Chapter 4:  Midnight Stroll

Blizzard was sitting on the grass deep in the forest working on his school work as the sky quickly got dark. He had just finished before he could no longer see his book. He closed his book, leaving his paper in the book and put it in his bag. Then he stood up, took his cloak from under the bush and put it on. He took off his pouch from his neck leaving his golden charm visible. He covered his head with his hooded cloak and disappeared in a cluster of snow flakes. He flew in the wind over the dark forest till he reached the community of houses. He landed on the street appearing from the snow flakes. His dark hooded cloak blended in the darkness except for his hairy ice blue feet and tail. He continued walking silently looking around, listening to the slightest sound. His hoofs were silent as he took careful steps. A few of the houses he past still had their lights on, some ponies had turned their lights off and went to bed.

Blizzard walked from the houses to town which was just as quiet. He wondered around town looking for Princess Luna, hoping he would find her. At times when he heard a noise, he paused and turned to find it was just a cat chasing a mouse. Blizzard wondered from town to the edge of town near the ocean. He could smell the fresh sea blowing in the wind. He continued to follow the smell and came to a hill. In the distance was the ocean and several large ships and warehouses. He walked down the grassy hill towards the docks. He was amazed at the large body of water, he had never seen an ocean before. He stood at the very edge of the docks staring and forgetting about time.
"So this must be what an ocean looks like," Blizzard thought. He could see the stars reflection and crescent moon. After awhile he turned and continued walking down the docks gasping at the large ships. The ropes that tied the ships to the docks were thicker than normal ropes. Blizzard looked at the warehouses and noticed each one had a letter. He wasn't sure the purpose for it but knew it had to be important. He walked past a small dinner and headed towards the forest.

He wondered if the Princess liked to run through the forest as he remembered the girls telling him stories. He walked up a slight hill as the forest got darker. The hill suddenly got steep, when he reached the top, he stopped. In the darkness was a shack. It was so dark he could hardly tell what it is. He quietly walked up to it and listened at the door but he heard nothing. He cracked the door opened and looked around in the darkness but it was so dark, he couldn't see. He walked in hoping no one was inside. He walked around expecting to hit something but he felt nothing.
"This place is empty. I wonder if I can stay here for awhile?" Blizzard thought, "I'll have to come back at day light and get a better look around."
Blizzard left the shack and continued walking into the forest while taking carful steps. He wanted to but making sure the princess wouldn't hear him, he also wanted to listen for any kind of noise. He wondered far from where he found the shack with the town in the distance. He was starting to wonder if he would ever see her. Would she be hard to catch since she's a winged unicorn. He had seen many different ponies but he never seen or heard of a flying unicorn. Suddenly he stopped, he remembered a picture he saw in Princess Luna's room. It was a picture of Luna with her friends. He only saw the picture for a minute so he couldn't quite remember what her friends looked like.
He continued walking as he thought hard on the picture but all he could see was Luna, a pure white winged unicorn with long white hair. He shook the thought out of his mind and concentrated on the other ponies. He knew there was more than two. As he roamed the forest for what seemed like an hour he started to think he wasn't going to find her tonight.
"It's useless looking tonight. I guess she's not out," Blizzard thought.
He turned and walked from the cleaning to the forest and had just reach the forest edge when he heard a noise. Blizzard stopped and looked around. It didn't sound like a wild animal. It was more like someone was running. He ducked low behind a tree and looked around hoping to see who ever it was. The noise got louder when suddenly, he saw Princess Luna running through the forest smiling and laughing. She was chasing a bird like it was a game to her. Blizzard stared at her, he couldn't believe she was a real live winged unicorn and she was so close to him. He was so busy being staring at her that he forgot to go after her. By the time he snapped out of it, Luna had ran into the clearing and across to the other forest. Blizzard stood up still surprised.
"What is wrong with me? She was right there!" Blizzard thought, "next time then. I'll be sure to get her."
Blizzard turned into a cluster of snow flakes and flew back to the forest where he usually slept.

When morning came, Blizzard woke up and took off his cloak. He yawned and stretched. Then he stood up remembering what had happened last night.
"The shack," Blizzard muttered.
He took his bag and cloak, then he disappeared in a cluster of snow flakes. He flew from the forest, over the houses, town and the docks. He landed in the forest on a hill in front of the shack. He appeared from the snowflakes and stared at the shack. It was quiet and the trees were tall casting a shadow over the shack. He walked up to the door and opened it. The inside was a bit dark with one window. The floor was dusty which told him no one had used it in a long time.
"I'll stay here. This is a perfect place to stay. Now I'll need some light in here and some blankets and a pillow," Blizzard shut the door behind him, "I'll have to get it from home the next time I return."
Blizzard set his stuff on the floor and left the shack to sit at the cliff, watching the ocean.
He spent all day there thinking about Princess Luna and his orders to kill her.