Chapter 50: A Special Photo

the next day Luna hurried out of the house and went to the ice cream shop, when she got there she saw her friends sitting at the counter each had a shake they sipped on.
"Lunarstar!" Patch exclaimed when she noticed her walking in the shop.
"Hi guys!" Luna replied happily. She walked to the counter and sat down on a red stool, "I need a picture taken."
"You can get one taken in that photo store," Bright Eyes told her.
"No, I want to have it taken privately and have it developed ourselves," Luna replied.
"Why?" Bon Bon asked.
"I...just want too," Luna hesitated to answer knowing she couldn't tell them why in public.
"Well, my father runs the newspaper company. I'm sure I can borrow a camera and develop the film there," Bright Eyes suggested.
"Oh would you?" Luna asked excitedly.
"Sure but why do you want a picture of yourself?" Bright Eyes asked curiously.
"It's for my dad's birthday," Luna answered.
"Your dad's birthday?" the girls asked.
"Yes and I want to give him something special," Luna replied.
"Where do you want your picture taken?" Starlight asked.
"At my special place," Luna answered.
"Where's that?" Clover asked.
"It's special so I'll have to show you," Luna answered.
"Ok but wait till I get the camera first," Bright Eyes told her. She got off her stool and left the shop.
Raspberry sat at a table close by listening.
"Special place...huh?" Raspberry thought, "I wonder where that is?"

Luna and her friends had sat and waited as the finished their shake. Bright Eyes walked in with a gray camera bag around her neck.
"I got it," Bright Eyes told her.
The girls smiled and left the shop. Raspberry was about to follow when Blueberry walked in, "There you are. Mom and dad is looking for you."
"What for?" Raspberry asked. She was feeling upset that she had missed her chance of following them.
"Something about the mess in your room," Blueberry answered.
"I already cleaned my room," Raspberry told him.
"You did?" Blueberry asked surprisingly.
"I did when I got up this morning," Raspberry explained, "Now if you excuse me I have some...things to do today." She stood up and left the shop. She walked down the sidewalk looking for Luna and her friends but they were no where in sight, "Great I lost them."

Luna took her friends to the forest and up a hill. They walked far till they reached the top of the hill. Luna turned and smiled. Below them was Ponyland and all the houses.
"Here but away from the town," Luna told them.
"This spot is so pretty," Sweetheart exclaimed when she turned to look at Ponyland.
"I bet you can see all of Ponyland from here," Melody guessed.
"We could have a picnic up here sometime," Bon Bon suggested.
"That's a great idea," Starlight replied.
"Ok, everyone, out of the way so I can take Lunarstar's picture," Bright Eyes told everyone.
The girls stood behind Bright Eyes while she took the camera out of the bag and loaded it with film then she stood on her hind legs getting ready to take a picture. Luna stood gracefully and tall as she smiled. The wind slightly blew through her purple hair.
Bright Eyes quickly took a few pictures.
"Lunarstar, a professional photographer would do a better job at taking pictures of you," Melody told her.
"No, I can't have anyone taking pictures of me other than you guys. If you haven't noticed at home, I don't have pictures of me hanging around the house. That's because the pictures shows my true form," Luna explained, "I couldn't tell you in the ice cream shop."
"You mean you can't take pictures of your earth pony form?" Sweetheart asked.
"No I can't. Any living thing can see me as an earth pony but cameras are not living," Luna explained, "Of course Shapeshifting is different.
"Oh," the girls replied.
"Lets get this developed," Bright Eyes told them, "There should only be a few workers at the newspaper company. They were leaving the building when I got there. My dad and a few security guards should be there. Dad said it was ok to bring you guys."
"Lunarstar, are you going to get a frame for it?" Melody asked.
"Yes but I want to see how big I can get the picture first."
The girls quickly left the hill and headed back to town.
"I can't wait to see the picture," Clover remarked.

When the girls entered the town, they walked through the crowed of ponies as they headed towards the docks. Raspberry was walking past the stores when she spotted the girls, "There they are." She carefully followed them while trying to avoid being seen.

Bright Eyes took the girls through town to a three story light blue building. When they walked in Luna noticed the guard at the door. The pony was yellow with yellow, red mane and his tail was green. He wore a guard's blue hat.
"Hello Bright Eyes," The guard said.
"These are my friends. Dad said it was alright to bring them," Bright Eyes told him.
The girls continued down a hallway and up the stairs, then they walked down several halls till they came to a sign that said 'Film Development'
"Here it is," Bright eyes told them, "Lunarstar, how big do you want the picture to be?"
"As big as you can get."
They walked in and saw several table and a few other doors. the room wasn't very big so a few of the girls waited in the hall while Bright Eyes went through one of the doors.
"I remember when this place was burnt to the ground," Patch said as she looked around the room.
"Her father wasted no time in having it rebuilt," Starlight told her.
"It looks better than before," Sweetheart remarked.
"Lunarstar, I'm a bit confused about something," Clover began to say, "If you give your father the picture then he will have to hang it on a wall. When ponies comes over, they will see it."
"No, not him. It's for my real dad. Skyview told me yesterday his birthday is coming soon."
"Oh," the girls replied.
Luna smiled and left the room to join Bon Bon, Sweetheart and Melody. She walked into the hall and saw them staring out a window.
"Lunarstar," Melody whispered, "Check this out." She pointed down outside the window.
Luna walked to the window and peaked outside. To her surprise she saw Raspberry sneaking around the building trying to find away in.
"She followed us here," Bon Bon whispered.
"Well, I'll take care of her," Luna suddenly winked out.

