweet Cream replied.
"We can't continue to be friends with her. She knows our greatest secret and I'm tired of going day by day in fear that she will slip and tell," Lime remarked.
"So am I. I...really don't care if anyone finds out what we did," Sweet Cream replied.
Lime stopped and looked at her seriously, "Really?"
"Lets get it over with and tell miss Hackney," Sweet Cream suggested.
"Any punishment she gives us can't be as bad as being friends with a jealous pony," Lime exclaimed.
"What secret does she have on you?" Sweet Cream asked curiously.
"I..uh...set the school library on fire."
"What?" Sweet Cream shockingly cried.
"It was an accident. I was in the library during lunch with my soda that I was drinking at the cafeteria and I knocked over a lamp and spilled my soda all over it. The lamp sparked and before I knew it the place was on fire. I ran and Raspberry saw me leave the hallway," Lime explained, "I didn't mean it. I feel so bad about it. What did you do?"
"I...broke two windows in class. I was playing my ball alone and I hit a tree with the ball. The ball bounced and hit the window. I ran in side to get my ball before anyone saw it, then I threw it outside but the ball hit the tree and broke the other window. I hid my ball in my desk and ran. Raspberry guessed it was me since I was the only one not in school playground," Sweet Cream explained.
"I always wondered who broke those windows."
"I didn't mean it. If the tree wasn't there the windows wouldn't have broke."
"Well lets not worry about it till tomorrow when we go to school. During recess when Raspberry is outside playing we'll tell Miss Hackney. Then we can brake the sad news to Raspberry about our so call friendship," Lime suggested.
"Ok," Sweet Cream replied feeling nervous about what will happen tomorrow.

The next day during school, Lime and Sweet Cream sat at their desk anxiously waiting for the lunch bell to ring. When the bell finally rang, the little ponies stood up and hurried out the door.
"Are you coming?" Raspberry asked at the door.
"Um...yes," Lime replied.
Raspberry smiled and left the room. Blizzard was the last to leave. Once all the little ponies had left the room Lime and Sweet Cream walked to miss Hackney's desk.
"Um Miss Hackney, We have something to tell you. Something we should have told you sooner," Lime nervously said.
Miss Hackney closed her book and sat the pile of papers aside, "Go on, I'm listening."
Lime told her story about the fire in the library, it was obvious on Miss Hackney's face that she wasn't displeased to hear it. Then Sweet Cream told her story about the broken windows and saw that Miss Hackney was surprised and quite unhappy.
"Well you girls should have told me this when it happened but I'm happy that you girls finally came forwards how ever that won't fix what you two did," Miss Hankey replied after hearing their stories.
"We know," Lime replied sadly, "We're very sorry."
"I know you are but the windows costed money and the Library had to have lots of repairs and many books had to be replaced. Lime...You will be in the library during recess and after school helping the librarian. Sweet Cream, I want this room cleaned every day after school."
"For how long?" Sweet Cream asked.
"Till I feel that you had payed back the cost of those windows," Miss Hackney replied.
"And me?" Lime asked.
"That will be up to the librarian," Miss Hackney replied, "now go have your lunch and Lime, report to the library after Lunch, she will be expecting you."
To miss Hackney's surprised, the girls smiled.
"Thank you, Miss Hackney, I feel greatly relieved about telling you the truth and I promise if I do something like that again I'll take the responsibilities," Lime told her.
"Yes, so will I," Sweet Cream replied. She turned and followed Lime out of the room.

Lime and Sweet Cream hurried to Lunch and saw Raspberry at the metal bench waiting for them. She had already gotten her tray of food. Lime and Sweet Cream hurried to the assembly line and grabbed a pink try. They grabbed the food as the walked along and payed for the food at the end of the line. Then they turned and sat at the table with Raspberry.
"What took you two so long?" Raspberry asked, "Lunch is almost over."
"We were talking to Miss Hackney and that's all you need to know," Lime replied.
Raspberry glared at her, "Tell her what?"
"Non of your business," Sweet Cream replied.
"Tell me or I'll tell the school starting with miss Hackney."
"Go ahead but you'll get in trouble for knowing what we did," Lime replied. She held her tray and stood up, "We told her everything about what we did. I'll be paying it back by working in the library and Sweet Cream will work in the class room during recess. Goodbye...Raspberry," Lime turned and left with Sweet Cream behind her.
Raspberry sat and watched her formal friends leave her and sit at the table with Lunarstar. She could feel anger and jealousy rising in her and great sadness. She could feel her eyes began to water. Fearing that someone could see her cry she stood up and dumped her food into a waste basket and then left the tray on a cart full of dirty trays.
"Blueberry, what's wrong with her?" Acre asked as she watch her leave the lunch room.
"Who?" Blueberry asked not noticing Raspberry.
"Your sister of course," Acre replied pointing at the door.
Blueberry looked and now Raspberry leave the room, he noticed she looked a bit upset.
"Maybe I'll go find out what's wrong," Blueberry proposed. He stood up leaving his tray on the table and hurried after Raspberry.

He was half way down the hall when he caught up with Raspberry.
"Wait!" Blueberry cried.
Raspberry stopped but she wouldn't turned around. Blueberry stopped and walked beside her to try and see her face but she wouldn't let him see her face.
"What's wrong?" Blueberry asked curiously.
"Nothing," Raspberry whispered.
"There is something wrong. I know you Raspberry. What happened to your two friends? I thought..." Blueberry paused when Raspberry turned her head and looked at him angrily. Her eyes were watery and tears streamed down her face.
"My only friends left me and went to Lunarstar. Now I have no one," Raspberry told him, then she turned and ran down the hall and out the door leaving the school building.
"Raspberry!" Blueberry called to her but she didn't come back. He followed her out the door and saw her under a tree across from the school. He walked over to her and sat down next to her.
"I don't blame them the way you act, You really should be yourself and..."
"Shut up!" Raspberry yelled as she cried. She turned towards him and hung her arms around him as she cried. He was surprised she would even hug him or cry on him.
He smiled at her, "That's was big brothers are for."

Raspberry was alone for the rest of the school morning and spent her time at home after school, feeling angry and sad.