Chapter 51: Surprise for Stardust

When the sun had disappeared and the full moon shined brightly in the clear sky Luna hurried downstairs carrying the picture wrapped in blue and white wrapping paper. Skyview stood in the living room as his coat glowed brightly. he had his golden collar on and waited patently for Luna. When Luna walked into the living room, it suddenly became brighter.
"Are you ready?" Skyview asked.
"Yes I am."
"We better hurry. Stardust and Starfire must be waiting for us. Little Flitter lets go."
Little Flitter said goodbye to Luna's adopted parents and flew to Skyview horn. She sat on his head and held onto his horn.
Skyview lit his horn and touched her's, then they winked out.

They appeared at the gate where Stardust and Starfire stood waiting. Stardust wore his golden crown and collar, Starfire wore his golden collar. There were two soldiers in armor next to them waiting.
"Dad!" Luna exclaimed.
Stardust stood on his hind legs and hugged her, "We missed you," Then he let got of her and noticed a tall thin present.
"Oh, dad. Skyview told me your birthday was coming soon so I got you a present," She held the present up to him. Stardust smiled greatly and took the present, "Thank you Luna. Do you mind if I open it now?"
Luna smiled greatly. She was very excited to see the look on his face. She hopped he would like the picture, "Yes, go ahead."
Stardust quickly unwrapped it and was surprised at what he saw, "It's a picture of you. I don't have an older picture of you. Thank you Luna."
"I was hoping you would like it," Luna replied.
"Let me see it," Starfire told him. While Starfire took the picture to get a better look at it, Stardust gave Luna a hug.
"I'll put it in my room," Stardust told her, "Your mother will love it as well."

While they stood and talked, Blizzard hid in the forest from a distance, hiding behind some bushes with a blanket over him to hide his glowing coat. He couldn't hear them or see what they were holding, all he could do was watch.

"Luna," Starfire called to her, "How have you been?"
"Ok, I guess," Luna answered.
"That's good because we've heard reports from King Sea Mist that the ice blue pony has been seen going through this gate often," Starfire explained.
"Oh, I almost forgot. I ran into that pony in the park. I wasn't able to catch him, in fact he put me in an ice dome and if wasn't for Luna I would have froze in there. After that I spent most of the time chasing him. He...disappears, sort of like winking but turned into snowflakes, I have a hard time catching him like that," Skyview told Stardust.
"He's going to be a hard one to catch," Stardust told him.
Luna stood silently thinking about the first time she saw him. He was about her age, she couldn't believe he was trying to kill her. Who is he? She was curious to see under his hood.
"Luna?" Starfire called her noticing her in deep thought.
"I saw him but only one," Luna replied.
"You ran into him?" Stardust asked sumptiously.
"I...I went out at night looking for my locket. I'm sorry dad, it won't happen again."
"It had better not," Stardust sternly told her.
"I asked him why is he after me and he said he was ordered to kill me."
"What?" Stardust asked surprisingly, "Ordered?...who gave him orders to do such a thing?"
"I don't know," Luna replied.
"He's still dangerous though. He's very persistent in getting Luna, it's like he really want to kill her," Skyview replied.
"How could a little pony feel that way? Doesn't he care?" Starfire asked.
"I don't think he cares at all," Stardust answered, "Luna, don't ever go out at night."
"I know dad. I promise I won't," Luna replied.
"I just want you to be very careful. Skyview won't be here to watch you," Stardust told her.
"I'm tired of someone always after me. I can't go out alone anymore," Luna exclaimed.
"I know Luna and he will be caught but it could take some time," Stardust replied. He lowered his head and rubbed her cheek, "It's time for me to go. Thank you for the picture."
Luna smiled then she looked up at him sadly, "Can you bring mom next time?"
"Of course Luna," Stardust replied.
"Bye Luna," Starfire said to her.
"Bye and be good while I'm gone," Skyview told her.
"I will," Luna replied smiling, "Bye." Then she winked out leaving a tear behind. She was sad to see her father and uncles leave, she wanted to get home as soon as possible before she started crying.
The black ponies turned and walked through the gate with the soldiers behind them.