Chapter 52: Guards at the Gate

Morning had came and Blizzard laid asleep in the shack among the shadows. The sunlight shined brightly through the small window. Blizzard opened his eyes and yawned, then he stood up. He took his dark blue cloak from the corner, leaving his leg wrapping and quickly put the cloak on. Then he left the shack and stood looking at the trees blowing.
"I should report to Teriney. It's been awhile since I have last reported to him," Blizzard thought. He didn't like the thought of returning home and having the fear he would anger Teriney.
He turned into a cluster of snowflakes and flew through the forest.
He flew fast and far till he reached the gate. Blizzard returned to his pony form in front of the gate. He slipped his hood over his head and began walking through the gate.

Once he reached the other side, he suddenly stopped, to his surprise there was a group of soldiers in armor wearing swords, ropes, nets and arrows. They were tall and muscular, towering over Blizzard as they looked down on him. Just then a soldier standing by the gate tried to grab him but Blizzard had moved quickly from his reach. The other soldiers started towards him when Blizzard spit icy darts stopping them in their tracks. Blizzard noticed three more soldiers from the left running towards him, then the other soldiers jumped over the darts. Blizzard ran out of fear of getting captured, he knew Teriney would be angry with him if he was caught. As he ran a small group of soldiers left the dirt road and walked though the thick trees. Blizzard stopped suddenly when he saw the soldiers who were also surprised. Blizzard looked around him, he was surrounded by soldiers.
One of the soldiers smirked at him, "We caught you now."
Blizzard suddenly he turned into a cluster of snowflakes and flew from the mountain leaving the soldiers shocked at what they had just seen.
"I didn't know he could do that," the soldier quickly said.
"That's the first time I've seen him," another soldiers said.
"How do we catch a pony like that?" another soldier asked.
A brown with yellow and orange hair stepped forward, "We'll have to catch him by surprise but I don't think that'll be easy. It's morning and I want you to get some rest."
The soldiers nodded and walked past him.
The rest of the soldiers followed the brown pony to the gate. The brown pony stopped and turned around.
"Now we wait till that ice blue pony returns," The brown pony said.
Two soldiers stood beside the gate while the rest gathered around the gate and waited as they looked around.

Blizzard flew from the mountain feeling relieved that they didn't catch him. He thought it would be best not to tell Teriney about it, Blizzard was sure he could handle them. He flew all morning till he reached Volcano of Gloom. He landed on the cliff at the cave entrance and returned to his pony form. He took a deep breath hoping this time Teriney wouldn't get angry with him.
he walked through the cave and over the lava. The stairs lead straight towards the stony house. He opened the door and announced his return but there was no answer. He walked down the hall towards the kitchen thinking he might be eating but as he walked past a few doors he heard Teriney sleeping in one of the rooms. Blizzard knocked on the door, "Teriney, I'm back!"
A minute later he heard hoof steps then the door opened. Teriney left his room and closed the door, standing in front of Blizzard.
"Report," Teriney ordered.
"I fought Skyview many times. I almost had Princess Luna and was about to get ready and kill her when Skyview saved her. I haven't seen her since and now that Skyview has returned to the castle it'll be hard to find the Princess," Blizzard replied.
"This is taken far to long, Blizzard. She's just a little pony, how hard could it be to kill her? Stop wasting time and find her," Teriney exclaimed.
"How?" Blizzard asked, "She doesn't come out at night anymore."
"Then find her in her earth form."
"I tried, you said she's a shapshifter. She could be anyone and I have watched every little pony in school."
"She is there, your just not looking hard enough. Now stop wasting time in the other world and find her," Teriney paused and glared at him, "Your not mangling with ponies or talking to them are you?"
"N-no of course not," Blizzard lied.
"You had better not. You mind your own business and find Princess Luna. Now get out, I want to finish my sleep."
Blizzard turned and hurried out of the house and ran across the lava. He entered the cave and approached the light at the end, then he stopped and rested on the cliff.
"I lied...If he found out he'll be very angry," Blizzard paused, "I don't see the harm in talking to other ponies or being with them," Blizzard paused, he couldn't help but have a bad feeling when he thought of Teriney. Blizzard shook him head, "What's wrong with me? He's my father and I'm to obey him but still..." Why didn't Teriney not want him to talk to other ponies or to be with other ponies? That was the one question he wanted to know but he knew he could never ask his father.

Night had fallen and fire flickered from the tall torches that stood from the ground. Crickets and owls made noises through the nights. The area around the gate was lit as the soldiers stood guard, some played card games to keep themselves awake. Blizzard flew to Mooney mountain in a cluster of snowflakes and landed some distance away in the thick forest. He returned to his pony form and stood watching them. The soldiers around the gate could capture him if he tired to run for the gate, even if he did get past the soldiers there would be two soldiers at the gate to stop him. He stood and thought of a way to get past them and knew just what he was going to do.
He turned into a cluster of snowflakes and flew swiftly towards the soldiers.

Freezing wind and blinding snow appeared around them. The soldiers were shocked and confused as to what was happening. They stood up and stood trying to look around but there was nothing they could see.
"What's happening?" a soldier asked over the roaring sound of the wind.
"He's here!" the brown soldier answered loudly.
The soldiers tried to take a step but couldn't.
"I can't move!" a soldier cried.
"I can't either," another soldier added.
Soon all the soldiers found that they couldn't move. After a few minutes the blizzard suddenly stopped and in the center appeared the ice blue pony.
The soldiers tried to move but couldn't all they could do was watch him walk through the gate.

Blizzard stopped and looked back at them. He knew they will be there waiting for him next time, he would have to think of another way of getting through the gate. Blizzard turned and continued through the gate leaving the soldiers frozen to the ground.