Raspberry walked along the wall checking to see if she could find a window opened.
"Just what do you think your doing?" A voice asked, startling her.
Raspberry turned and gasped, there stood a yellow male pony, " looking for my friends. I was to meet them here."
"Bright Eyes friends?" The male pony asked.
"I was given orders to let them in but I'm sorry to say I can not let you in. Now please leave and don't let me catch you trying to brake in again," The male pony told her.
Raspberry walked past the male pony and continued walking till she reached the other building then she quickly hid around the corner and took a peak. To her surprise the male pony was gone.
"I thought I told you to leave!" cried a voice.
Raspberry turned and gasped surprisingly then she ran from the building towards town.
The male pony smiled, then suddenly he began to glow with a pearly white horn on his head. His body glowed brightly as he began to shrink and turning white. When the glow had stopped, there stood Luna, then with her glowing horn she turned into an earth pony and winked back to her friends.

Her three friends stood in the hallway laughing when Luna appeared.
"That was funny," Melody laughed.
"And she never suspected a thing," Bon Bon laughed.
"She won't be back," Luna replied smiling.
"Lunarstar!" Starlight called to her.
Luna and her three friends hurried to the room and saw Bright Eyes at a table with a fairly large picture.
"It's done," Bright Eyes told her.
Luna looked on the table and smiled greatly. It was a picture of her winged unicorn form with her white hair blowing as the sun shined brightly.
"It turned out perfect. Thank you, Bright Eyes!" Luna exclaimed happily. She couldn't wait till her father saw it. She knew he was going to love it, "Now to get it home and find a frame for it."
"Lunarstar, here's the film to it," Bright Eyes said to her as she handed her a small envelope. Luna took the envelope and picked up the picture, "I'll be right back," Then she winked out.
A few minutes later, Luna appeared in the room.
"I can't believe the film showed you as a winged unicorn," Patch exclaimed.
"Told you it would," Luna replied smiling, "I showed it to Skyview. He said dad would love it. Now I got to get a frame for it."
"We'll help you. It can't be to hard to find one," Starlight proposed.
"Thanks guys."
The girls left the room after they had cleaned it. Then they hurried downstairs and left the building. Luna noticed the sun staring to set, "We got to hurry."

The girls went to town and checked a few stores but Luna didn't find any frames that she liked. When they saw the painting store they knew there would be a frame that was perfect for the picture. They hurried inside and saw paintings all over the walls and in boxed. In the far back of the store were frames in different colors and sizes. Luna searched through the frames till she saw a silver and gold frame that she liked.
"That would be so pretty for the picture," Sweetheart told her.
"That is on sale," a purple pony said walking up to her.
"I'll take it," Luna replied.
She took the frame and bought it.
"Let us know how your father liked his present," Melody told her once they were outside.
"I will," Luna replied. She held the frame and carried it to an alley as her friends followed her.
"I can't see myself carrying this home. Well, bye!" Luna told them and then she winked out.

Luna appeared in her room and wasted no time in putting the picture in the frame. Skyview walked in the room and smiled, "I see you found a frame."
"Yes. I hope dad likes it."
"He will after all he doesn't have an older picture of you," Skyview replied.
When Luna was done she held the picture up, "Oh, it's pretty with the frame."
"Yes it sure is."
Luna turned and looked at him sadly, "Do you have to return to Dream Castle? Can't you or Starfire stay another month?"
Skyview smiled, he could tell she was very attached to him, "I'm sorry Luna but I must go back. There's a lot I have to do and besides it'll be our birthday. All the kingdoms will be invited and the villages will celebrate too. I'm sorry you won't be there but you missed out on school to much already."
"Oh," Luna replied sadly.
"Buster and Charades will be here with you," Skyview reminded her.
"I know."
"Promise me you won't go in the forest at anytime and you'll stay inside at night. I won't be here to watch you and there's only so much Buster and Charades can do while the ice blue pony is still around."
"I promise. You can trust me, I learned my lesson last time," Luna replied.
Skyview smiled, "Finish wrapping that and lets go eat dinner."